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AbandonedScott Matthew2007
AmputeeScott Matthew2007
Annie's SongUnlearned2013
BalladearScott Matthew2007
BittersweetThis Here Defeat2015
Black BirdGallantry's Favorite Son2011
Buried AliveGallantry's Favorite Son2011
Cease And DesistOde To Others2018
CommunityThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
ConstantThis Here Defeat2015
Devil's Only ChildGallantry's Favorite Son2011
Do You Really Want To Hurt MeOde To Others2018
DogThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
DuetGallantry's Favorite Son2011
EffigyThis Here Defeat2015
End Of DaysOde To Others2018
End Of DaysAdorned2020
Every Traveled RoadThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
FelicityGallantry's Favorite Son2011
Flame TreesOde To Others2018
For DickThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
For DickAdorned2020
Friends And FoesThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
GermanThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
HabitScott Matthew2007
Happy EndOde To Others2018
Harvest MoonUnlearned2013
Help Me Make It Through The Night (+ Ian Matthew)Unlearned2013
Here We Go AgainThis Here Defeat2015
I Don't Want To Talk About ItUnlearned2013
I Wanna Dance With SomebodyUnlearned2013
In The EndScott Matthew2007
Little BirdScott Matthew2007
Love Will Tear Us ApartUnlearned2013
Market Me To ChildrenScott Matthew2007
No Place Called HellGallantry's Favorite Son2011
No SurprisesUnlearned2013
Not Just Another YearOde To Others2018
OdeThis Here Defeat2015
OrnamentThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
Palace Of TearsThis Here Defeat2015
PrescriptionScott Matthew2007
Ruined HeartThis Here Defeat2015
SeedlingGallantry's Favorite Son2011
SinkingGallantry's Favorite Son2011
SkylineThis Here Defeat2015
Smile (+ Neil Hannon)Unlearned2013
Soul To SaveThis Here Defeat2015
SurgeryScott Matthew2007
Sweet Kiss In The AfterlifeGallantry's Favorite Son2011
The DeserterOde To Others2018
The Laziest LieScott Matthew2007
The Sidewalks Of New YearOde To Others2018
The WishOde To Others2018
The WishAdorned2020
The Wonder Of Falling In LoveGallantry's Favorite Son2011
The Wonder Of Falling In LoveAdorned2020
There Is An Ocean That DividesThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My FriendsUnlearned2013
This Here DefeatThis Here Defeat2015
This Here DefeatAdorned2020
ThistleThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
To Love SomebodyUnlearned2013
Total ControlUnlearned2013
True StingGallantry's Favorite Son2011
Upside DownScott Matthew2007
Where I Come FromOde To Others2018
Where I Come FromAdorned2020
White HorseThere's An Ocean That Divides2009
White HorseAdorned2020
WolverineThere's An Ocean That Divides2009

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