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1969The Stooges1969
1970Fun House1970
AnnThe Stooges1969
AtmThe Weirdness2007
Beat That GuyReady To Die2013
BurnReady To Die2013
Cock In My Pocket (live)Metallic K.O.1976
DD'sReady To Die2013
Death TripRaw Power1973
DirtFun House1970
Dirty DealReady To Die2013
Down On The StreetFun House1970
Free And FreakyThe Weirdness2007
Fun HouseFun House1970
Gimme DangerRaw Power1973
Gimme Danger (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Greedy Awful PeopleThe Weirdness2007
GunReady To Die2013
Head On (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Heavy Liquid (live)Metallic K.O.1976
I Got Nothing - I Got Shit (live)Metallic K.O.1976
I Need SomebodyRaw Power1973
I Wanna Be Your DogThe Stooges1969
I Wanna Be Your Dog (live)Metallic K.O.1976
I'm FriedThe Weirdness2007
JobReady To Die2013
L.A. BluesFun House1970
Little DollThe Stooges1969
LooseFun House1970
Louie, Louie (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Mexican GuyThe Weirdness2007
My Idea Of FunThe Weirdness2007
No FunThe Stooges1969
Not RightThe Stooges1969
Open Up And Bleed (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Passing CloudThe Weirdness2007
PenetrationRaw Power1973
Raw PowerRaw Power1973
Raw Power (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Ready To DieReady To Die2013
Real Cool TimeThe Stooges1969
Rich Bitch (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Search And DestroyRaw Power1973
Search And Destroy (live)Metallic K.O.1976
Sex And MoneyReady To Die2013
Shake AppealRaw Power1973
She Took My MoneyThe Weirdness2007
T.V. EyeFun House1970
The DepartedReady To Die2013
The End Of ChristianityThe Weirdness2007
The WeirdnessThe Weirdness2007
Trollin'The Weirdness2007
Unfriendly WorldReady To Die2013
We Will FallThe Stooges1969
You Can't Have FriendsThe Weirdness2007
Your Pretty Face Is Going To HellRaw Power1973

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