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Another Day In Paradise (80s80s Acoustic Version)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
BeautifulOctober Sky2012
BittersweetRise And Fall2009
BombayOctober Sky2012
ButterlandOctober Sky2012
DesperateWild Life2008
DesperateFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Do It AllWild Life2008
Even IfOctober Sky2012
Everything Has ChangedRise And Fall2009
Everything I AmWild Life2008
Face To FaceRise And Fall2009
Face To Face (+ ATB)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
FireworksFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
For All LoversWild Life2008
For All LoversFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Heart Skipped A BeatWild Life2008
Hearts Without A Home (+ Decco)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Hearts Without A Home (R.SH Stars ohne Strom Version)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Highest TowersOctober Sky2012
How Does It FeelWild Life2008
I Will BeWild Life2008
I'll Wait For YouRise And Fall2009
In Your ArmsWild Life2008
In Your ArmsFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
It's Not OverWild Life2008
Keeps Me AliveIIII2015
Kill Me In The DarkIIII2015
Learning To BreatheOctober Sky2012
Learning To BreatheFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Life Without YouRise And Fall2009
Life Without You (+ Esmée Denters)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Life Without You (live)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Lonely LifeWild Life2008
Losing BattleFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Love Is Your EnemyOctober Sky2012
Love Is Your EnemyFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Night TimeIIII2015
Night Time (live)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Once In Your LifeIIII2015
Power Games (+ Natasha Bedingfield)IIII2015
Power Games (+ Natasha Bedingfield)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Rule The WorldOctober Sky2012
Sail OnRise And Fall2009
Sail OnFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Sail On (+ Itchino Sound)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Say You CareRise And Fall2009
Say You Care (live)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Solid GoldIIII2015
Song For The NightIIII2015
SorryWild Life2008
Strange LightsOctober Sky2012
Take Me Or Leave MeRise And Fall2009
Take Me Or Leave MeFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
tarsRise And Fall2009
Tired AgainRise And Fall2009
Under WaterOctober Sky2012
When The Lights Go OnOctober Sky2012
Wild LifeWild Life2008
Wishing You WellRise And Fall2009
Wishing You WellFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Wishing You WellFireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016
Won't Let This GoIIII2015
Won¿t Break MeOctober Sky2012
World Of SilenceWild Life2008
Wouldn't Change A Thing (+ Demi Lovato)Fireworks - Best Of Stanfour2016

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