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...Of SilenceSilence2001
8th CommandmentEcliptica1999
8th CommandmentThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
8th Commandment (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
A Ballad For The Broken (Bonus Track)Clear Cold Beyond2024
A Little Less UnderstandingTalviyö2019
A Little Less Understanding (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
A Monster Only You Can't SeeClear Cold Beyond2024
Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, ExploitedWinterheart's Guild2003
Ain't Your FairytaleReckoning Night2004
Ain't Your FairytaleThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Alone In HeavenStones Grow Her Name2012
Alone In Heaven (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Among The Shooting StarsThe Ninth Hour2016
Angel DefiledClear Cold Beyond2024
As If The World Wasn't EndingThe Days Of Grays2009
As If The World Wasn't Ending (Live)Live In Finland2011
As If The World Wasn't Ending (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Black SheepSilence2001
Black SheepThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Black Sheep (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Black Sheep (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Blank FileEcliptica1999
Blank File (live)Live In Finland2011
Blinded No MoreReckoning Night2004
Blinded No More (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
BloodPariah's Child2014
BreathingThe Days Of Grays2009
BrokenWinterheart's Guild2003
BrokenThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Broken (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Broken (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Caleb (live)Live In Finland2011
CaliforniaClear Cold Beyond2024
Candle LawnsThe Ninth Hour2016
Champagne BathWinterheart's Guild2003
CinderbloxStones Grow Her Name2012
Clear Cold BeyondClear Cold Beyond2024
Closer To An AnimalThe Ninth Hour2016
Cloud FactoryPariah's Child2014
Cure For EverythingClear Cold Beyond2024
Dark EmpathClear Cold Beyond2024
DeathauraThe Days Of Grays2009
Demon's CageTalviyö2019
Destruction PreventerEcliptica1999
Don't Be MeanStones Grow Her Name2012
Don't Say A WordReckoning Night2004
Don't Say A WordThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Don't Say A Word (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Don't Say A Word (live)Live In Finland2011
Don't Say A Word (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Draw MeWinterheart's Guild2003
Everything Fades To Gray (Full Version)The Days Of Grays2009
Everything Fades To Gray (Instrumental Version)The Days Of Grays2009
Fade To Black (Bonus Track)Winterheart's Guild2003
FairytaleThe Ninth Hour2016
False News Travel FastSilence2001
First In LineClear Cold Beyond2024
Flag In The GroundThe Days Of Grays2009
Flag In The Ground (live)Live In Finland2011
Flag In The Ground (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Fly With The Black SwanUnia2007
Fly, Navigate, CommunicateThe Ninth Hour2016
For The Sake Of RevengeUnia2007
For The Sake Of Revenge (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
FullmoonThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Fullmoon (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Fullmoon (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Good Enough Is Good EnoughUnia2007
GravenimageWinterheart's Guild2003
Gravenimage (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Gravenimage (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Half A Marathon manPariah's Child2014
Half A Marathon Man (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
I Have A RightStones Grow Her Name2012
I Have A Right (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
In Black And WhiteUnia2007
In Black And White (live)Live In Finland2011
Instrumental Exibition (live)Live In Finland2011
Intro (live)Live In Finland2011
Intro (Prelude For Reckoning) (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Ismo's Got Good ReactorsTalviyö2019
It Won't FadeUnia2007
Jam (Hidden Track)Reckoning Night2004
JulietThe Days Of Grays2009
Juliet (live)Live In Finland2011
Kingdom For A HeartEcliptica1999
Kingdom For A HeartThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Kingdom For A Heart (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Land Of The FreeSilence2001
Larger Than LifePariah's Child2014
Last Drop FallsSilence2001
Last Drop FallsThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Letter To DanaEcliptica1999
Letter To Dana (live)Live In Finland2011
Letter To Dana (Return To Sender) (Bonus Track)Ecliptica1999
Letter To Dana (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
LifeThe Ninth Hour2016
Losing My InsanityStones Grow Her Name2012
LovePariah's Child2014
Mary-Lou (Bonus Track)Ecliptica1999
Message From The SunTalviyö2019
MisplacedReckoning Night2004
Misplaced (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A NightmareUnia2007
My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Unia2007
My LandEcliptica1999
My Land (2006 Re-Make)The Collection 1999 - 20062007
My Land (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
My Land (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
My SeleneReckoning Night2004
No Dream Can Heal A Broken HeartThe Days Of Grays2009
On The Faultline (Closure To An Animal)The Ninth Hour2016
On The Faultline (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)Stones Grow Her Name2012
Out In The Fields (Bonus Track)Unia2007
Paid In FullUnia2007
Paid In Full (live)Live In Finland2011
Paid In Full (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Peacemaker (Bonus Track)Silence2001
Picturing The PastEcliptica1999
Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night... (Instrumental)Reckoning Night2004
Replica (2006 Re-Make)The Collection 1999 - 20062007
Replica (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Replica (live)Live In Finland2011
Respect The Wilderness (Bonus Track)Silence2001
Revontulet (Instrumental)Silence2001
Rise A NightThe Ninth Hour2016
Run To YouThe Ninth Hour2016
Running LightsPariah's Child2014
San Sebastian (live) (Bonus Track)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
San Sebastian (Revisited)Silence2001
San Sebastian (Revisited)The Collection 1999 - 20062007
San Sebastian (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Shah MatClear Cold Beyond2024
ShamandalieReckoning Night2004
Shamandalie (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Shamandalie (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
Shitload Of MoneyStones Grow Her Name2012
Silver TongueWinterheart's Guild2003
Sing In SilenceSilence2001
Somewhere Close To YouStones Grow Her Name2012
Storm The ArmadaTalviyö2019
Take One BreathPariah's Child2014
TallulahThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Tallulah (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
TeardropsClear Cold Beyond2024
The Best ThingsClear Cold Beyond2024
The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real PuppetReckoning Night2004
The CageWinterheart's Guild2003
The CageThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
The Cage - Vodka - Hava Nagila (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
The DayStones Grow Her Name2012
The Dead SkinThe Days Of Grays2009
The End Of This ChapterSilence2001
The GardenTalviyö2019
The HarvestUnia2007
The Last Amazing GraysThe Days Of Grays2009
The Last Amazing Grays (live)Live In Finland2011
The Last Of The LambsTalviyö2019
The MiseryWinterheart's Guild2003
The Misery (live)Live In Finland2011
The Power Of OneSilence2001
The Raven Still FliesTalviyö2019
The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me (Bonus Track)Winterheart's Guild2003
The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
The Ruins Of My LifeWinterheart's Guild2003
The Ruins Of My LifeThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
The Truth Is Out ThereThe Days Of Grays2009
The ViceUnia2007
The Wolves Die YoungPariah's Child2014
The Wolves Die Young (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
The Worlds Forgotten, The Words ForbiddenUnia2007
They Follow (Bonus Track)Unia2007
Till Death's Done Us ApartThe Ninth Hour2016
To Create A Warlike Feel (Bonus Track)Unia2007
Tonight I Dance Alone (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Toy Soldier (Bonus Track)Clear Cold Beyond2024
Under Your TreeUnia2007
UnopenedThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Victoria's SecretWinterheart's Guild2003
Victoria's SecretThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Victoria's Secret (live)For The Sake Of Revenge2006
Victoria's Secret (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two2022
We Are What We AreThe Ninth Hour2016
What Did You Do In The War, DadPariah's Child2014
White Pearl, Black Oceans, Pt. II: By The Grace Of The OceanThe Ninth Hour2016
White Pearl, Black Oceans...Reckoning Night2004
Who Failed The MostTalviyö2019
WildfireReckoning Night2004
Wildfire, Part: II - One With The MountainStones Grow Her Name2012
Wildfire, Part: III - Wildfire, Town, Population: 0Stones Grow Her Name2012
Wolf And RavenSilence2001
Wolf And RavenThe Collection 1999 - 20062007
Wolf And Raven (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)Silence2001
Wolf And Raven (Version 2022)Acoustic Adventures - Volume One2022
Wrecking The Sphere (Bonus Track)Reckoning Night2004
X Marks The SpotPariah's Child2014
ZeroesThe Days Of Grays2009

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