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A Blizzard Is StormingPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
A Mental SymphonyAn Elixir For Existence2004
A Seaside SerenadeThe Enigma Of Life2011
A Thousand Scars19772023
Absent Without LeaveNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
Addiction No. 1Riddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
Aeon's EmbraceDim Days Of Dolor2016
Aeon's Embrace (French Version) (Bonus Track)Dim Days Of Dolor2016
AerodyneArcane Astral Aeons2018
All My DreamsThe Enigma Of Life2011
Ashes To AshesDim Days Of Dolor2016
AsphyxiaArcane Astral Aeons2018
At Sixes And SevensAt Sixes And Sevens2002
Beneath The Midnight SunRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
Beyond Life's SceneryThe 13th Floor2009
Cloud NineDim Days Of Dolor2016
Cold CaressPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
Coming DownThe Enigma Of Life2011
Concealed DisdainThe Seventh Life Path2015
Contemptuous QuietusThe Seventh Life Path2015
Darkened Days To ComeThe Enigma Of Life2011
DarklingPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
DecadencePerils Of The Deep Blue2013
December SnowRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
DesireArcane Astral Aeons2018
Dim Days Of DolorDim Days Of Dolor2016
Ditt EndeliktPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
DownfallNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
Downwards Spiral (+ Joakim Naess)Riddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
Ducere Me In LucemPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
EarendelThe Seventh Life Path2015
ElixirThe Seventh Life Path2015
Elusive SunDim Days Of Dolor2016
EuphoriaAn Elixir For Existence2004
Fading StarThe Enigma Of Life2011
Fading To The Deepest Black19772023
Fallen AngelThe Enigma Of Life2011
Fifth ColumnDim Days Of Dolor2016
Glades Of SummerNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
Glowing EmbersArcane Astral Aeons2018
Goddess Of The SeaDim Days Of Dolor2016
In A ManicaAt Sixes And Sevens2002
In My Darkest HoursAn Elixir For Existence2004
In Styx EmbraceArcane Astral Aeons2018
In Sumerian HazeAt Sixes And Sevens2002
InsaniaThe Seventh Life Path2015
Into InfinityRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
Into The NightArcane Astral Aeons2018
Led AstrayThe 13th Floor2009
LethargicaAt Sixes And Sevens2002
Lithium And A LoverAn Elixir For Existence2004
Lost In LifeThe 13th Floor2009
Love Like CyanideArcane Astral Aeons2018
Love Like Cyanide (Edit) (Bonus Track)Arcane Astral Aeons2018
Manic AeonAt Sixes And Sevens2002
MeridianAt Sixes And Sevens2002
My Destiny Coming To PassPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
My Mind's EyeNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
My Mind's Eye (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)Nine Destinies And A Downfall2007
Nos heures sombresArcane Astral Aeons2018
Oceans Away19772023
On The WaneAt Sixes And Sevens2002
Once My LightThe Seventh Life Path2015
One By OneNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
Oscura Realidad (Bonus Track)The Enigma Of Life2011
Passing SeasonsRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
Playing With FireDim Days Of Dolor2016
Profound ScarsPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
Queen Of LiesArcane Astral Aeons2018
Save Me From MyselfAn Elixir For Existence2004
SerpentThe Seventh Life Path2015
SetiThe Seventh Life Path2015
Seven Keys And Nine DoorsNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
Seven Sirens And A Silver TearAn Elixir For Existence2004
Seven Widows WeepPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
Shadow Of Your Own SelfAt Sixes And Sevens2002
Sirens Of The Seven SeasThe 13th Floor2009
Sister NightfallAt Sixes And Sevens2002
Sons Of The NorthThe Seventh Life Path2015
Star-CrossedAn Elixir For Existence2004
Stille Kom D#DenPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
SundownNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
The 12th HourDim Days Of Dolor2016
The End Of It AllThe Enigma Of Life2011
The Enigma Of LifeThe Enigma Of Life2011
The Enigma Of Life (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)The Enigma Of Life2011
The Fall WithinAn Elixir For Existence2004
The Funeral MarchPerils Of The Deep Blue2013
The Last CallNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
The Lucid DoorThe 13th Floor2009
The Mind MaelstromThe 13th Floor2009
The Other SideNine Destinies And A Downfall2007
The Path To DecayThe 13th Floor2009
The Setting Darkness19772023
The Seventh SummerThe 13th Floor2009
The Silver EyeThe Seventh Life Path2015
The Timeless WaningRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
The Twilight HourArcane Astral Aeons2018
The Twilight In Your EyesThe Enigma Of Life2011
The VoyageArcane Astral Aeons2018
This Curse Of MineRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
This DarknessThe Enigma Of Life2011
This Lonely LakeThe Enigma Of Life2011
Timeless Desolation19772023
Towards An Early GraveRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
TragedienneThe Seventh Life Path2015
Tragica (Bonus Track)The Seventh Life Path2015
Treasure N' TreasonDim Days Of Dolor2016
Twist In My Sobriety19772023
Veil Of WinterDim Days Of Dolor2016
Voices WithinAn Elixir For Existence2004
Voyage VoyageRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
We Come To RuinsRiddles, Ruins And Revelations2021
Winter LandThe Enigma Of Life2011
Winterborn 77The 13th Floor2009
Wintry Heart19772023

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