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Androgynous MindExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
AntennaThe Eternal2009
Anti-OrganismThe Eternal2009
Bad MoodConfusion Is Sex1983
Beautiful PlateauThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
Beautiful Plateau (Bonus Track)Sonic Nurse2004
Beauty Lies In The EyeSister1987
BecuzWashing Machine1995
BlinkThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
BoneExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Brave Men Run (In My Family)Bad Moon Rising1985
Bull In The HeatherExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Calming The SnakeThe Eternal2009
CampfireThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
CandleDaydream Nation1988
Catholic BlockSister1987
Chapel HillDirty1992
Cinderella's Big ScoreGoo1990
Confusion Is NextConfusion Is Sex1983
Contre le sexismeA Thousand Leaves1998
Cotton CrownSister1987
Creme BruleeDirty1992
Cross The BreezeDaydream Nation1988
Death To Our FriendsEVOL1986
Death Valley '69Bad Moon Rising1985
Dirty BootsGoo1990
Disconnection NoticeMurray Street2002
Do You Believe In RaptureRather Ripped2006
Do You Believe In Rapture (Psychedelic Mix) (Bonus Track)Rather Ripped2006
Doctor's OrdersExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Dripping DreamSonic Nurse2004
Drunken ButterflyDirty1992
Dude Ranch NurseSonic Nurse2004
Eric's TripDaydream Nation1988
Expressway To Yr. Skull (Aka The Crucifixion Of Sean Penn - Madonna, Sean And Me)EVOL1986
Eyeliner (Bonus Track)Rather Ripped2006
FauxhemiansThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
Female Mechanic Now On DutyA Thousand Leaves1998
Fire Engine DreamThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
Free City RhymesNYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
Freezer Burn - I Wanna Be Your DogConfusion Is Sex1983
French TicklerA Thousand Leaves1998
Ghost BitchBad Moon Rising1985
Green LightEVOL1986
Heather AngelA Thousand Leaves1998
Helen Lundeberg (Bonus Track)Rather Ripped2006
Hey JoniDaydream Nation1988
Hits Of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)A Thousand Leaves1998
HoarfrostA Thousand Leaves1998
Hot Wire My HeartSister1987
I Love Her All The TimeBad Moon Rising1985
I Love You Golden BlueSonic Nurse2004
I'm InsaneBad Moon Rising1985
In The Kingdom #19EVOL1986
In The Mind Of The Bourgeois ReaderExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
IncinerateRather Ripped2006
InhumanConfusion Is Sex1983
IntroBad Moon Rising1985
Jams Run FreeRather Ripped2006
Junkie's PromiseWashing Machine1995
Justice Is MightBad Moon Rising1985
Karen KoltraneA Thousand Leaves1998
Karen RevisitedMurray Street2002
Kim Chords (Bonus Track)Sonic Nurse2004
Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand CreamSonic Nurse2004
Kim's ChordsThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
KissabilityDaydream Nation1988
Kool ThingGoo1990
Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso)The Eternal2009
Lee Is FreeConfusion Is Sex1983
Lightnin'NYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
Lights OutRather Ripped2006
Little Trouble GirlWashing Machine1995
Loop CatThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
Making The Nature SceneConfusion Is Sex1983
Malibu Gas StationThe Eternal2009
Marilyn MooreEVOL1986
Massage The HistoryThe Eternal2009
Mildred PierceGoo1990
My Friend GooGoo1990
Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)NYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
New HampshireSonic Nurse2004
Nic FitDirty1992
No Queen BluesWashing Machine1995
No WayThe Eternal2009
Nyc Ghosts And FlowersNYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
On The StripDirty1992
OrRather Ripped2006
Orange Rolls, Angel's SpitDirty1992
Pacific Coast HighwaySister1987
Panty LiesWashing Machine1995
Paper Cup ExitSonic Nurse2004
Pattern RecognitionSonic Nurse2004
Peace AttackSonic Nurse2004
Pink SteamRather Ripped2006
Pipeline - Kill TimeSister1987
Plastic SunMurray Street2002
Poison ArrowThe Eternal2009
Protect Me YouConfusion Is Sex1983
ProvidenceDaydream Nation1988
Queen Anne ChairThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
Quest For The CupExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Radical Adults Lick Godhead StyleMurray Street2002
Rain KingDaydream Nation1988
Rain On TinMurray Street2002
RatsRather Ripped2006
Razor BladeThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
ReenaRather Ripped2006
Renegade PrincessNYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
Sacred TricksterThe Eternal2009
Saucer-LikeWashing Machine1995
Scooter And JinxGoo1990
Screaming SkullExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Secret GirlEVOL1986
Self-Obsessed And SexxeeExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Shadow Of A DoubtEVOL1986
Shaking HellConfusion Is Sex1983
Side2SideNYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
Silver RocketDaydream Nation1988
SkinkExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Skip TracerWashing Machine1995
Sleepin' AroundRather Ripped2006
Small Flowers Crack ConcreteNYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
Snare, GirlA Thousand Leaves1998
Society Is A HoleBad Moon Rising1985
Stalker (Bonus Track)Dirty1992
Starfield RoadExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Stereo SanctitySister1987
StonesSonic Nurse2004
Streamxsonik SubwayNYC Ghosts And Flowers2000
Street Sauce (Bonus Track)Murray Street2002
Sugar KaneDirty1992
SundayA Thousand Leaves1998
Sweet ShineExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Swimsuit IssueDirty1992
Sympathy For The StrawberryMurray Street2002
Teen Age RiotDaydream Nation1988
The Diamond SeaWashing Machine1995
The Diamond SeaThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
The Empty PageMurray Street2002
The Ineffable MeA Thousand Leaves1998
The NeutralRather Ripped2006
The SprawlDaydream Nation1988
The World Looks RedConfusion Is Sex1983
Theresa's Sound-WorldDirty1992
Three Part Sectional Love SeatThe Destroyed Room - B-Sides And Rarities2006
Thundeclap For Bobby PynThe Eternal2009
Titanium ExposeGoo1990
Tokyo EyeExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Tom ViolenceEVOL1986
Total TrashDaydream Nation1988
Trilogy: The Wonder - Hyperstation - Eliminator Jr.Daydream Nation1988
Tuff GnarlSister1987
Tunic (Song For Karen)Goo1990
Turquoise BoyRather Ripped2006
Unmade BedSonic Nurse2004
UntitledWashing Machine1995
UnwindWashing Machine1995
WaistExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Walkin BlueThe Eternal2009
Washing MachineWashing Machine1995
What A WasteRather Ripped2006
What We KnowThe Eternal2009
White CrossSister1987
Wildflower SoulA Thousand Leaves1998
Winner's BluesExperimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star1994
Wish FulfillmentDirty1992
Youth Against FascismDirty1992

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