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Age Of GloryWar Of Ages2013
All Lights ReversedFallen Sanctuary2008
Below Eastern SkiesDeath And Legacy2011
Beyond Desert SandsDeath And Legacy2011
CanopusWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Caught In A MythCodex Atlanticus2016
Changing FateDeath And Legacy2011
Circle Of My 2nd LifeWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Cleric's EmotionWar Of Ages2013
Codex AtlanticusCodex Atlanticus2016
Coldness KillsFallen Sanctuary2008
Dead Man WalkingWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
DerelictFallen Sanctuary2008
Deus Lo VultLionheart2017
Dreams UnlivedWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Engraved WithinWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Eternal VictoryLionheart2017
FairytalesFallen Sanctuary2008
Far From HomeDeath And Legacy2011
Fate Of LightCodex Atlanticus2016
Follow MeCodex Atlanticus2016
For Freedom's SakeWar Of Ages2013
ForeverWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Forgive Me (Bonus Track)Codex Atlanticus2016
From Where The Dark Is BornWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Heavenly MissionDeath And Legacy2011
IniquityCodex Atlanticus2016
King's LandingLionheart2017
LamentDeath And Legacy2011
Legacy Of TudorsWar Of Ages2013
My FantasyLionheart2017
My Final ChapterCodex Atlanticus2016
My Final Chapter (Orchestral Version) (Bonus Track)Codex Atlanticus2016
My LegacyDeath And Legacy2011
New HorizonsDeath And Legacy2011
Oceans Of RubyFallen Sanctuary2008
PrayerDeath And Legacy2011
ReasonCodex Atlanticus2016
Reduced To NothingnessWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Rising HighLionheart2017
Royal PainWar Of Ages2013
Rust Of Coming AgesFallen Sanctuary2008
Sail (Bonus Track)Codex Atlanticus2016
Serenade Of FlamesDeath And Legacy2011
Set Sail ToDeath And Legacy2011
Sheltered (By The Obscure)Fallen Sanctuary2008
Shining OasisWar Of Ages2013
Spirit In The FleshCodex Atlanticus2016
Sprouts Of TerrorCodex Atlanticus2016
Stand And FightLionheart2017
State Of SiegeDeath And Legacy2011
Symphony For The QuietWar Of Ages2013
TannenbergWar Of Ages2013
The Art Of WarWar Of Ages2013
The ChevalierDeath And Legacy2011
The Final CrusadeLionheart2017
The Fortress (Of Blood And Sand)Lionheart2017
The Heartblood SymphonyFallen Sanctuary2008
The OrderCodex Atlanticus2016
The Perfect WomanCodex Atlanticus2016
ThrivenWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Tlaloc's GraceWar Of Ages2013
Tlaloc's Grace (Orchestra Version) (Bonus Track)War Of Ages2013
To India's ShoresDeath And Legacy2011
To Stone She TurnedFallen Sanctuary2008
VelatumFallen Sanctuary2008
When Canvas Starts To BurnDeath And Legacy2011
Wings Of MadnessWar Of Ages2013
Words UntoldWords Untold And Dreams Unlived2007
Youngest Of WidowsDeath And Legacy2011

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