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A Word From The Honourable Minister (Skit)Stage One2000
All On Me (Feat. Tami Chynn)The Trinity2005
AnydayFull Frequency2013
As We EnterScorcha2022
Baby Boy (+ Beyonce)Dutty Rock2002
Back It Up Deh (Remix)Scorcha2022
Bend You Back (6:30 Mix)Scorcha2022
Birthday SuitImperial Blaze2009
BodyTomahawk Technique2012
BreakoutThe Trinity2005
Bruk OutImperial Blaze2009
Bubble (feat. Fahrenheit)Dutty Rock2002
Calling On MeScorcha2022
Can You Do The Work (Feat. Ce'Cile)Dutty Rock2002
Change The Game (feat. Looga Man + Kid Kurup)The Trinity2005
Check It DeeplyStage One2000
ConcreteDutty Rock2002
Connection (Feat. Nina Sky)The Trinity2005
Daddy's HomeImperial Blaze2009
Dangerous Ground (+ Prince Royce)Full Frequency2013
DefiniteStage One2000
Deport ThemStage One2000
DisrespectStage One2000
Don't Tease MeImperial Blaze2009
Dream GirlTomahawk Technique2012
Dutty Rock IntroDutty Rock2002
Dutty Techniques (Skit)Stage One2000
Entertainment 2.0 (+ Juicy J, 2 Chainz + Nicki Minaj)Full Frequency2013
Esa Loca (Feat. Tony Touch + R.O.B.B.)Dutty Rock2002
Evening RideImperial Blaze2009
Ever Blazin'The Trinity2005
Examples Of Things Not To Do In Bed (Skit)Stage One2000
Eye Deh A Mi KneeThe Trinity2005
FadedStage One2000
Fire Links IntroThe Trinity2005
Ganja Breed (Feat. Chico)Dutty Rock2002
Get BusyDutty Rock2002
Gimme The LightDutty Rock2002
Gimme The Light (Pass The Dro-Voisier Remix) (Feat. Busta Rhymes)Dutty Rock2002
Give It Up To MeThe Trinity2005
Good Day12 Borrowed TimeScorcha2022
Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)Tomahawk Technique2012
Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today) (Feat. Mr. Vegas)Stage One2000
Head In The ZoneThe Trinity2005
Head To ToeThe Trinity2005
Hey BabyFull Frequency2013
Hold My HandImperial Blaze2009
Hold OnTomahawk Technique2012
How Deep Is Your Love (feat. Kelly Rowland)Tomahawk Technique2012
How We Do ItScorcha2022
I Know U Like ItImperial Blaze2009
I'll Take You ThereThe Trinity2005
I'm Still In Love With You (Feat. Sasha)Dutty Rock2002
InfiltrateStage One2000
International Affair (Feat. Debbie Nova)Dutty Rock2002
Intro: Chi Ching ChingImperial Blaze2009
It's Your LifeFull Frequency2013
Jukin' PunnyDutty Rock2002
Lace ItImperial Blaze2009
LatelyImperial Blaze2009
LegacyFull Frequency2013
Light My FireScorcha2022
Lights OnFull Frequency2013
Like GlueDutty Rock2002
Mek It Go So DenStage One2000
Mental (Prelude)Stage One2000
My NameDutty Rock2002
Never Gonna Be the SameThe Trinity2005
Next GenerationStage One2000
Nicky (Skit) (Feat. Mr. Vegas)Stage One2000
No BlighStage One2000
No FearScorcha2022
Now That I've Got Your LoveImperial Blaze2009
Only FanzScorcha2022
Other Side Of LoveFull Frequency2013
OutroStage One2000
PepperpotImperial Blaze2009
Pon Di ReelScorcha2022
Pornstar (+ Nyla)Full Frequency2013
Press It UpImperial Blaze2009
Private PartyImperial Blaze2009
PunkieDutty Rock2002
Punkie (Espanol)Dutty Rock2002
Put It On YouTomahawk Technique2012
Real ManStage One2000
Riot (+ Damian Jr. Gong Marley)Full Frequency2013
Roll Wid Di DonTomahawk Technique2012
Running Out Of TimeImperial Blaze2009
Scorcha (Hot Peppa Mix)Scorcha2022
Send It OnThe Trinity2005
Shake That ThingDutty Rock2002
She Doesn't MindTomahawk Technique2012
She Wanna Be DownImperial Blaze2009
She Want ItStage One2000
She Want MeImperial Blaze2009
Shineface (Skit)Stage One2000
Shout (Street Respect)Dutty Rock2002
Slap TrapStage One2000
So FineImperial Blaze2009
Sound The Alarm (Feat. Looga Man)Stage One2000
Straight From My HeartImperial Blaze2009
Straight UpThe Trinity2005
StrategyStage One2000
Take It LowFull Frequency2013
TemperatureThe Trinity2005
The TrinityThe Trinity2005
Tiger Bone (Feat. Mr. Vegas)Stage One2000
Top Of The Game (Feat. Rahzel)Dutty Rock2002
Touch The Sky (feat. DJ Ammo)Tomahawk Technique2012
Turn It UpFull Frequency2013
Uptowners (Skit)Stage One2000
Want Dem All (+ Konshens)Full Frequency2013
We Be Burnin'The Trinity2005
Wedding CrashersTomahawk Technique2012
What I WantTomahawk Technique2012
Wickedest Style (+ Iggy Azalea)Full Frequency2013
Wine Baby WineImperial Blaze2009
Wine UpScorcha2022
Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)Tomahawk Technique2012
Yardie Bone (Feat. Wayne Marshall)The Trinity2005
You Must Lose (Feat. Looga Man)Stage One2000

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