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129 (Matinee Idyll)Enz Of An Era1982
Abu DhabiFrenzy1979
AdzSee Ya 'Round1984
Albert Of IndiaWaiata1981
AmyMental Notes1975
Another Great DivideThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Another Great DivideEnz Of An Era1982
Another Great DivideThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Bold As BrassDizrythmia1977
Bold As BrassThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Bold As BrassEnz Of An Era1982
Bold As BrassThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Bon VoyageConflicting Emotions1983
Breakin' My BackSee Ya 'Round1984
Bullet Brain And Cactus HeadConflicting Emotions1983
CharleyThe Best Of Split Enz1993
CharlieThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Conflicting EmotionsConflicting Emotions1983
CrosswordsThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
CrosswordsThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Dirty CreatureTime And Tide1982
Dirty CreatureEnz Of An Era1982
Dirty CreatureHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
Doctor LoveSee Ya 'Round1984
Double HappyTrue Colours1980
Famous PeopleFrenzy1979
Ghost GirlWaiata1981
Giant HeartbeatTime And Tide1982
Give It A WhirlFrenzy1979
Give It A WhirlEnz Of An Era1982
Hard Act To FollowWaiata1981
Hard Act To FollowHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
Haul AwayTime And Tide1982
Hello Sandy AllenTime And Tide1982
Hermit McDermittFrenzy1979
History Never RepeatsWaiata1981
History Never RepeatsEnz Of An Era1982
History Never RepeatsHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
History Never RepeatsThe Best Of Split Enz1993
How Can I Resist HerTrue Colours1980
I Don't Wanna DanceWaiata1981
I Got YouTrue Colours1980
I Got YouEnz Of An Era1982
I Got YouHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
I Got YouThe Best Of Split Enz1993
I Hope I NeverTrue Colours1980
I Hope I NeverEnz Of An Era1982
I Hope I NeverHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
I See RedFrenzy1979
I See RedEnz Of An Era1982
I See RedHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
I See RedThe Best Of Split Enz1993
I Wake Up Every NightConflicting Emotions1983
I Walk AwaySee Ya 'Round1984
I Wouldn't Dream Of ItTrue Colours1980
Kia Kaha (Ever Be Strong)See Ya 'Round1984
Late Last NighEnz Of An Era1982
Late Last NightSecond Thoughts1976
Late Last NightThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Late Last NightThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Log Cabin FeverTime And Tide1982
Lost For WordsTime And Tide1982
Lovey DoveySecond Thoughts1976
Lovey DoveyThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Make Sense Of ItTime And Tide1982
Master PlanFrenzy1979
Matinee IdyllSecond Thoughts1976
Matinee IdyllThe Best Of Split Enz1993
MaybeMental Notes1975
Mental NotesMental Notes1975
Message To My GirlConflicting Emotions1983
Message To My GirlHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
Message To My GirlThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Mind Over MatterFrenzy1979
Missing PersonTrue Colours1980
My MistakeDizrythmia1977
My MistakeThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
My MistakeEnz Of An Era1982
My MistakeThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Never Ceases To Amaze MeTime And Tide1982
Nice To KnowDizrythmia1977
Ninnie Knees UpSee Ya 'Round1984
No MischiefConflicting Emotions1983
Nobody Takes Me SeriouslyTrue Colours1980
One Mouth Is FedSee Ya 'Round1984
One Step AheadWaiata1981
One Step AheadEnz Of An Era1982
One Step AheadHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
One Step AheadThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Our DayConflicting Emotions1983
Parrot Fashion LoveDizrythmia1977
PioneerTime And Tide1982
Poor BoyTrue Colours1980
Poor BoyEnz Of An Era1982
Poor BoyHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
Shark AttackTrue Colours1980
She Got Body, She Got SoulFrenzy1979
Six Months In A Leaky BoatTime And Tide1982
Six Months In A Leaky BoatEnz Of An Era1982
Six Months In A Leaky BoatHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
Six Months In A Leaky BoatThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Small WorldTime And Tide1982
So Long For NowMental Notes1975
SpellboundMental Notes1975
Strait Old LineConflicting Emotions1983
Stranger Than FictionMental Notes1975
Stranger Than FictionSecond Thoughts1976
Stranger Than FictionThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Stuff And NonsenseFrenzy1979
Sugar And SpiceDizrythmia1977
Sweet DreamsSecond Thoughts1976
Take A WalkTime And Tide1982
The Choral SeaTrue Colours1980
The Devil You KnowConflicting Emotions1983
The Lost CatSee Ya 'Round1984
The Roughest, Toughest Game In The WorldFrenzy1979
The Woman Who Loves YouSecond Thoughts1976
This Is MassiveSee Ya 'Round1984
Time For A ChangeMental Notes1975
Time For A ChangeSecond Thoughts1976
Time For A ChangeThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Time For A ChangeThe Best Of Split Enz1993
TitusMental Notes1975
TitusSecond Thoughts1976
TitusThe Best Of Split Enz1993
Under The WheelMental Notes1975
VoicesSee Ya 'Round1984
Walking Down A RoadMental Notes1975
Walking Down A RoadSecond Thoughts1976
Walking Down A RoadThe Beginning Of The Enz1979
Walking Through The RuinsWaiata1981
What's The Matter With YouTrue Colours1980
What's The Matter With YouHistory Never Repeats - The Best Of Split Enz1987
Without A DoubtDizrythmia1977
Working Up An AppetiteConflicting Emotions1983
Years Go BySee Ya 'Round1984

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