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7 Year BitchRogues Gallery1985
7 Year Bitch (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
9 To 5 (Bonus Track)Return To Base1979
A Night To RememberTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
A Night To Remember (live)Slade On Stage1982
Ain't Got No HeartBeginnings1969
All Join HandsRogues Gallery1985
All Join HandsFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
All The World Is A StageNobody's Fools1976
AngelinaPlay It Loud1970
Auld Lang Syne - You'll Never Walk AloneCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Bangin' ManSmashes1980
Bangin' ManWall Of Hits1991
Bangin' ManFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
BeWhatever Happened To Slade1977
Be (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Big Apple BluesWhatever Happened To Slade1977
Born To Be WildBeginnings1969
Born To Be Wild (live)Slade Alive1972
Burnin' In The Heat Of Love (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Burning In The Heat Of Love (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
C'est la vieThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
C'Mon C'MonB-Sides2007
Can You Just ImagineB-Sides2007
Can You Just Imagine 15Nobody's Fools1976
Candidate (Bonus Track)Slayed?1972
ChakeetaReturn To Base1979
Cheap 'N' Nasty LuvThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Cocky Rock Boys (Rule O.K.)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Could IPlay It Loud1970
Coz I Luv YouSladest1973
Coz I Luv YouSmashes1980
Coz I Luv YouWall Of Hits1991
Coz I Luv YouFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Cum On Feel The NoizeSladest1973
Cum on Feel the NoizeSmashes1980
Cum On Feel The NoizeCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Cum On Feel The NoizeWall Of Hits1991
Cum On Feel The NoizeFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Cum On Feel The Noize (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Daddio (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
Dapple RosePlay It Loud1970
Darling Be Home Soon (live)Slade Alive1972
Dead Men Tell No TalesWhatever Happened To Slade1977
Did Ya Mama Ever Tell YaNobody's Fools1976
Dirty JokerPlay It Loud1970
Dizzy MamaWe'll Bring The House Down1981
Do The DirtyNobody's Fools1976
Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World) 11Crackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Do We Still Do ItOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Do You Believe In Miracles (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
Do You Believe In Miracles (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
Do You Want MeB-Sides2007
Dogs Of VengeanceWhatever Happened To Slade1977
Don't Blame MeOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Don't Blame MeB-Sides2007
Don't Talk To Me About LoveB-Sides2007
Don't Talk To Me About Love (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Don't Tame A HurricaneB-Sides2007
Don't Tame A Hurricane (Bonus Track)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Don't Waste Your Time (Back Seat Star)Return To Base1979
Everybody's Next OneBeginnings1969
EverydayOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
EverydayWall Of Hits1991
EverydayFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Everyday (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Everyday (live)Slade On Stage1982
Far Far AwaySlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
Far Far AwaySmashes1980
Far Far AwayWall Of Hits1991
Far Far AwayFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Find Yourself A RainbowOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Fly Me HighBeginnings1969
Fools Go CrazyYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Forest Full Of NeedlesB-Sides2007
Forest Full Of Needles (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
Funk Punk And JunkB-Sides2007
Funk Punk And Junk (Bonus Track)Till Deaf Do Us Part1981
Get Down And Get With ItSladest1973
Get Down And Get With ItSmashes1980
Get Down And Get With ItCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Get Down And Get With ItWall Of Hits1991
Get Down And Get With ItFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Get Down And Get With It (live)Slade Alive1972
Get On UpNobody's Fools1976
Get On Up (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Ginny, GinnyReturn To Base1979
Give Us A GoalSmashes1980
Give Us A Goal (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
Good Time GalsOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Gotta Go HomeB-Sides2007
Gotta Go Home (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Gudbuy GudbuySlayed?1972
Gudbuy T'JaneSlayed?1972
Gudbuy T'JaneSladest1973
Gudbuy T'JaneSmashes1980
Gudbuy T'JaneWall Of Hits1991
Gudbuy T'JaneFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Gudbuy T'Jane (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Gudbuy T'Jane (live)Slade On Stage1982
Gypsy RoadhogWhatever Happened To Slade1977
Gypsy RoadhogSmashes1980
HarmonyRogues Gallery1985
Hear Me Calling (live)Slade Alive1972
Heaven KnowsSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
Here's The New YearB-Sides2007
Here's To... (The New Year)Crackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Here's To... (The New Year) (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
Hey Ho Wish You WellRogues Gallery1985
Hi Ho Silver LiningCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
High And DryThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Hold On To Your HatsReturn To Base1979
Hold On To Your HatsWe'll Bring The House Down1981
How Can It BeOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
How D'You RideSlayed?1972
How Does It FeelSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
How Does It FeelSmashes1980
How Does It FeelWall Of Hits1991
How Does It FeelFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
I Don' MindSlayed?1972
I RememberPlay It Loud1970
I Win, You LoseRogues Gallery1985
I Won't Let It 'Appen AgenSlayed?1972
I Won't Let It 'Appen AgenB-Sides2007
I'll Be ThereRogues Gallery1985
I'm A RockerReturn To Base1979
I'm A RockerWe'll Bring The House Down1981
I'm A TalkerNobody's Fools1976
I'm MadReturn To Base1979
I'm Mee I'm Now And That's OrlB-Sides2007
I'm Mee I'm Now And That's Orl (Bonus Track)Old New Borrowed And Blue1974
If This World Were MineBeginnings1969
In For A PennyNobody's Fools1976
In For A PennySmashes1980
In For A PennyFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
In Like A Shot From My Gun (live)Slade Alive1972
In The Dog HouseThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
It Ain't Love But It Ain't BadWhatever Happened To Slade1977
It's Alright Buy MeB-Sides2007
It's Alright Buy Me (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
It's Hard Having Fun NowadaysYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
It's Your Body Not Your MindTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Journey To The Centre Of Your MindBeginnings1969
Just A Little BitOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Keep On Rocking (live)Slade Alive1972
Keep Your Hands Off My Power MindB-Sides2007
Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply (Bonus Track)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Kill 'Em At The Hot Club ToniteB-Sides2007
Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite (Bonus Track)Old New Borrowed And Blue1974
Knocking Nails In My HouseBeginnings1969
Know Who You ArePlay It Loud1970
Know Who You AreSladest1973
Know Who You Are (live)Slade Alive1972
Knuckle Sandwich NancyTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
L.A. JinxNobody's Fools1976
L.A. JinxB-Sides2007
Lay It DownSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
Lay Your Love On The LineB-Sides2007
Leave Them Girls AloneB-Sides2007
Leave Them Girls Alone (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
Lemme Love Into YaReturn To Base1979
Lemme Love Into YaWe'll Bring The House Down1981
Let The Good Times Roll - Feel So FineSlayed?1972
Let The Rock Roll Out Of ControlTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Let's Call It QuitsNobody's Fools1976
Let's Call It QuitsSmashes1980
Let's Call It QuitsWall Of Hits1991
Let's DanceCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Let's Dance (1988 Remix) (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Let's Have A PartyCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Lightning Never Strikes TwiceWhatever Happened To Slade1977
Little SheilaRogues Gallery1985
Lock Up Your DaughtersTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Lock Up Your DaughtersFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Lock Up Your Daughters (live)Slade On Stage1982
Look At Last NiteSlayed?1972
Look At Last NiteSladest1973
Look Wot You DunSladest1973
Look Wot You DunSmashes1980
Look Wot You DunWall Of Hits1991
Look Wot You DunFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Love Is Like A RockYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
M'hat M'coatTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Mad Dog ColeBeginnings1969
Mama Nature Is A RockerB-Sides2007
Mama Nature Is A Rocker (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
Mama Weer All Crazee NowSlayed?1972
Mama Weer All Crazee NowSladest1973
Mama Weer All Crazee NowSmashes1980
Mama Weer All Crazee NowWall Of Hits1991
Mama Weer All Crazee NowFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (live)Slade On Stage1982
Man Who Speaks Evil (Bonus Track)Slayed?1972
Man Who Speeks EvilB-Sides2007
Me And The BoysYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Merry Xmas EverybodySmashes1980
Merry Xmas EverybodyCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Merry Xmas EveryoneWall Of Hits1991
Merry Xmas EveryoneFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Miles Out To SeaOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Move OverSlayed?1972
My Baby Left MeSmashes1980
My Baby Left Me (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
My Baby Left Me: That's Alright (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
My Baby's Got ItReturn To Base1979
My Baby's Got ItWe'll Bring The House Down1981
My Friend StanOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
My Friend StanSmashes1980
My Friend StanWall Of Hits1991
My Friend StanFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
My Life Is NaturalB-Sides2007
My Life Is Natural (Bonus Track)Slayed?1972
My Oh MyThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
My Oh MyWall Of Hits1991
My Oh MyFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
My Oh My (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
My Oh My (Demo) (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
My Oh My (Swing Version)B-Sides2007
My Oh My (Swing version) (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
My TownOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
My TownB-Sides2007
Myzsterious Mizster JonesRogues Gallery1985
Myzsterious Mizster Jones (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)Rogues Gallery1985
Night StarvationWe'll Bring The House Down1981
Nobody's FoolNobody's Fools1976
Not Tonight JosephineB-Sides2007
Nut Bolts And ScrewsReturn To Base1979
Nut Bolts and ScrewsWe'll Bring The House Down1981
O.H.M.S. (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
OK Yesterday Was YesterdayB-Sides2007
Okey CokeyCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
One Eyed Jacks With MoustachesWhatever Happened To Slade1977
One Way HotelPlay It Loud1970
One Way HotelSladest1973
One Way HotelB-Sides2007
One-Eyed Jacks With Moustaches (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Ooh La La In L.A.You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Pack Up Your TroublesNobody's Fools1976
Pity The MotherBeginnings1969
Pouk HillPlay It Loud1970
Pouk HillSladest1973
Radio Wall Of SoundWall Of Hits1991
Radio Wall Of SoundFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Raining In My ChampagneB-Sides2007
Raining In My Champagne (Bonus Track)Nobody's Fools1976
RavenPlay It Loud1970
Razzle Dazzle ManThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Ready Steady KidsB-Sides2007
Ready Steady Kids (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
Ready To ExplodeThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Red HotB-Sides2007
Roach DaddyBeginnings1969
Rock And Roll Preacher (Hallelujah I'm On Fire)Till Deaf Do Us Part1981
Rock And Roll Preacher (live)Slade On Stage1982
Rock'n' Roll Bolero (Bonus Track)Whatever Happened To Slade1977
Ruby RedTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Run Run AwayWall Of Hits1991
Run Run AwayFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Run RunawayThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Run Runaway (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Santa Claus Is Coming To TownCrackers - Christmas Party Album1985
Scratch My BackNobody's Fools1976
See Us HerePlay It Loud1970
Shape Of Things To ComePlay It Loud1970
She Brings Out The Devil In MeTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
She Did It To MeB-Sides2007
She Did It To Me (Bonus Track)Old New Borrowed And Blue1974
She's Got The LotWhatever Happened To Slade1977
She's HeavyYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Sign Of The TimesReturn To Base1979
Sing Shout (Knock Yourself Out)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Skweeze Me Pleeze MeSladest1973
Skweeze Me Pleeze MeSmashes1980
Skweeze Me Pleeze MeWall Of Hits1991
Skweeze Me Pleeze MeFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Slade Talk To '19' Readers (Bonus Track)Old New Borrowed And Blue1974
Slade Talk To 'Melanie' Readers (Bonus Track)Slayed?1972
Slam The Hammer DownThe Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
Slam The Hammer Down (Hotter Mix USA) (Bonus Track)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
So Far So GoodSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
So Far So GoodB-Sides2007
Standin' On The CornerSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
Still The SameYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Still The Same (12'' Version) (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)Slade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
Sweet BoxPlay It Loud1970
Tak' Me Bak 'Ome (live)Slade Alive Vol. 21978
Tak' Me Bak 'Ome (live)Slade On Stage1982
Take Me Back 'OmeSmashes1980
Take Me Bak 'OmeSladest1973
Take Me Bak 'OmeWall Of Hits1991
Take Me Bak 'OmeFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
Thanks For The Memory (Bonus Track)Nobody's Fools1976
Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)Smashes1980
Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)Wall Of Hits1991
That Was No Lady That Was My WifeTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
That's Alright MamaSmashes1980
That's What Friends Are ForYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
The Bangin' Man (Bonus Track)Old New Borrowed And Blue1974
The Gospel According To RasputinB-Sides2007
The Roaring SilenceYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
The Shape Of Things To ComeSladest1973
The Soul, The Roll And The MotionWhatever Happened To Slade1977
The Whole World's Goin' CrazeeSlayed?1972
Them Kinda Monkeys Can't SwingSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
This GirlSlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
Till Deaf Do Us PartTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Till Deaf ResurrectedTill Deaf Do Us Part1981
Time To RockRogues Gallery1985
Two Track Stereo One Track MindB-Sides2007
Two Track Stereo One Track Mind (Bonus Track)Return To Base1979
Two Track Stereo One Track Mind (Bonus Track)The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome1983
UniverseWall Of Hits1991
Walking On Water, Running On AlcoholRogues Gallery1985
We Won't Give InYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
We'll Bring The House DownWe'll Bring The House Down1981
We'll Bring The House DownFeel The Noiz - Greatest Hits1997
We'll Bring The House Down (live)Slade On Stage1982
Were Really Gonna Raise The RoofOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Wheels Ain't Coming DownReturn To Base1979
Wheels Ain't Coming DownWe'll Bring The House Down1981
When Fantasy CallsWhatever Happened To Slade1977
When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin'We'll Bring The House Down1981
When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin' (live)Slade On Stage1982
When The Chips Are DownB-Sides2007
When The Chips Are Down 15Nobody's Fools1976
When The Lights Are OutOld New Borrowed And Blue1974
Wild Wild PartyB-Sides2007
Wild Wild Party (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Wild Winds Are Blowin'Sladest1973
Won't You Rock With MeYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
Wonderin' YB-Sides2007
Wonderin' Y (Bonus Track)Slayed?1972
Yesterday Was YesterdaySlade In Flame (Soundtrack)1974
You Boyz Make Big NoizeYou Boyz Make Big Noize1987
You Boyz Make Big Noize (Instrumental version) (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
You Boyz Make Big Noize (Instrumental)B-Sides2007
You Boyz Make Big Noize (Noize Remix) (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
You Boyz Make Big Noize (Single Version) (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
You Boyz Make Big Noize (USA Mix) (Bonus Track)You Boyz Make Big Noize1987
You'll Never Walk Alone (live)Slade On Stage1982

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