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(live)Live In The City Of Light1987
(live)Live In The City Of Light1987
(live)Live In The City Of Light1987
20Th Century Promised Land (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
7 Deadly SinsGood News From The Next World1995
70 Cities As Love Brings The FallSons And Fascination1981
70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall (live)5x5 Live2012
A Life Shot In Black And WhiteBlack And White 0505052005
Act Of LoveDirection Of The Heart2022
African SkiesReal Life1991
Alive And KickingOnce Upon A Time1985
Alive And KickingGlittering Prize 81-921992
Alive And KickingThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Alive And KickingCelebrate2013
Alive And Kicking40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Alive And Kicking (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Alive And Kicking (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
All For YouLife In A Day1979
All The Things She SaidOnce Upon A Time1985
All The Things She SaidGlittering Prize 81-921992
All The Things She SaidThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
All The Things She SaidCelebrate2013
All The Things She Said40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
All Tomorrow's PartiesNeon Lights2001
And The Band Played OnGood News From The Next World1995
Banging On The DoorReal Life1991
Barrowland StarWalk Between Worlds2018
Belfast ChildStreet Fighting Years1989
Belfast ChildGlittering Prize 81-921992
Belfast ChildThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Belfast ChildCelebrate2013
Belfast Child40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Big MusicBig Music2014
Big SleepNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Big Sleep (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Big Sleep (live)5x5 Live2012
Big Sleep (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
BikoStreet Fighting Years1989
BikoThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
BlindfoldedBig Music2014
Blindfolded40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Blood DiamondsCelebrate2013
Blood DiamondsBig Music2014
Blood Type OGraffiti Soul2009
Book Of Brilliant ThingsSparkle In The Rain1984
Book Of Brilliant Things (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Boys From BrazilSons And Fascination1981
Bring On The Dancing HorsesNeon Lights2001
Broken Glass ParkCelebrate2013
Broken Glass ParkBig Music2014
C'-Moon Cry Like A BabySparkle In The Rain1984
CacophonyReal To Real Cacophony1979
Calling Your NameReal To Real Cacophony1979
Calling Your Name (live)5x5 Live2012
Capital CityEmpires And Dance1980
Careful In Career (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
Carnival (Shelter In A Suitcase)Real To Real Cacophony1979
CelebrateEmpires And Dance1980
Celebrate40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Celebrate (live)5x5 Live2012
ChangelingReal To Real Cacophony1979
Changeling40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Changeling (live)5x5 Live2012
Chelsea GirlLife In A Day1979
Chelsea GirlCelebrate2013
Chelsea Girl40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Chelsea Girl (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Chelsea Girl (live)5x5 Live2012
Christine (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
Citizen (Dance Of Youth)Real To Real Cacophony1979
Colours Fly And Catherine WheelNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
Come A Long WayOnce Upon A Time1985
Concrete And Cherry BlossomBig Music2014
Constantinople LineEmpires And Dance1980
Criminal WorldGood News From The Next World1995
Cry40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Cry AgainCry2002
Dancing BarefootNeon Lights2001
Death By ChocolateOur Secrets Are The Same2000
DestinyLife In A Day1979
Different World (Taormina.Me)Black And White 0505052005
Direction Of The Heart (Taormina 2022)Direction Of The Heart2022
DolphinsBlack And White 0505052005
Don't You (Forget About Me)Glittering Prize 81-921992
Don't You (Forget About Me)The Best Of Simple Minds2001
Don't You (Forget About Me)Celebrate2013
Don't You (Forget About Me)40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Don't You (Forget About Me) (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Don't You (Forget About Me) (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
East At EasterSparkle In The Rain1984
East At Easter (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Face In The SunCry2002
FactoryReal To Real Cacophony1979
Factory (live)5x5 Live2012
Film ThemeReal To Real Cacophony1979
First You JumpDirection Of The Heart2022
Floorboards (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
For One Night Only40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
For Your PleasureNeon Lights2001
Fourth Side (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Get A Grip (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
Ghost DancingOnce Upon A Time1985
Ghost DancingGlittering Prize 81-921992
Ghost DancingThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Ghost DancingCelebrate2013
Ghostdancing (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
GhostriderReal Life1991
GlitterballThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Glittering PrizeNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Glittering PrizeGlittering Prize 81-921992
Glittering PrizeThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Glittering PrizeCelebrate2013
Glittering Prize40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Glittering Prize (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Glittering Prize (Acoustic Version)40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Glittering Prize (live)5x5 Live2012
Glittering Prize (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
GloriaNeon Lights2001
Graffiti SoulGraffiti Soul2009
Great Leap ForwardGood News From The Next World1995
Happy Is The ManOur Secrets Are The Same2000
HelloOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Hello, I Love YouNeon Lights2001
HomeBlack And White 0505052005
Home40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
HomosapienNeon Lights2001
Honest TownBig Music2014
Honest Town40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
HumanBig Music2014
Human TrafficDirection Of The Heart2022
Hunter And The HuntedNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Hunter And The Hunted (live)5x5 Live2012
Hunter And The Hunted (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
HynpotisedThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
HypnotisedGood News From The Next World1995
Hypnotised40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
I TravelEmpires And Dance1980
I TravelThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
I TravelCelebrate2013
I Travel40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
I Travel (live)5x5 Live2012
I Wish You Were HereOnce Upon A Time1985
If I Had WingsNeapolis1998
ImaginationBig Music2014
In DreamsWalk Between Worlds2018
In Trance As MissionSons And Fascination1981
In Trance As Mission (live)5x5 Live2012
Intro (live)5x5 Live2012
Jeweller To The StarsOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Jeweller To The Stars40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Kant-KinoEmpires And Dance1980
Kick It InStreet Fighting Years1989
Kick It InThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Kick It InCelebrate2013
Kill Or CureBig Music2014
Killing Andy WarholNeapolis1998
King Is White And In The CrowdNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
King Is White And In The Crowd (live)5x5 Live2012
King Is White And In The Crowd (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
Kiss And FlyGraffiti Soul2009
Kiss The GroundBlack And White 0505052005
Lazy LatelyCry2002
League Of Nations (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
Let It All Come DownStreet Fighting Years1989
Let It All Come DownThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Let The Children SpeakReal Life1991
Let The Day BeginBig Music2014
Let The Day Begin (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
Let There Be LoveReal Life1991
Let There Be LoveGlittering Prize 81-921992
Let There Be LoveThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Let There Be LoveCelebrate2013
Let There Be Love40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Life In A DayLife In A Day1979
Life In A DayThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Life In A DayCelebrate2013
Life In A Day40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Life In A Day (live)5x5 Live2012
Light TravelsGraffiti Soul2009
Long Black Train (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Love SongSons And Fascination1981
Love SongGlittering Prize 81-921992
Love SongThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Love SongCelebrate2013
Love Song40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Love Song (live)5x5 Live2012
Love Song - Sun City - Dance To The Music (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
MagicWalk Between Worlds2018
Magic40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Mandela DayStreet Fighting Years1989
Mandela DayGlittering Prize 81-921992
Mandela DayThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Mandela Day40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Midnight WalkingBig Music2014
Moscow UndergroundGraffiti Soul2009
Murder StoryLife In A Day1979
My LifeGood News From The Next World1995
Naked EyeReal To Real Cacophony1979
NaturalDirection Of The Heart2022
Neon City CowboysOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Neon LightsNeon Lights2001
New Gold Dream40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
New Gold Dream (81 - 82 - 83 - 84) (live)5x5 Live2012
New Gold Dream (81- 82- 83- 84) [live]New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
New Gold Dream (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
New Gold Dream (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
New Sunshine MorningCry2002
Night MusicGood News From The Next World1995
No CureLife In A Day1979
Oh JunglelandOnce Upon A Time1985
Oh Jungleland (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time1985
Once Upon A Time40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Once Upon A Time (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
One Step CloserCry2002
Peace Love And Understanding (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
Planet ZeroDirection Of The Heart2022
Pleasantly DisturbedLife In A Day1979
Pleasantly Disturbed (live)5x5 Live2012
PremonitionReal To Real Cacophony1979
Premonition (live)5x5 Live2012
Promised You A MiracleNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Promised You A MiracleGlittering Prize 81-921992
Promised You A MiracleThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Promised You A MiracleCelebrate2013
Promised You A Miracle40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Promised You A Miracle (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Promised You A Miracle (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Promised You A Miracle (live)5x5 Live2012
Promised You A Miracle (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
Real LifeReal Life1991
Real LifeThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Real To RealReal To Real Cacophony1979
Rivers Of IceReal Life1991
RocketsGraffiti Soul2009
Rocking In The Free World (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
RoomEmpires And Dance1980
Room (live)5x5 Live2012
Sad AffairLife In A Day1979
Sanctify YourselfOnce Upon A Time1985
Sanctify YourselfGlittering Prize 81-921992
Sanctify YourselfThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Sanctify YourselfCelebrate2013
Sanctify Yourself40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Sanctify Yourself (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Sanctify Yourself (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
ScarReal To Real Cacophony1979
Scar (live)5x5 Live2012
Second Side (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
See The LightsReal Life1991
See The LightsGlittering Prize 81-921992
See The LightsThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
See The LightsCelebrate2013
See The Lights40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
See The Lights (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
See The Lights (Acoustic Version)40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Seeing Out The AngelSons And Fascination1981
Sense Of DiscoveryWalk Between Worlds2018
Sense Of Discovery40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Shadows And LightGraffiti Soul2009
Shake Off The GhostsSparkle In The Rain1984
She KnowsOur Secrets Are The Same2000
She's A RiverGood News From The Next World1995
She's A RiverThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
She's A RiverCelebrate2013
She's A River40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Slave NationCry2002
SleepingOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Sleeping GirlCry2002
Sloop John B (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
Solstice KissDirection Of The Heart2022
Somebody Up There Likes YouNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Somebody Up There Likes You (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
SomeoneLife In A Day1979
Someone (live)5x5 Live2012
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)The Best Of Simple Minds2001
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)Celebrate2013
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (live)5x5 Live2012
Someone Somewhere In SummertimeGlittering Prize 81-921992
Someone Somewhere In Summertime (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Someone Somewhere In Summertime (live)New Gold Dream - Live From Paisley Abbey2023
Someone, Somewhere In SummertimeNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)1982
Someone, Somewhere In Summertime (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Song For The TribesNeapolis1998
Sons And FascinationSons And Fascination1981
Sons And Fascination (live)5x5 Live2012
Soul Crying OutStreet Fighting Years1989
Sound In 70 Cities (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
SpaceOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Speed Your Love To MeSparkle In The Rain1984
Speed Your Love To MeGlittering Prize 81-921992
Speed Your Love To MeThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Speed Your Love To MeCelebrate2013
Speed Your Love To Me40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Spirited AwayBig Music2014
Stand By LoveReal Life1991
Stand By LoveThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Stand By LoveCelebrate2013
StarsGraffiti Soul2009
Stars Will Lead The WayCelebrate2013
Stars Will Lead The Way40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Stay VisibleBlack And White 0505052005
StrangerBlack And White 0505052005
Street Fighting YearsStreet Fighting Years1989
Street HassleSparkle In The Rain1984
SummerWalk Between Worlds2018
Superman V SupersoulNeapolis1998
Sweat In BulletSons And Fascination1981
Sweat In BulletThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Sweat In Bullet (live)5x5 Live2012
Swimming Towards The SunOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Take A Step BackStreet Fighting Years1989
Teardrops (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
Tears Of A GuyNeapolis1998
The AmericanGlittering Prize 81-921992
The AmericanThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
The AmericanCelebrate2013
The American40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
The American (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
The American (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
The American (live)5x5 Live2012
The Floating WorldCry2002
The Jeweller Part IiBlack And White 0505052005
The Kick Inside Of MeSparkle In The Rain1984
The Man Who Sold The WorldNeon Lights2001
The Needle And The Damage DoneNeon Lights2001
The Real LifeThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
The Signal And The NoiseWalk Between Worlds2018
The Walls Came DownDirection Of The Heart2022
Theme For Great CitiesThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Theme For Great Cities40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Theme For Great Cities (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
Theme For Great Cities (live)5x5 Live2012
Third Side (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
Thirty Frames A SecondEmpires And Dance1980
Thirty Frames A Second (live)5x5 Live2012
This Earth That You Walk UponSons And Fascination1981
This Fear Of GodsEmpires And Dance1980
This Fear Of Gods (live)5x5 Live2012
This Is ItGraffiti Soul2009
This Is Your LandStreet Fighting Years1989
This Is Your LandCelebrate2013
This Is Your Land40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
This Is Your Land (DJ Version)The Best Of Simple Minds2001
This TimeGood News From The Next World1995
Today I Died AgainEmpires And Dance1980
Today I Died Again (live)5x5 Live2012
Travelling ManReal Life1991
Twist - Run - RepulsionEmpires And Dance1980
Underneath The IceBlack And White 0505052005
Up On The CatwalkSparkle In The Rain1984
Up On The CatwalkThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Up On The CatwalkCelebrate2013
Up On The Catwalk40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
UtopiaWalk Between Worlds2018
VeldtReal To Real Cacophony1979
Vision ThingDirection Of The Heart2022
Waiting For the End Of The WorldOur Secrets Are The Same2000
Walk Between WorldsWalk Between Worlds2018
Wall Of LoveStreet Fighting Years1989
War BabiesNeapolis1998
War BabiesThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
War BabiesCelebrate2013
War Babies (Bascombe Mix)40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
WastelandLife In A Day1979
Wasteland (live)5x5 Live2012
WaterfrontSparkle In The Rain1984
WaterfrontGlittering Prize 81-921992
WaterfrontThe Best Of Simple Minds2001
Waterfront40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Waterfront (Acoustic Version)Acoustic2016
Waterfront (Acoustic Version)40: The Best Of 1979-20192019
Waterfront (live)Live In The City Of Light1987
When Spirits RiseStreet Fighting Years1989
When Two Worlds CollideReal Life1991
Whiskey In The Jar (Bonus Track)Graffiti Soul2009
White Hot DaySparkle In The Rain1984
Who Killed TruthDirection Of The Heart2022
WomanReal Life1991
Wonderful In Young Life (Bonus Track)Sons And Fascination1981
WondertimesDirection Of The Heart2022

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