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28Strictly Diesel1998
40 BelowStrictly Diesel1998
After The EndAnger Denial Acceptance2012
Anger Denial AcceptanceAnger Denial Acceptance2012
AsthmaticThe Height Of Callousness2000
Beginning Of The EndSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
Consumed (Obsessive Compulsive)Self-Destructive Pattern2003
Cyanide 2600The Height Of Callousness2000
Dead To MeSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
DetachedStrictly Diesel1998
Everything Everyone Everywhere EndsAnger Denial Acceptance2012
Exit Wound (Acceptance)Anger Denial Acceptance2012
FallbackSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
Falls ApartSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
FixedThe Height Of Callousness2000
ForgottenSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
God Complex (Anger)Anger Denial Acceptance2012
GreyStrictly Diesel1998
I Am DamageAnger Denial Acceptance2012
I Want You To KnowAnger Denial Acceptance2012
If It BreathesStrictly Diesel1998
IntakeStrictly Diesel1998
MalnutritionThe Height Of Callousness2000
MendStrictly Diesel1998
Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)Anger Denial Acceptance2012
Murder SuicideAnger Denial Acceptance2012
Negative SpaceThe Height Of Callousness2000
New DiseaseThe Height Of Callousness2000
Nothing Left For MeAnger Denial Acceptance2012
Play GodThe Height Of Callousness2000
Ploratio MorbusAnger Denial Acceptance2012
SeamlessThe Height Of Callousness2000
Self-Destructive PatternSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
ShineboxStrictly Diesel1998
SlaverySelf-Destructive Pattern2003
SlipperStrictly Diesel1998
SmotheredSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
Stain (Start The Machine) (feat. Burton C. Bell)Strictly Diesel1998
StillbornSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
StoveboltStrictly Diesel1998
Strictly DieselStrictly Diesel1998
SyntheticThe Height Of Callousness2000
Tear Me DownSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
The Endless DisconnectAnger Denial Acceptance2012
The Height Of CallousnessThe Height Of Callousness2000
The ReckoningAnger Denial Acceptance2012
TransparentThe Height Of Callousness2000
Violent Mood SwingsSelf-Destructive Pattern2003
Where We FallStrictly Diesel1998
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (feat. Amir Derakh)Strictly Diesel1998

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