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A Thousand TimesSophie Zelmani1995
AftermathGoing Home2014
All About YouSoul2011
Always YouSophie Zelmani1995
Always You (Ten Years Later)A Decade Of Dreams2005
Be For RealThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Before The Day's GonePrecious Burden1998
Bitter Kind (New Song)A Decade Of Dreams2005
Black DayPrecious Burden1998
Black PearlThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Bless MeMy Song2017
BreezeSing And Dance2002
Broken Sunny DayMemory Loves You2007
By Your SideEverywhere2014
Charlotte By The ShoreEverywhere2014
ComposingThe Ocean And Me2008
Composing (live)Live In China2023
Curtain FallPrecious Burden1998
Do SomethingThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Do You RememberThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Do You Think It Could WaitEverywhere2014
Dream Gets ClearLove Affair2003
DreamerTime To Kill1999
DreamerA Decade Of Dreams2005
DreamerGoing Home2014
Dreamer (live)Live In China2023
Dreams Are BetterMy Song2017
Everywhere (live)Live In China2023
Excuse MePrecious Burden1998
FadeLove Affair2003
FadeA Decade Of Dreams2005
FireTime To Kill1999
FoolishPrecious Burden1998
For YouSoul2011
Free NowSoul2011
Giving God a Plan (live)Live In China2023
God Do You HearThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Going HomeSing And Dance2002
Going HomeA Decade Of Dreams2005
Going HomeGoing Home2014
Going Home (live)Live In China2023
Gone So LongTime To Kill1999
Gone With The MadnessSing And Dance2002
Gone With The MadnessA Decade Of Dreams2005
Gone With The MadnessGoing Home2014
GoodbyePrecious Burden1998
Got To Go With LoveEverywhere2014
Got To StopPrecious Burden1998
Got To StopA Decade Of Dreams2005
Got To StopGoing Home2014
Grand As LovingLove Affair2003
Happier ManTime To Kill1999
Happier ManA Decade Of Dreams2005
Happier ManGoing Home2014
Happier Man (live)Live In China2023
Hard To KnowLove Affair2003
How DifferentMemory Loves You2007
How It FeelsSing And Dance2002
How's Your Heart DoingSing And Dance2002
I Can't ChangeGoing Home2014
I Can't Change (live)Live In China2023
I Can't Change (New Song)A Decade Of Dreams2005
I Don't KnowTime To Kill1999
I Got YoursMemory Loves You2007
I Love YouSoul2011
I PrayEverywhere2014
I Will Be ThereThe Ocean And Me2008
I WonderMy Song2017
I Wouldn't Speak For HimSoul2011
I'd Be BrokenSophie Zelmani1995
I'll Remember YouSophie Zelmani1995
I'll Remember YouGoing Home2014
I'll See You (In Another World)Sophie Zelmani1995
I'm The RainI'm The Rain2010
I've Got A SuspicionThe Ocean And Me2008
If I CouldI'm The Rain2010
If I Could (live)Live In China2023
If You're Still A DreamerSoul2011
ImagineMy Song2017
Interior DesignI'm The Rain2010
Introduction of the Band (live)Live In China2023
It KnowsI'm The Rain2010
July WaitsThe Ocean And Me2008
Keep It To YourselfLove Affair2003
LeavingPrecious Burden1998
LeavingA Decade Of Dreams2005
Losing YouTime To Kill1999
Lost In LoveLove Affair2003
LoveThe Ocean And Me2008
Love On My MindMemory Loves You2007
Love On My MindGoing Home2014
Maja's SongLove Affair2003
Maja's SongGoing Home2014
MemoriesLove Affair2003
Memory Loves YouMemory Loves You2007
MoonlightSing And Dance2002
MyTime To Kill1999
My DaughterSoul2011
My DearEverywhere2014
My SongMy Song2017
My Soul RemembersSoul2011
No VictimsMy Song2017
NostalgiaTime To Kill1999
NostalgiaA Decade Of Dreams2005
Not With YouI'm The Rain2010
Now You KnowMemory Loves You2007
Oh DearSing And Dance2002
Oh DearA Decade Of Dreams2005
Oh DearGoing Home2014
Oh Dear (live)Live In China2023
On Your WayTime To Kill1999
OnceSing And Dance2002
Once (live)Live In China2023
One Man's KissThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Our LoveA Decade Of Dreams2005
Our ManI'm The Rain2010
Passing ByThe Ocean And Me2008
PeopleA Decade Of Dreams2005
PoepleSing And Dance2002
Precious BurdenPrecious Burden1998
Precious BurdenA Decade Of Dreams2005
Precious Burden (live)Live In China2023
ReadyI'm The Rain2010
September TearsLove Affair2003
ShadesMemory Loves You2007
Should I Tell YouEverywhere2014
Sing And DanceSing And Dance2002
So GoodSophie Zelmani1995
So LongPrecious Burden1998
So Long (Aranjuez Version)A Decade Of Dreams2005
So Long (live)Live In China2023
Something MoreMy Song2017
Song Of The NightI'm The Rain2010
SorrowMemory Loves You2007
Spring LoveThe Ocean And Me2008
Stand BySophie Zelmani1995
Stand ByA Decade Of Dreams2005
Stay With My HeartLove Affair2003
Story Of UsSoul2011
Sunrise (live)Live In China2023
Tell Me You're JokingSophie Zelmani1995
The Happy Woman CriesMy Song2017
The LordEverywhere2014
The Ocean And MeThe Ocean And Me2008
The Wind Took My Sail (live)Live In China2023
The World Ain't PrettyThe World Ain't Pretty2022
The YearsI'm The Rain2010
There Must Be A ReasonSophie Zelmani1995
This Is The PlaceThe World Ain't Pretty2022
This PrisonMy Song2017
This RoomThe Ocean And Me2008
This Will Be The YearThe World Ain't Pretty2022
TimeThe Ocean And Me2008
Time To KillTime To Kill1999
To Be ForgivenI'm The Rain2010
To Know YouLove Affair2003
To Know YouA Decade Of Dreams2005
To Know YouGoing Home2014
To Know You (live)Live In China2023
TravellingMemory Loves You2007
TruthLove Affair2003
Until DawnSophie Zelmani1995
Wait For CryMemory Loves You2007
Wait For CryGoing Home2014
Waiting RoomEverywhere2014
What IfThe World Ain't Pretty2022
When Times Are BadMy Song2017
When You RememberEverywhere2014
When You're SingingThe World Ain't Pretty2022
Who I AmPrecious Burden1998
WhyTime To Kill1999
Wind Took My SailThe Ocean And Me2008
Woman In MeSophie Zelmani1995
Yeah, OkThe Ocean And Me2008
Yes I AmSing And Dance2002
You And Him (String Version)Sophie Zelmani1995
You Can Always Long For MayI'm The Rain2010
Your WayLove Affair2003

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