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All About That Bass (+ Kate Davis)The Essentials2016
All About That Bass (Cast Version)The Essentials II2018
Black Hole SunThe Essentials II2018
Burn (+ Cristina Gatti, Robyn Adele Anderson + Ashley Stroud)The Essentials2016
ChandelierThe Essentials II2018
CloserThe Essentials II2018
CrazyThe Essentials II2018
Crazy TrainThe Essentials II2018
Creep (+ Haley Reinhart)The Essentials2016
Dream OnThe Essentials II2018
Halo (+ LaVance Colley)The Essentials2016
HeroesThe Essentials II2018
Hey Ya (+ Sara Niemietz)The Essentials2016
I Believe in a Thing Called Love (+ Maiya Sykes)The Essentials2016
JuicyThe Essentials II2018
Love YourselfThe Essentials II2018
Maps (+ Morgan James)The Essentials2016
MMMBopThe Essentials II2018
My Heart Will Go On (+ Mykal Kilgore)The Essentials2016
No Diggity (+ Ariana Savalas)The Essentials2016
Nothing Else MattersThe Essentials II2018
PerfectThe Essentials II2018
Royals (+ Puddles Pity Party)The Essentials2016
Rude (+ Von Smith)The Essentials2016
Seven Nation Army (+ Haley Reinhart)The Essentials2016
Sorry (+ Shoshana Bean)The Essentials2016
Stacy's Mom (+ Casey Abrams)The Essentials2016
Such Great Heights (+ Kiah Victoriars)The Essentials2016
Sweet Child O'Mine (+ Miche Braden)The Essentials2016
The Final CountdownThe Essentials II2018
Thrift Shop (+ Robyn Adele Anderson)The Essentials2016
ThrillerThe Essentials II2018
TimberThe Essentials II2018
ToxicThe Essentials II2018
We Can't Stop (+ Robyn Adele Anderson + the Tee Tones)The Essentials2016
What Is LoveThe Essentials II2018

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