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15 StepsGiants2012
96 Tears101990
A Soldier's DiarySuite XVI2006
Adios (Tango)Giants2012
Ain't Nothin' To ItLa Folie1981
All Day And All Of The Night (Bonus Track)101990
All Roads Lead To RomeFeline1983
Always The SunDreamtime1986
Always The Sun (Sunny-Side Up Mix) (Bonus Track)101990
And If You Should See Dave...Dark Matters2021
And The Boat Sails ByAbout Time1995
Another Camden AfternoonGiants2012
Anything Can HappenSuite XVI2006
Aural Sculpture Manifesto (Bonus Track)Feline1983
Barbara (Shangri-La)Suite XVI2006
Baroque BordelloThe Raven1979
Bear Cage (Bonus Track)The Raven1979
Big In AmericaDreamtime1986
Big Thing ComingNorfolk Coast2004
BitchingNo More Heroes1977
Bless You (Save You, Spare You, Damn You)Suite XVI2006
Blue SisterFeline1983
Blue SkyWritten In Red1997
Boom BoomGiants2012
BrainboxIn The Night1993
BreatheDark Matters2021
Bring On The NubilesNo More Heroes1977
Burnham Beeches (Bonus Track)Dreamtime1986
Burning Up TimeNo More Heroes1977
Choosey Susie (Bonus Track)Rattus Norvegicus1977
Cocktail Nubiles (Bonus Track)La Folie1981
Coup De Grace (S-O-S)Coup De Grace1998
Cruel Garden (Bonus Track)La Folie1981
CurfewBlack And White1978
Daddy's Riding The RangeWritten In Red1997
Dagenham DaveNo More Heroes1977
Dead Loss AngelesThe Raven1979
Dead RingerNo More Heroes1977
Do You Wanna - Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)Black And White1978
Don't Bring HarryThe Raven1979
DownDark Matters2021
Down In The Sewer: Falling - Down In The Sewer - Trying To Get Out Again - Rat's RallyRattus Norvegicus1977
Dry Day (Bonus Track)Dreamtime1986
DuchessThe Raven1979
Dutch MoonNorfolk Coast2004
English TownsNo More Heroes1977
Enough TimeBlack And White1978
Everybody Loves You When You're DeadLa Folie1981
FaceAbout Time1995
Five Minutes (Bonus Track)No More Heroes1977
Fools Rush Out (Bonus Track)The Raven1979
Four HorsemenThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Freedom Is InsaneGiants2012
Gain Entry To Your SoulIn The Night1993
GenetixThe Raven1979
Ghost TrainDreamtime1986
Go Buddy Go (Bonus Track)Rattus Norvegicus1977
God Is GoodCoup De Grace1998
Golden BoyAbout Time1995
Golden BrownLa Folie1981
Golden Brown (Bonus Track)Feline1983
Goodbye ToulouseRattus Norvegicus1977
Grand CanyonIn The Night1993
Grip (On Yourself)Rattus Norvegicus1977
Hallow To Our MenThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Hanging AroundRattus Norvegicus1977
Heaven Or HellIn The Night1993
HereWritten In Red1997
Hey (Rise Of The Robots)Black And White1978
Hitman (Bonus Track)Dreamtime1986
How To Find True Love And Happiness In The Present DayLa Folie1981
I Don't AgreeNorfolk Coast2004
I Feel Like A WogNo More Heroes1977
I Hate YouSuite XVI2006
I've Been WildNorfolk Coast2004
IceThe Raven1979
Ice QueenAural Sculpture1984
If Something's Gonna Kill Me (It Might As Well Be Love)Dark Matters2021
In A WhileWritten In Red1997
In Heaven She WalksWritten In Red1997
In The EndCoup De Grace1998
In The ShadowsBlack And White1978
In This Place101990
Instead Of This (Bonus Track)101990
Into The FireNorfolk Coast2004
It Only Takes Two To TangoLa Folie1981
It's A Small WorldFeline1983
Joy De VivaWritten In Red1997
Jump Over My ShadowCoup De Grace1998
Just Like Nothing On EarthThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Known Only Unto GodCoup De Grace1998
La FolieLa Folie1981
LaughingAural Sculpture1984
Laughing At The RainIn The Night1993
Leave It To The DogsIn The Night1993
Let Me Down EasyAural Sculpture1984
Let Me Introduce You To The FamilyLa Folie1981
Let's Celebrate101990
Let's Tango In ParisFeline1983
Lies And DeceptionAbout Time1995
Little Blue LiesAbout Time1995
London LadyRattus Norvegicus1977
Long Black VeilNorfolk Coast2004
LongshipsThe Raven1979
Lost ControlNorfolk Coast2004
Love 30 (Bonus Track)La Folie1981
Lucky FingerAbout Time1995
Mad HatterAural Sculpture1984
Man Of The Earth101990
ManinwhiteThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Manna MachineThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Mayan SkiesDreamtime1986
Mean To Me (Bonus Track)Black And White1978
MeninblackThe Raven1979
Mercury RisingGiants2012
Midnight Summer DreamFeline1983
Midnight Summer Dream - European Female (live) (Bonus Track)Feline1983
Mine All MineNorfolk Coast2004
Miss YouWritten In Red1997
Miss YouCoup De Grace1998
MoneyAbout Time1995
Motorbike (Bonus Track)101990
My Fickle ResolveGiants2012
N'Emmenes Pas Harry (Bonus Track)The Raven1979
Never Say GoodbyeFeline1983
Never SeeIn The Night1993
Never To Look Back101990
Nice 'n' SleazyBlack And White1978
Nice In NiceDreamtime1986
No Man's LandDark Matters2021
No MercyAural Sculpture1984
No More HeroesNo More Heroes1977
No ReasonCoup De Grace1998
Non StopLa Folie1981
Norfolk CoastNorfolk Coast2004
Norman Normal (Bonus Track)Dreamtime1986
North WindsAural Sculpture1984
Nuclear DeviceThe Raven1979
Old Codger (Bonus Track)Black And White1978
Out Of My Mind101990
Outside TokyoBlack And White1978
Paradise RowAbout Time1995
Pawsher (Bonus Track)Feline1983
PaydayDark Matters2021
PeachesRattus Norvegicus1977
Peasant In The Big ShittyNo More Heroes1977
Peasant In The Big Shitty (live) (Bonus Track)Rattus Norvegicus1977
Permission (Bonus Track)Feline1983
Pin UpLa Folie1981
Poisonality (Bonus Track)101990
Princess Of The StreetsRattus Norvegicus1977
Punch And JudyAural Sculpture1984
RelentlessSuite XVI2006
Rok It To The Moon (Bonus Track)No More Heroes1977
Sanfte KussNorfolk Coast2004
Savage Breast (Bonus Track)Feline1983
School MamNo More Heroes1977
Second ComingThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
See Me ComingSuite XVI2006
Shah Shah A Go GoThe Raven1979
Shakin Like A LeafDreamtime1986
She Gave It AllAbout Time1995
She's Slipping AwaySuite XVI2006
Ships That Pass In The NightFeline1983
Shut Up (Bonus Track)Black And White1978
Silver Into BlueWritten In Red1997
Since You Went Away (Bonus Track)Dreamtime1986
SinisterAbout Time1995
Skin DeepAural Sculpture1984
Someone Like You101990
Something (Bonus Track)101990
Something Better ChangeNo More Heroes1977
SometimesRattus Norvegicus1977
SoulsAural Sculpture1984
Southern MountainsIn The Night1993
SpainAural Sculpture1984
Spectre Of LoveSuite XVI2006
Still LifeAbout Time1995
Straighten Out (Bonus Track)No More Heroes1977
Strange Little Girl (Bonus Track)La Folie1981
Sugar BulletsIn The Night1993
Summat OutanowtSuite XVI2006
Summer In The CityWritten In Red1997
Sveridge (Bonus Track)Black And White1978
Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front)Black And White1978
Sweet Smell Of Success101990
TankBlack And White1978
The European Female (In Celebration Of)Feline1983
The Last Men On The MoonDark Matters2021
The LightCoup De Grace1998
The LinesDark Matters2021
The Man They Love To HateLa Folie1981
The RavenThe Raven1979
This SongDark Matters2021
This TownIn The Night1993
ThreatenedBlack And White1978
Thrown AwayThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Time To DieIn The Night1993
Time Was Once On My SideGiants2012
Tits (Bonus Track)Black And White1978
Toiler On The SeaBlack And White1978
TonightCoup De Grace1998
Too Many Teardrops101990
Too PreciousDreamtime1986
Top SecretThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
TrampLa Folie1981
Tuckers GraveNorfolk Coast2004
Turn The Centuries, TurnThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Two SunspotsThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
UglyRattus Norvegicus1977
UnbrokenSuite XVI2006
UptownAural Sculpture1984
Valley Of The BirdsWritten In Red1997
Vietnamerica (Bonus Track)La Folie1981
Viva Vlad (Bonus Track)101990
Vladimir And Olga (Bonus Track)Feline1983
Waiting For The MeninblackThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Walk On By (Bonus Track)Black And White1978
WaltzinblackThe Gospel According To The Meninblack1981
Was It YouDreamtime1986
Was It You (Bonus Track)Dreamtime1986
WaterDark Matters2021
Wet AfternoonIn The Night1993
Where I Live101990
White StallionDark Matters2021
Wonderful LandWritten In Red1997
Yellowcake UFO (Bonus Track)The Raven1979
You (Bonus Track)101990
You Don't Think That What You've Done Is WrongCoup De Grace1998
You Hold The Key To My Love In Your Hands (Bonus Track)La Folie1981
You'll Always Reap What You SowDreamtime1986

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