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Aufstehn! (live)Live2006
Aufstehn! (Rise And Shine)Next! (International Version)2006
Beautiful (Reprise)Seeed2012
Can't Hold MeNext!2005
Dancehall CaballerosNew Dubby Conquerors2001
Dancehall Caballeros (live)Live2006
Deine ZeitSeeed2012
Dickes B (live)Live2006
Dickes B.Next! (International Version)2006
Dickes B. (feat. Black Kappa)New Dubby Conquerors2001
Dickes B. (feat. Black Kappa)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Ding (live)Live2006
Ding (Thing) feat. Saian Supa Crew)Next! (International Version)2006
Double SoulMusic Monks2003
Double SoulNext! (International Version)2006
Double Soul feat. (Tanya Stephenson)Music Monks (International Version)2004
End Of The DayNext!2005
End Of The DayNext! (International Version)2006
Feel For YouSeeed2012
Fire In The MorningMusic Monks2003
Fire In The Morning (International Version)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Fire The HiddenNew Dubby Conquerors2001
GeldBam Bam2019
GoldmineMusic Monks2003
GoldmineMusic Monks (International Version)2004
Goose Bumps - Fire In The Morning (live)Live2006
GoosebumpsNext! (International Version)2006
GrosshirnMusic Monks2003
GroßhirnMusic Monks (International Version)2004
Grosshirn (live)Live2006
Immer bei dir (+ Trettmann)Bam Bam2019
Jackpot GirlMusic Monks2003
Jackpot GirlMusic Monks (International Version)2004
King Rodriguez (live)Live2006
Komm in mein HausBam Bam2019
Lass das Licht an (+ Deichkind)Bam Bam2019
Lass sie gehnBam Bam2019
Light The SunNext!2005
Love And Courvoisier (+ Salsa 359)Bam Bam2019
Love Is The QueenMusic Monks2003
Love Is The QueenMusic Monks (International Version)2004
Music Monks (International Version)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Music Monks (live)Live2006
Music Monks (The See(e)dy Monks)Music Monks2003
Music Monks (The See(e)dy Monks)Next! (International Version)2006
New Dubby ConquerorsNew Dubby Conquerors2001
NextNext! (International Version)2006
Next...! (live)Live2006
No More Drama (alles Pech verbraucht)Bam Bam2019
Ocean's 11Next!2005
Papa NoahNew Dubby Conquerors2001
Papa NoahNext! (International Version)2006
Papa Noah 2004Music Monks (International Version)2004
Please, PleaseNext!2005
Please, PleaseNext! (International Version)2006
Please, Please (live)Live2006
PressureMusic Monks2003
PressureMusic Monks (International Version)2004
PressureNext! (International Version)2006
Pressure (live)Live2006
Psychedelic KingdomNew Dubby Conquerors2001
Psycho Piano InterludeBam Bam2019
Psychodelic Kingdom (live)Live2006
ReleaseMusic Monks2003
Release (International Version)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Release (live)Live2006
RespectnessMusic Monks2003
RespectnessMusic Monks (International Version)2004
RespectnessNext! (International Version)2006
Respectness (live)Live2006
Riddim No. 1New Dubby Conquerors2001
Same Jam (live)Live2006
Schwinger (Good To Know)Next! (International Version)2006
Schwinger (live)Live2006
Seeeds HausSeeed2012
Sensimilla (feat. Denyo)New Dubby Conquerors2001
Shake Baby Shake (feat. Elephant Man) (International Version)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Shake Baby Shake (live)Live2006
She Got Me TwistedNext!2005
She Got Me TwistedNext! (International Version)2006
She Got Me Twisted (live)Live2006
Sie is geladen (+ Nura)Bam Bam2019
SlowlifeNext! (International Version)2006
Stand UpNext!2005
Stand UpNext! (International Version)2006
Stand Up (live)Live2006
Thight PantsNext!2005
TicketBam Bam2019
Tide Is HighNew Dubby Conquerors2001
Top Of The CityNew Dubby Conquerors2001
Walk UprightNew Dubby Conquerors2001
Waste My TimeSeeed2012
Waterpumpee (Waan Back 2002)Music Monks2003
Waterpumpee 2004 (English Version)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Waterpumpee 2004 (English Version)Next! (International Version)2006
Waterpunpee (live)Live2006
We SeeedNew Dubby Conquerors2001
What A DayBam Bam2019
What You Deserve Is What You GetMusic Monks2003
What You Deserve Is What You Get (International Version)Music Monks (International Version)2004
Wir sind Seeed (live)Live2006
Wonderful LifeSeeed2012
You And ISeeed2012
You GirlNext!2005

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