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All The Way HomeBreak Like The Wind1992
AmericaThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
AmericaBack From The Dead2009
Back From The DeadBack From The Dead2009
Big BottomThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Big BottomBack From The Dead2009
Bitch SchoolBreak Like The Wind1992
Break Like The WindBreak Like The Wind1992
Cash On DeliveryBreak Like The Wind1992
Celtic BluesBack From The Dead2009
Christmas With The DevilBreak Like The Wind1992
Christmas With The Devil (Bonus Track)This Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Christmas With The Devil (Scratch Mix) (Bonus Track)This Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Clam CaravanBreak Like The Wind1992
Cups And CakesThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Cups And CakesBack From The Dead2009
Diva FeverBreak Like The Wind1992
Flower PeopleThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Flower People (Reggae Stylee)Back From The Dead2009
Gimme Some MoneyThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Gimme Some MoneyBack From The Dead2009
Heavy DutyThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Heavy DutyBack From The Dead2009
Hell HoleThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Hell HoleBack From The Dead2009
Jazz Oddyssey IBack From The Dead2009
Jazz Oddyssey IIBack From The Dead2009
Jazz Oddyssey IIIBack From The Dead2009
Just Begin AgainBreak Like The Wind1992
Now Departing On Track 13Break Like The Wind1992
Rainy Day SunBreak Like The Wind1992
Rock And Roll CreationThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Rock'n' Roll CreationBack From The Dead2009
Rock'n' Roll NightmareBack From The Dead2009
Sex FarmThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Sex FarmBack From The Dead2009
Short And SweetBack From The Dead2009
SpringtimeBreak Like The Wind1992
Stinkin' Up The Great OutdoorsBreak Like The Wind1992
StonehengeThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
StonehengeBack From The Dead2009
The Majesty Of RockBreak Like The Wind1992
The Sun Never SweatsBreak Like The Wind1992
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You TonightThis Is Spinal Tap (Soundtrack)1984
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You TonightBack From The Dead2009
Warmer Than HellBack From The Dead2009

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