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13th ShakeAnarchy And Romance2013
Acid GreeksViva Diaspora2015
All I WantHigher Than The Funk1998
All The Glamour Has GoneAnarchy And Romance2013
Alright SavicaViva Diaspora2015
Andante LevanteDisko Partizani2007
AzuleeAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Bass And Serveral CarsAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Beauties From AthinaPlanet Paprika2009
Beeing AuthenticPlanet Paprika2009
Binaz In DubPlanet Paprika2009
BlessedHigher Than The Funk1998
Bucovina OriginalPlanet Paprika2009
Cabo Da RocaAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
CaramelAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Cell BlandoClub Guerilla1995
CeremoneyDisko Partizani2007
CircleAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Citizen Of Planet PaprikaPlanet Paprika2009
ConsiderandoClub Guerilla1995
Considerando (Echoplex 2000)Club Guerilla1995
Ding Dong DingHigher Than The Funk1998
Disco BoyDisko Partizani2007
Disko DevilViva Diaspora2015
Disko PartizaniDisko Partizani2007
Donna DiasporaDisko Partizani2007
Dubstar BugarskjiDisko Partizani2007
Eastwest-Dysi Ki AnatoliViva Diaspora2015
EccoAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Elle Est ImmortelleAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Ex Oriente LuxPlanet Paprika2009
Exarchia RadiateViva Diaspora2015
Eyes Of MinePlanet Paprika2009
Fiercely IndependentHigher Than The Funk1998
Fige Ki Ase MeDisko Partizani2007
Ghost TownAnarchy And Romance2013
GoldenAnarchy And Romance2013
Good Morning AmanesPlanet Paprika2009
Good Night AmanesPlanet Paprika2009
Here She ComesAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Hey GirlViva Diaspora2015
I Am Exactly What You Are Looking ForHigher Than The Funk1998
I Am Not AfraidHigher Than The Funk1998
I' IntroGreatdelay2001
Immigrant ChildDisko Partizani2007
IntroHigher Than The Funk1998
Intro (Yes Allright)Club Guerilla1995
Intro - Uncertain FutureViva Diaspora2015
Koupes - I'll Smash GlassesDisko Partizani2007
Lenny SodaAnarchy And Romance2013
Letkis-A Touch Of BeautyAnarchy And Romance2013
Letter From The EditorHigher Than The Funk1998
Little SoundHigher Than The Funk1998
ManolisDisko Partizani2007
Marko i ShantelDisko Partizani2007
Mouche LumiereClub Guerilla1995
Move Your HandsClub Guerilla1995
Multiple AssimilationAnarchy And Romance2013
Natural BeatViva Diaspora2015
Nikolaki Mou AmanesViva Diaspora2015
No More ButterfliesAnarchy And Romance2013
Nova Sola (Bahia Blunt)Club Guerilla1995
O ZeAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
Oriental Cha ChaViva Diaspora2015
Paranoia BunkAnarchy And Romance2013
PhilosophyHigher Than The Funk1998
Planet Paprika (+ Yuriy Gurzhy)Planet Paprika2009
Promised LandViva Diaspora2015
Really Good PhotoHigher Than The Funk1998
RebelsAuto Jumps And Remixes1997
RioViva Diaspora2015
Rio-Bucovina DubViva Diaspora2015
Slow DownAnarchy And Romance2013
SotaDisko Partizani2007
Stefan Cel MareGreatdelay2001
Süper Bad DayAnarchy And Romance2013
SupermandarineClub Guerilla1995
Sura Ke MasturaPlanet Paprika2009
SusulekerDisko Partizani2007
Ta JupeClub Guerilla1995
Tell Me Why Is It Oh So Hard To Be OhHigher Than The Funk1998
The BabyGreatdelay2001
The Kiez Is AlrightAnarchy And Romance2013
The MasterplanAnarchy And Romance2013
The Streets Where The Kids Have FunViva Diaspora2015
The VeilDisko Partizani2007
The WhipViva Diaspora2015
Today Is Life,Tomorrow Never ComesViva Diaspora2015
Tosca SessionHigher Than The Funk1998
UnendingHigher Than The Funk1998
Usti, Usti BabaPlanet Paprika2009
Viva DiasporaViva Diaspora2015
Wandering StarsPlanet Paprika2009
Where The Story Ends,Life BeginsHigher Than The Funk1998
Wow ExperienceClub Guerilla1995
Your Nose Is PunkAnarchy And Romance2013

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