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Accidents Can HappenThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Are You With MeThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)Prayers For The Blessed2016
Before It's OverModern Vintage2014
Belly Of The BeastPrayers For The Damned2016
Better ManPrayers For The Damned2016
Can't StopPrayers For The Damned2016
CatacombsPrayers For The Blessed2016
Courtesy CallThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Dead Man's BalletThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
DeadlihoodThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
DriveModern Vintage2014
Everything Went To HellPrayers For The Damned2016
Get Ya SomeModern Vintage2014
Girl With Golden EyesThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Give Me A LoveModern Vintage2014
Goodbye My FriendsThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
Gotta Get It RightModern Vintage2014
Heart FailureThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
HelicoptersPrayers For The Blessed2016
Help Is On the WayThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
High On The MusicModern Vintage2014
HyperventilateModern Vintage2014
I'm SickPrayers For The Damned2016
IntermissionThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Let's GoModern Vintage2014
Lies Of The Beautiful PeopleThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
Life After DeathThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Life Is BeautifulThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Live ForeverThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
Maybe It's TimePrayers For The Blessed2016
MiracleModern Vintage2014
Oh My GodThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
PermissionThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Pray For MeThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Prayers For The DamnedPrayers For The Damned2016
ReliefModern Vintage2014
Riot In My HeadPrayers For The Blessed2016
RisePrayers For The Damned2016
Rise Of The Melancholy EmpirePrayers For The Damned2016
SkinThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
SmileThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
StarsModern Vintage2014
SuffocatePrayers For The Blessed2016
Sure Feels RightThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
That's Gonna Leave A ScarPrayers For The Blessed2016
The Devil's ComingPrayers For The Blessed2016
The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)Prayers For The Damned2016
This Is Gonna HurtThis Is Gonna Hurt2011
TomorrowThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
Van NuysThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
We Will Not Go QuietlyPrayers For The Blessed2016
When We Were GodsPrayers For The Damned2016
Without YouPrayers For The Blessed2016
Wolf At Your DoorPrayers For The Blessed2016
X-Mas In HellThe Heroin Diaries Soundtrack2007
You Have Come To The Right PlacePrayers For The Damned2016

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