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030366Fourth Dimension1995
4.000 Rainy NightsDestiny1998
4.000 Rainy NightsBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
4th ReichDreamspace1994
A Drop In The OceanElements, Pt. 12003
A Million Light Years AwayInfinite2000
A Million Light Years AwayBest Of2016
Against He WindBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Against The WindFourth Dimension1995
Alpha And OmegaElements, Pt. 22003
Anthem Of The WorldDestiny1998
Atlantis - AbyssBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Awaken The GiantElements, Pt. 22003
Back To MadnessStratovarius2005
Bass Solo (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Before The FallSurvive2022
Before The WinterVisions1997
Behind Blue Eyes (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Black DiamondVisions1997
Black DiamondBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Black DiamondBest Of2016
Black Diamond (Demo) (Bonus Track)Visions1997
Black Diamond (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Black NightFright Night1989
Blackout (Bonus Track)Destiny1998
Break The IceII1991
Break The IceBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Break The IceBest Of2016
Burn (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Burn Me DownEnigma: Intermission II2018
Call Of The WildernessFourth Dimension1995
CastawayEnigma: Intermission II2018
Castles In The AirNemesis2013
Celestial DreamInfinite2000
Chasing ShadowsDreamspace1994
Cold Winter NightsIntermission2001
Cold Winter Nights (Bonus Track)Destiny1998
Coming HomeVisions1997
Coming Home (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Darkest HoursElysium2011
Darkest HoursBest Of2016
Darkest Hours (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
DarknessFright Night1989
Deep UnknownPolaris2009
Deep UnknownBest Of2016
Deep Unknown (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
DestinyBest Of2016
Distant SkiesFourth Dimension1995
Distant SkiesBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Distant SkiesBest Of2016
Dream With MeIntermission2001
Dream With Me (Bonus Track)Destiny1998
DreamspaceBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Dreamspace (live) (Bonus Track)Fourth Dimension1995
DreamweaverElements, Pt. 22003
EagleheartElements, Pt. 12003
EagleheartBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
EagleheartBest Of2016
Eagleheart (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
ElementsElements, Pt. 12003
ElysiumBest Of2016
Emancipation Suite: I DuskPolaris2009
Emancipation Suite: IIDawnPolaris2009
EnigmaEnigma: Intermission II2018
Event HorizonElysium2011
Eyes Of The WorldDreamspace1994
Fairness JustifiedElysium2011
Falling Into FantasyIntermission2001
Falling StarPolaris2009
False MessiahFright Night1989
FantasiaElements, Pt. 12003
Fantasy (Orchestral Version)Enigma: Intermission II2018
Father TimeEpisode1996
Father TimeBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Father Time (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Feeding The FireEternal2015
Few Are ThoseEternal2015
Find Your Own VoiceElements, Pt. 12003
Fire DanceFright Night1989
Fire In Your EyesEternal2015
FirebornEnigma: Intermission II2018
ForeverBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
ForeverBest Of2016
Forever FreeVisions1997
Forever FreeBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Forever FreeBest Of2016
Forever Is TodayPolaris2009
Freedom (Demo)Intermission2001
Fright NightFright Night1989
Frozen In TimeSurvive2022
Full Moon (Bonus Track)Dreamspace1994
Future ShockFright Night1989
Future ShockBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
GalaxiesFourth Dimension1995
GiantsEnigma: Intermission II2018
Glory DaysSurvive2022
Glory Of The WorldInfinite2000
Götterdämmerung (Zenith Of Power)Stratovarius2005
GoodbyeFright Night1989
Guitar Solo (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Gypsy In MeStratovarius2005
Halcyon DaysNemesis2013
Halcyon DaysBest Of2016
HallowedEnigma: Intermission II2018
Hands Of TimeBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Higher We GoPolaris2009
Hold Into Your DreamBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Hold On To Your DreamDreamspace1994
Holy LightVisions1997
HunterEnigma: Intermission II2018
Hunting High And LowInfinite2000
Hunting High And LowBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Hunting High And LowBest Of2016
Hunting High And Low (live)Intermission2001
Hunting High And Low (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
I SurrenderIntermission2001
I Walk To My Own SongElements, Pt. 22003
I Walk To My Own SongBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
I Walk To My Own SongBest Of2016
I Walk To My Own Song (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
I'm Still AliveElements, Pt. 22003
If The Story Is OverNemesis2013
If The Story Is OverBest Of2016
In My Line Of WorkEternal2015
Infernal MazeElysium2011
Into Deep Blue (Bonus Track)Elements, Pt. 12003
It's A MysteryIntermission2001
It's A Mystery (Bonus Track)Infinite2000
Just Carry OnStratovarius2005
Keep The FlameIntermission2001
Keep The Flame (Bonus Track)Infinite2000
Keyboard Solo (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Kill It With FireEnigma: Intermission II2018
Kill The KingIntermission2001
King Of NothingPolaris2009
Kiss Of JudasBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Kiss Of Judas (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Know The DifferenceElements, Pt. 22003
Last ShoreEnigma: Intermission II2018
Lead Us Into The LightII1991
Learning To FlyElements, Pt. 12003
Leave The TribeStratovarius2005
Legions Of The Twilight (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
LibertyElements, Pt. 22003
Lifetime In A MomentElysium2011
Lord Of The WastelandFourth Dimension1995
Lost SagaEternal2015
Lost Without A TraceEternal2015
LuminousElements, Pt. 22003
Madness Strikes At MidnightII1991
Magic Carpet RideDreamspace1994
Man In The MirrorEternal2015
Maniac DanceStratovarius2005
Maniac DanceBest Of2016
Metal FrenzyII1991
Mother GaiaInfinite2000
Move The MountainElysium2011
My Eternal DreamBest Of2016
Neon Light Child (Demo)Intermission2001
Night ScreamerFright Night1989
Night Time EclipseEpisode1996
NightfallFourth Dimension1995
No Turning BackDestiny1998
No Turning BackBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
No Turning BackBest Of2016
OblivionEnigma: Intermission II2018
Old Man And The SeaEnigma: Intermission II2018
One Must FallNemesis2013
Out Of The FogNemesis2013
Out Of The ShadowsII1991
Out Of The ShadowsBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
PapillonElements, Pt. 12003
Papillon (French Version) (Bonus Track)Elements, Pt. 12003
ParadiseBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
ParadiseBest Of2016
Paradise (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Phoenix (Demo) (Bonus Track)Infinite2000
Playing With FireDestiny1998
Playing With FireBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Reign Of TerrorDreamspace1994
Ride Like The Wind (Bonus Track)Elements, Pt. 22003
Rise AboveEternal2015
S.O.S.Black Diamond - The Anthology2006
S.O.S.Best Of2016
Season Of ChangeEpisode1996
Season Of Faith's PerfectionElements, Pt. 22003
Second SightEnigma: Intermission II2018
Second Sight (Bonus Track)Polaris2009
ShatteredBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Shine In The DarkEternal2015
Shine In The DarkBest Of2016
Shine In The Dark (Orchestral Version)Enigma: Intermission II2018
Somehow PreciousPolaris2009
Soul Of A VagabondElements, Pt. 12003
Speed Of LightEpisode1996
Speed Of LightBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Speed Of LightBest Of2016
Speed Of Light (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Stand My GroundNemesis2013
Stratofortress (Instrumental)Elements, Pt. 12003
StratosphereBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
StratovariusFourth Dimension1995
StratovariusBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Tears Of IceDreamspace1994
The Abyss Of Your EyesVisions1997
The Curtains Are FallingIntermission2001
The Eternal DreamEternal2015
The Game Never EndsElysium2011
The Hands Of TimeII1991
The Hills Have EyesII1991
The Kiss Of JudasVisions1997
The Land Of Ice And SnowStratovarius2005
Thin IceDreamspace1994
Twilight SymphonyFourth Dimension1995
Twilight SymphonyBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Twilight TimeII1991
Twilight TimeBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
UnbreakableBest Of2016
Unbreakable (Orchestral Version)Enigma: Intermission II2018
Uncertainty (live) (Bonus Track)Visions1997
Under Flaming SkiesElysium2011
Under Flaming SkiesBest Of2016
Under Flaming Skies (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Until The End Of DaysBest Of2016
Venus In The MorningDestiny1998
Visions (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Visions (Southern Cross)Visions1997
Voice Of ThunderSurvive2022
We Are Not AloneSurvive2022
We Are The FutureDreamspace1994
We Hold The KeyFourth Dimension1995
What Can I SayIntermission2001
What Can I Say (Bonus Track)Infinite2000
When Mountains FallPolaris2009
When The Night Meets The DayIntermission2001
When The Night Meets The Day (Bonus Track)Episode1996
Why Are We HereIntermission2001
Why Are We Here (Bonus Track)Infinite2000
Will My Soul Ever Rest In PeaceIntermission2001
Will My Soul Ever Rest In PeaceBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Will My Soul Ever Rest In PeaceBest Of2016
Will The Sun RiseEpisode1996
Will The Sun RiseBlack Diamond - The Anthology2006
Will The Sun RiseBest Of2016
Wings Of TomorrowDreamspace1994
Wings Of TomorrowBest Of2016
WinterFourth Dimension1995
Winter SkiesPolaris2009
Winter SkiesBest Of2016
Winter Skies (live)Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere2012
Winter Skies (Orchestral Version)Enigma: Intermission II2018
Witch-HuntFright Night1989
World On FireSurvive2022
Years Go ByDestiny1998

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