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22nd Street44/8762018
44-876 (+ Morgan Heritage + Aidonia)44/8762018
Ah-E-A-OhPure Pleasure1993
Ahead In LifeClothes Drop2005
AlimonyOriginal Doberman1994
All About LoveIntoxication2007
All VirginsPure Pleasure1993
Angel (Featuring Rayvon)Hot Shot2000
Back In The Days (Featuring Rayvon)Clothes Drop2005
Bedroom Bounty HunterPure Pleasure1993
Big UpPure Pleasure1993
Big Up (Feat. Rayvon)Mr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Body A ShakeIntoxication2007
Body Good (+ Nicky Jam)Wah Gwaan?!2019
Bonafide Girl (Featuring Rik Rok + Tony Gold)Intoxication2007
BoombasticMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Boombastic (Sting Remix)Boombastic1995
Boombastic (Sting Remix)Mr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Bow Wow WowPure Pleasure1993
BroadwayClothes Drop2005
Bullet-Proof BuddyOriginal Doberman1994
Can't Hold MeIntoxication2007
Caribbean WayWah Gwaan?!2019
Chica BonitaHot Shot2000
ChowOriginal Doberman1994
Church HeathenIntoxication2007
Clothes DropClothes Drop2005
Crooked Tree44/8762018
Dame featRise2012
Dance And ShoutHot Shot2000
Day OhBoombastic1995
Don't Ask Her That (Featuring Nicole Scherzinger)Clothes Drop2005
Don't Make Me Wait44/8762018
Dreaming In The U.S.A.44/8762018
End Of The World (Drink Up')Rise2012
Feeling Alive (feat. Assassin aka Agent Sasco)Rise2012
Finger SmithBoombastic1995
Fired Up (F*ck The Rece$$ion!)Rise2012
Fly High 2012 (Bonus Track)Rise2012
Follow MePure Pleasure1993
Forgive Them FatherBoombastic1995
Freaky GirlHot Shot2000
FrenemyWah Gwaan?!2019
Friends (+ Gene Noble)Wah Gwaan?!2019
Full Control (Featuring Barrington Levy)Lucky Day2002
Gal You A PepperBoombastic1995
GeenieMidnite Lover1997
Get Back My BabyRise2012
Get Down To ItOriginal Doberman1994
Get My Party On (Featuring Chaka Khan)Lucky Day2002
Get Up, Stand UpMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (feat. Eve)Rise2012
Give ThanksLucky Day2002
Give Thanks And PraisePure Pleasure1993
Glamity PowerOriginal Doberman1994
Gone With AngelsClothes Drop2005
Gotta Get Back My Baby44/8762018
Heartbreak SuzieBoombastic1995
Hey LoveHot Shot2000
Hey Sexy Lady (Featuring Brian + Tony Gold)Lucky Day2002
Hey Sexy Lady (Original Sting International Mix) (Featuring Brian + Tony Gold + Sean Paul) (Hidden Track)Lucky Day2002
Hold MeClothes Drop2005
Holla At YouIntoxication2007
Hookie JookieLucky Day2002
HopeHot Shot2000
Hot ShotHot Shot2000
How Much MoreBoombastic1995
In The SummertimeBoombastic1995
In The Summertime (Feat. Rayvon)Mr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
In The Summertime (Ripper Remix)Boombastic1995
Island LoverBoombastic1995
It Bun MePure Pleasure1993
It Wasn't Me (Featuring Rik Rok)Hot Shot2000
John DoeMidnite Lover1997
Joy You BringHot Shot2000
Jump And RockOriginal Doberman1994
Just Another Girl (feat. Tarrus Riley)Rise2012
Just One Lifetime44/8762018
Keep'n It RealHot Shot2000
Ketch Mi UpWah Gwaan?!2019
Kibbles And BitsOriginal Doberman1994
LatelyOriginal Doberman1994
Leave It To MeHot Shot2000
Leave Me AloneLucky Day2002
Letter To My KidsClothes Drop2005
LiveWah Gwaan?!2019
Lonely LoverHot Shot2000
Lost (Featuring Prince Mydas)Lucky Day2002
Love How Them FlexPure Pleasure1993
Love Me UpClothes Drop2005
Lucky DayLucky Day2002
LustPure Pleasure1993
Luv Me, Luv Me (Feat. Janet Jackson)Mr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Luv Me, Luv Me (Featuring Samantha Cole)Hot Shot2000
Mad Mad World (Featuring Sizzla + Collie Buddz)Intoxication2007
Make Up Sex (+ Nyanda)Wah Gwaan?!2019
MampiePure Pleasure1993
Man A YardOriginal Doberman1994
Midnite LoverMidnite Lover1997
MissionMidnite Lover1997
Money Up (+ Noah Powa)Wah Gwaan?!2019
More WomanIntoxication2007
Morning Is Coming44/8762018
My DreamMidnite Lover1997
Nice And LovelyPure Pleasure1993
Nice And LovelyMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Night Shift44/8762018
Not FairHot Shot2000
Oh CarolinaPure Pleasure1993
Oh CarolinaMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version)Pure Pleasure1993
Out Of Control (Featuring Rayvon)Intoxication2007
P.H.A.T.Original Doberman1994
Perfect SongMidnite Lover1997
Piece Of My HeartMidnite Lover1997
Piece Of My HeartMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Piece Of My Heart (Urban Remix)Midnite Lover1997
PraiseWah Gwaan?!2019
Ready Fi Di RideClothes Drop2005
RepentClothes Drop2005
Road Block (Featuring Rik Rok)Clothes Drop2005
Sexy Body GirlMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Sexy Body GirlsMidnite Lover1997
Shake Shake ShakeLucky Day2002
Shut Up And Dance (Featuring Will I Am And Fergie)Clothes Drop2005
SolderingOriginal Doberman1994
Soldiers Story (feat. Jaiden)Rise2012
Something DifferentBoombastic1995
Something DifferentMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Soon Be DonePure Pleasure1993
Stand UpClothes Drop2005
Strange Love (Featuring Mona)Lucky Day2002
Strength Of A WomanLucky Day2002
Supa Hypnotic (Featuring Nicole Scherzinger)Clothes Drop2005
Supernatural (+ Stacy Barthe + Shenseea)Wah Gwaan?!2019
Tek SetPure Pleasure1993
Tender LoveMidnite Lover1997
Thank You LordMidnite Lover1997
That Girl (Maxi Priest Feat. Shaggy + Rayvon)Mr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
The Only One (Lie To Me)Rise2012
These Are The Lips (Featuring Ricardo 'Rik Roc' Ducent)Lucky Day2002
Think Ah So It GoMidnite Lover1997
Those Days (Featuring Na'sha)Intoxication2007
To Love And Be Loved44/8762018
Train Is ComingBoombastic1995
Train Is ComingMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Ultimatum (Featuring Na'sha)Clothes Drop2005
Use MeWah Gwaan?!2019
Waiting For The Break Of Day44/8762018
Walking In My ShoesLucky Day2002
Way Back HomeMidnite Lover1997
We Are The OnesLucky Day2002
We Never Danced To The Rub-A-Dub SoundOriginal Doberman1994
Wear Di Crown (Featuring Mischieve)Intoxication2007
What's Love (Featuring Akon)Intoxication2007
When She Loves Me (+ Rayvon)Wah Gwaan?!2019
Why Me LordHot Shot2000
Why You Treat Me So BadBoombastic1995
Why You Treat Me So BadMr. Lover Lover - The Best Of Shaggy... Part 12002
Wild 2Nite (Featuring Olivia)Clothes Drop2005
Wild FireOriginal Doberman1994
Woman A PressureBoombastic1995
Woman ScornIntoxication2007
World Citizen (feat. Jahcoustix)Rise2012
Would You Be (Featuring Brian Thompson)Clothes Drop2005
Wrong RoomWah Gwaan?!2019
You (+ Jessi Alexander Stewart)Wah Gwaan?!2019

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