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40 Mark StrassePort Of Morrow2012
A Comet AppearsWincing The Night Away2007
AustraliaWincing The Night Away2007
Bait And SwitchPort Of Morrow2012
Black WaveWincing The Night Away2007
Caring Is CreepyOh, Inverted World2001
Cherry HeartsHeartworms2017
Cherry Hearts (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Dead AliveHeartworms2017
Dead Alive (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Fall Of '82Port Of Morrow2012
Fantasy IslandHeartworms2017
Fantasy Island (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Fighting In A SackChutes Too Narrow2003
For A FoolPort Of Morrow2012
Girl Inform MeOh, Inverted World2001
Girl On The WingOh, Inverted World2001
Girl SailorWincing The Night Away2007
Gone For GoodChutes Too Narrow2003
Half A MillionHeartworms2017
Half A Million (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Heartworms (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
It's Only LifePort Of Morrow2012
Kissing The LiplessChutes Too Narrow2003
Know Your OnionOh, Inverted World2001
Mild Child (Bonus Track)Chutes Too Narrow2003
Mildenhall (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Mine's Not A High HorseChutes Too Narrow2003
Name For YouHeartworms2017
Name For You (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
New SlangOh, Inverted World2001
No Way DownPort Of Morrow2012
One By One All DayOh, Inverted World2001
Painting A HoleHeartworms2017
Painting A Hole (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Pam BerryWincing The Night Away2007
Phantom LimbWincing The Night Away2007
Pink BulletsChutes Too Narrow2003
Port Of MorrowPort Of Morrow2012
Pressed In A BookOh, Inverted World2001
Red RabbitsWincing The Night Away2007
Rubber BallzHeartworms2017
Rubber Ballz (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
Saint SimonChutes Too Narrow2003
SealegsWincing The Night Away2007
SeptemberPort Of Morrow2012
Simple SongPort Of Morrow2012
Sleeping LessonsWincing The Night Away2007
So Now WhatHeartworms2017
So Now What (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
So Says IChutes Too Narrow2003
Sphagnum Esplanade (Bonus Track)Oh, Inverted World2001
Spilt NeedlesWincing The Night Away2007
The Celibate LifeOh, Inverted World2001
The FearHeartworms2017
The Fear (Flipped)The Worms Heart2018
The Past And PendingOh, Inverted World2001
The Rifle's SpiralPort Of Morrow2012
Those To ComeChutes Too Narrow2003
Turn A SquareChutes Too Narrow2003
Turn On MeWincing The Night Away2007
Weird DivideOh, Inverted World2001
Young PilgrimsChutes Too Narrow2003
Your AlgebraOh, Inverted World2001

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