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1983 (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Alpha VenomHalluzinationen2020
Am Radio (Bonus Track)Supermoon2015
Approximately Gone19832010
Avec le temps (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Bad MedicationHalluzinationen2020
Beauty Above AllSketches On Sea2006
Before You Say...Sketches On Sea2006
Birth-DayMonday's Ghost2008
Boat Is FullMonday's Ghost2008
Breaking The Waves19832010
Broken English19832010
Can You See MeThe Danger Of Light2012
Can You See Me (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Citylights Forever19832010
Citylights Forever (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Das NeueThe Danger Of Light2012
Das Neue (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Derfi di hebeIch liebe dich2020
Die FahrendaSketches On Sea2006
Die ganze WeltSupermoon2015
Dr Hunger wird schlimmerIch liebe dich2020
Dr StummiSketches On Sea2006
DrainpipesMonday's Ghost2008
E Nacht a de LangstrassIch liebe dich2020
Eis hämmer immer no gnoIch liebe dich2020
Euse RosegarteIch liebe dich2020
Everything Is GoodHalluzinationen2020
Finde michHalluzinationen2020
Flucht nach obeSketches On Sea2006
Headlights (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
HeharunThe Danger Of Light2012
Heharun (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
HelloSketches On Sea2006
Hoffnigslos HoffnigslosIch liebe dich2020
Holy HellsThe Danger Of Light2012
Hotel Belfort (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
House Of GodsMonday's Ghost2008
I Opened A BarMolecules2018
Ich liebe dich, DinoIch liebe dich2020
Ich liebe dich, FaberIch liebe dich2020
Ich liebe dich, SophieIch liebe dich2020
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
La chanson d'HeleneSupermoon2015
Le vent nous portera19832010
Leave Me With The Monkeys19832010
Leave Me With The Monkeys (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Leaving TehranSketches On Sea2006
Les plus grands cauchemars (Bonus Track)Supermoon2015
Let It Come DownMolecules2018
Letter To Madonna (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Lied für ZwärgeSketches On Sea2006
LikelikelikeThe Danger Of Light2012
LikeLikeLike (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Liquid AirHalluzinationen2020
Love Is Not The AnswerSupermoon2015
Lovesong To Everyone19832010
Lovesong To Everyone (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Mad MilesSupermoon2015
Maria MagdalenaHalluzinationen2020
MarketplaceSketches On Sea2006
Mega HappyIch liebe dich2020
Monday's GhostMonday's Ghost2008
Mr. Porter's WeddingSketches On Sea2006
My Oh My (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
NashvilleSketches On Sea2006
Nüt (Dem Burghölzli zum Geburstag) (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Oh LordMolecules2018
OuvertureIch liebe dich2020
PerpetratorThe Danger Of Light2012
Protest SongMonday's Ghost2008
PutschIch liebe dich2020
Queen DrifterSupermoon2015
RererevolutionThe Danger Of Light2012
Rise And FallMonday's Ghost2008
Rise And Fall (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Rote Beeten aus ArsenHalluzinationen2020
Round And RoundMonday's Ghost2008
Sad FishermanSketches On Sea2006
Security CheckHalluzinationen2020
ShapeMonday's Ghost2008
Shape (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
She Makes PresidentMolecules2018
Sliver LaneMolecules2018
Sophie Hunger BluesMonday's Ghost2008
SouldierThe Danger Of Light2012
Souldier (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Spaghetti mit Spinat (Bonus Track)Supermoon2015
Spiegelbild (feat. Stephan Eicher)Monday's Ghost2008
Spiegelbild (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Superman WomanSupermoon2015
Take A TurnThe Danger Of Light2012
Take A Turn (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Teenage SpiritMonday's Ghost2008
That ManMolecules2018
The ActressMolecules2018
The Age Of LavenderSupermoon2015
The Capitalist (Bonus Track)Supermoon2015
The FallenThe Danger Of Light2012
The TouristSketches On Sea2006
There Is Still Pain LeftMolecules2018
TouristMonday's Ghost2008
Train People19832010
Travelogue (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
Universum (Bonus Track)Supermoon2015
Wäge demIch liebe dich2020
Walzer für NiemandMonday's Ghost2008
Walzer für niemand (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
We Are The LivingSupermoon2015
Weltmeister (Bonus Track)Supermoon2015
Your Personal Religion19832010
Z'lied vor FreiheitsstatueThe Danger Of Light2012
Z'lied vor Freiheitsstatue (live)The Rules Of Fire2013
ZüriSketches On Sea2006

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