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Acts Of Fear And LovehdddActs Of Fear And Love2018
AngelicaTake Control2016
Are You SatisfiedAre You Satisfied?2015
Artificial IntelligenceActs Of Fear And Love2018
BugsActs Of Fear And Love2018
Cheer Up LondonAre You Satisfied?2015
ChokeholdActs Of Fear And Love2018
Cold Hard FloorTake Control2016
Consume Or Be Consumed (+ Mike D.)Take Control2016
Cut And RunActs Of Fear And Love2018
DaddyActs Of Fear And Love2018
Despair And TrafficAre You Satisfied?2015
Do SomethingAre You Satisfied?2015
Feed The MantarayAre You Satisfied?2015
Fuck The Hi-HatTake Control2016
Gary (Skit)Take Control2016
HeyAre You Satisfied?2015
HypnotisedTake Control2016
LiesTake Control2016
Live Like An AnimalAre You Satisfied?2015
MagnoliaActs Of Fear And Love2018
Mr. Industry (Skit)Take Control2016
Ninety NineAre You Satisfied?2015
People That You MeetTake Control2016
Photo OpportunityActs Of Fear And Love2018
Play DeadTake Control2016
Rich ManTake Control2016
Same AgainTake Control2016
She Wants Me NowAre You Satisfied?2015
SocketsAre You Satisfied?2015
Spit It OutTake Control2016
STD's - PHD'sTake Control2016
Steer Clear (+ Baxter Dury)Take Control2016
Sugar Coated Bitter TruthAre You Satisfied?2015
Take ControlTake Control2016
The Lives They Wish They HadActs Of Fear And Love2018
Wow!!! 7amAre You Satisfied?2015

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