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1-0-3-5 Speedy SuperphaseSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
777 Bloodrock777 Bloodrock2000
99th Floor Higher Elevation777 Bloodrock2000
Alligator RodeoGerman Angst2003
Am StrandColossus2008
Beelzebubba Walk777 Bloodrock2000
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (Intro)Dark Angel2005
Black Church Of AmericaDark Angel2005
Blacula (Deadlier Than Dracula)777 Bloodrock2000
BleedingThe Record2010
Bozena777 Bloodrock2000
Broken Bonds Of FriendshipThe Record2010
Bruce Lee Coverband (The Great Commercial Fuck-UpPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
BulldozedGerman Angst2003
Canyon Pool Punks777 Bloodrock2000
Circle Of FearGerman Angst2003
Commander Of DoomPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
DamagedPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Dancing With The DeadGerman Angst2003
Dark AngelDark Angel2005
Demon SlayerDark Angel2005
DiabolicalDark Angel2005
Diabolical - SatanicalGerman Angst2003
Diabolical ReactionDark Angel2005
DomanoDark Angel2005
DschingisPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Electric MudSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Evil LeafThe Record2010
Final HandsThe Record2010
Getting OverPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Girls, Bombs And BoozeSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Hate Kill DestroyGerman Angst2003
Hollywood MysteryColossus2008
I Have Lived In The MonsterThe Record2010
Ice WolfThe Record2010
Invisible BoyPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Iron In My SoulDark Angel2005
It's In My BloodDark Angel2005
Junkie KillerColossus2008
Killer In LoveDark Angel2005
Kiss It All Goodbye (Bonus Tack)German Angst2003
Le Mans777 Bloodrock2000
Lost Son Of The ArkThe Record2010
March On To VictoryThe Record2010
Masterblast No777 Bloodrock2000
Media BlizzardGerman Angst2003
MexicoPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Microphoneheads And Psychotic FlysSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
MonstertruckSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Murder - Good CopColossus2008
N.F.O.S.German Angst2003
NecrophobiaThe Record2010
Nexus StarrideSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
No Cure For The UndeadDark Angel2005
Nuclear WarColossus2008
Oak (Solar Breeze)Smoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
OctopussGerman Angst2003
Outta JailPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Phantom 308Smoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Police RobotsGerman Angst2003
Pulp Fiction Nazis Must Die777 Bloodrock2000
RetaliationThe Record2010
RideSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Satan's HighwaySmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Senorita Spitfire777 Bloodrock2000
Sick Kid '85German Angst2003
Skoolyard FoolGerman Angst2003
Social MorlockColossus2008
Summer Of BetrayalThe Record2010
Swamp CreatureColossus2008
SweetwaterPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
The DoorDark Angel2005
Thermometer VoicePunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Transylvanian FrostThe Record2010
TV ShowPunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Ugly Germ Trash777 Bloodrock2000
UnbrokenDark Angel2005
Vex Me No MoreSmoke's A-Blowin' Black As Coal1999
Void (Outro)Dark Angel2005
West Virginia777 Bloodrock2000
White Powder - Black SmokePunkadelic - The Godfather Of Soul2001
Zombie auf'm KlappradColossus2008

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