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853-5937Babylon And On1987
A Moving StoryDomino1998
Ain't It Sad (Bonus Track)Cool For Cats1979
Annie Get Your GunSingles - 45's And Under1982
Annie Get Your GunGreatest Hits1992
Annie Get Your Gun (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Annie Get Your Gun (live)Five Live2007
Another Nail In My HeartArgybargy1980
Another Nail In My HeartSingles - 45's And Under1982
Another Nail In My HeartGreatest Hits1992
Bang BangSqueeze1978
Beautiful GameCradle To The Grave2015
Big BengCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
Black Coffee In BedSweets From A Stranger1982
Black Coffee In BedSingles - 45's And Under1982
Black Coffee In BedGreatest Hits1992
Black Coffee In Bed (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Break My HeartCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
By Your SideCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
By Your Side (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Can Of WormsFrank1989
Cigarette Of A Single ManBabylon And On1987
Cold ShoulderSome Fantastic Place1993
Cool For CatsCool For Cats1979
Cool For CatsSingles - 45's And Under1982
Cool For CatsGreatest Hits1992
Cool for Cats (live)Five Live2007
Cradle To The GraveCradle To The Grave2015
Crying In My SleepPlay1991
Cupid's ToyPlay1991
Deep Cuts (Bonus Track)Squeeze1978
Donkey TalkDomino1998
Dr. JazzFrank1989
Dr. Jazz (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Electric TrainsRidiculous1995
Electric Trains (live)Five Live2007
EverythingCradle To The Grave2015
Everything In The WorldSome Fantastic Place1993
F-HoleEast Side Story1981
Farfisa BeatArgybargy1980
FingertipsSingles - 45's And Under1982
First Thing WrongSqueeze1978
FootprintsBabylon And On1987
FootprintsGreatest Hits1992
Footprints (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Funny How It Goes (Bonus Track)Argybargy1980
Get SmartSqueeze1978
Go (Bonus Track)Argybargy1980
Gone To The DogsPlay1991
Goodbye GirlCool For Cats1979
Goodbye GirlSingles - 45's And Under1982
Goodbye GirlGreatest Hits1992
Goodbye Girl (live)Five Live2007
Got To MeRidiculous1995
Great EscapeRidiculous1995
Grouch Of The DayRidiculous1995
Happy DaysCradle To The Grave2015
Hard To FindCool For Cats1979
HaywireCradle To The Grave2015
Heartbreak (Bonus Track)Squeeze1978
Heartbreaking WorldCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
HeavenEast Side Story1981
Heaven KnowsRidiculous1995
Here Comes That FeelingArgybargy1980
Hesitation (Rool Britannia)Squeeze1978
His House Her HomeSweets From A Stranger1982
Hits Of The YearCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
HoneytrapCradle To The Grave2015
Hop, Skip And JumpCool For Cats1979
HourglassBabylon And On1987
HourglassGreatest Hits1992
Hourglass (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Hourglass (live)Five Live2007
House Of LovePlay1991
I Can't Get Up Anymore (Bonus Track)Sweets From A Stranger1982
I Can't Hold OnSweets From A Stranger1982
I Learnt How To PrayCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
I Must Go (Bonus Track)Cool For Cats1979
I Think I'm Go GoArgybargy1980
I Think I'm Go Go (live)Five Live2007
I Want YouRidiculous1995
I Won't Ever Go Drinking AgainCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
I've ReturnedSweets From A Stranger1982
If I Didn't Love YouArgybargy1980
If I Didn't Love You (Bonus Track)Singles - 45's And Under1982
If I Didn't Love You (live)Five Live2007
If It's LoveFrank1989
If It's LoveGreatest Hits1992
If It's Love (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Images Of LovingSome Fantastic Place1993
In QuintessenceEast Side Story1981
In The MorningDomino1998
In Today's RoomBabylon And On1987
Is It Too LateFrank1989
Is That LoveEast Side Story1981
Is That LoveSingles - 45's And Under1982
Is That LoveGreatest Hits1992
Is That Love (live)A Round And A Bout1990
It's Not CricketCool For Cats1979
It's OverSome Fantastic Place1993
It's So DirtyCool For Cats1979
Jolly Comes HomeSome Fantastic Place1993
King George StreetCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
King George StreetGreatest Hits1992
Labelled With LoveEast Side Story1981
Labelled With LoveGreatest Hits1992
Labelled With Love (Bonus Track)Singles - 45's And Under1982
Labelled With Love (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Last Time ForeverCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
Last Time ForeverGreatest Hits1992
Letting GoPlay1991
Little KingDomino1998
Long FaceRidiculous1995
Looking For A Love (Bonus Track)East Side Story1981
Lost For WordsRidiculous1995
Love CirclesFrank1989
Love CirclesGreatest Hits1992
Love Circles (live)Five Live2007
Love's A Four Letter Word (Bonus Track)Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
Loving You TonightSome Fantastic Place1993
Melody Hotel (live)Five Live2007
Melody MotelFrank1989
Messed AroundEast Side Story1981
Mumbo JumboEast Side Story1981
NirvanaCradle To The Grave2015
No Place Like HomeCosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
No Place Like HomeGreatest Hits1992
Only 15Cradle To The Grave2015
Onto The Dance FloorSweets From A Stranger1982
OpenCradle To The Grave2015
Out Of ControlSqueeze1978
Out Of TouchSweets From A Stranger1982
Peyton PlaceFrank1989
PiccadillyEast Side Story1981
Piccadilly (live)Five Live2007
PinocchioSome Fantastic Place1993
Play OnDomino1998
Points Of ViewSweets From A Stranger1982
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)Argybargy1980
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)Singles - 45's And Under1982
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)Greatest Hits1992
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Pulling Mussels (live)Five Live2007
Remember WhatSqueeze1978
RevueCool For Cats1979
Rose I SaidFrank1989
Separate BedsArgybargy1980
Sex MasterSqueeze1978
She Doesn't Have To ShaveFrank1989
She Doesn't Have To Shave (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Short BreakDomino1998
Slap And TickleCool For Cats1979
Slap And TickleSingles - 45's And Under1982
Slap And TickleGreatest Hits1992
Slap and Tickle (live)Five Live2007
Slaughtered, Gutted And HeartbrokenFrank1989
Slaughtered, Gutted And Heartbroken (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Slaughtered, Gutted And Heartbroken (live)Five Live2007
Sleeping With A FriendDomino1998
Slightly DrunkCool For Cats1979
Slightly Drunk (live)Five Live2007
Snap, Crackle And PopCradle To The Grave2015
Some AmericansBabylon And On1987
Some Fantastic PlaceSome Fantastic Place1993
Some Fantastic Place (live)Five Live2007
Someone Else's BellEast Side Story1981
Someone Else's HeartEast Side Story1981
Sound AsleepSingles - 45's And Under1982
Sound AsleepRidiculous1995
Stranger Than The Stranger On The ShoreSweets From A Stranger1982
Striking MatchesBabylon And On1987
Strong In ReasonSqueeze1978
Sunday StreetPlay1991
SunnyCradle To The Grave2015
Take Me I'm YoursSqueeze1978
Take Me I'm YoursSingles - 45's And Under1982
Take Me I'm Yours (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Take Me I'm Yours (live)Five Live2007
Take Me, I'm YoursGreatest Hits1992
Talk To HimSome Fantastic Place1993
Temptation For LoveRidiculous1995
TemptedEast Side Story1981
TemptedSingles - 45's And Under1982
TemptedGreatest Hits1992
Tempted (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Tempted (live)Five Live2007
The Axe Has Now Fallen (Bonus Track)East Side Story1981
The CallSqueeze1978
The Day I Get HomePlay1991
The Elephant RideSweets From A Stranger1982
The Fortnight Saga (Bonus Track)Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
The KnackCool For Cats1979
The Last TimeFrank1989
The PrisonerBabylon And On1987
The TruthPlay1991
The Very First DanceSweets From A Stranger1982
The Waiting GameBabylon And On1987
There At The TopArgybargy1980
There Is A VoicePlay1991
There's No TomorrowEast Side Story1981
Third RailSome Fantastic Place1993
Third Rail (live)Five Live2007
This SummerRidiculous1995
To Be A DadDomino1998
Tongue Like A KnifeSweets From A Stranger1982
Top Of The FormCradle To The Grave2015
Touching Me Touching YouCool For Cats1979
Tough LoveBabylon And On1987
True Colours (The Storm)Some Fantastic Place1993
Trust Me To Open My MouthBabylon And On1987
Trust Me To Open My MouthGreatest Hits1992
Up The JunctionCool For Cats1979
Up The JunctionSingles - 45's And Under1982
Up The JunctionGreatest Hits1992
Up The Junction (live)A Round And A Bout1990
Vanity FairEast Side Story1981
Vicky VerkyArgybargy1980
Walk A Straight LinePlay1991
Walk AwayRidiculous1995
Walk Away (live)Five Live2007
What's Wrong With This PictureDomino1998
When Love Goes To Sleep (Bonus Track)Sweets From A Stranger1982
When The Hangover StrikesSweets From A Stranger1982
Who Are YouBabylon And On1987
Wicked And CruelPlay1991
Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil (Squeeze)Squeeze1978
Without You HereDomino1998
Woman's WorldEast Side Story1981
Wrong Side Of The Moon (Jools Holland, Difford)Argybargy1980

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