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2012 - The Demise Of The 5th SunSymmetric In Design2005
A Paranthesis In EternityDark Matter Dimensions2009
A Voyage With Tailed MeteorsThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
AbstractedPitch Black Progress2006
Alpha And OmegaThe Unseen Empire2011
AltergeistThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Artificial Sun ProjectionHolographic Universe2008
Ascension ChamberDark Matter Dimensions2009
AstronomiconThe Unseen Empire2011
Calculate The ApocalypsePitch Black Progress2006
Carved In StonePitch Black Progress2006
ChaosweaverSymmetric In Design2005
Children Of The Integrated Circuit (Instrumental)The Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
ChrononautilusThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Cryonic HarvestThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
Dark Matter DimensionsDark Matter Dimensions2009
Detach Frome The OutcomeSymmetric In Design2005
Deviate From The FormPitch Black Progress2006
Digiphrenia DawnThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Domination AgendaThe Unseen Empire2011
DominionSymmetric In Design2005
Dreaming 24 - 7Pitch Black Progress2006
Extinction MantraThe Unseen Empire2011
Fear CatalystHolographic Universe2008
FrequencyshifterDark Matter Dimensions2009
Ghost Prototype I - Measurement Of ThoughtHolographic Universe2008
Ghost Prototype II - Deus Ex MachinaHolographic Universe2008
GridwormThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Holographic UniverseHolographic Universe2008
Hybrid CultSymmetric In Design2005
Hyperborean PlainsThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Illuminoid Dream SequenceThe Unseen Empire2011
Limits To InfinityThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
Mechanical Soul CyberneticsDark Matter Dimensions2009
Mind MachinePitch Black Progress2006
MorphogenesisHolographic Universe2008
NeohumanThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
NeuromancersThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
Nonhuman EraDark Matter Dimensions2009
Noumenon And PhenomenonDark Matter Dimensions2009
Obscure AllianceSymmetric In Design2005
Orchestrate The InfiniteSymmetric In Design2005
Oscillation PointPitch Black Progress2006
OverworldThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Pitch Black ProgressPitch Black Progress2006
Prism And GateHolographic Universe2008
QuantumleaperHolographic Universe2008
Radiant StrainDark Matter Dimensions2009
RebornSymmetric In Design2005
ReichsfallThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
RetaliatorPitch Black Progress2006
Rise Of The Reptilian RegimeThe Unseen Empire2011
Scorched QuadrantThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Sculpture VoidDark Matter Dimensions2009
Seeds Of RebellionSymmetric In Design2005
Seers Of The EschatonThe Unseen Empire2011
Slaves To The SubliminalPitch Black Progress2006
SoulscannerThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023
Technocalyptic CybergeddonThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
The AnomalyThe Unseen Empire2011
The Consciousness EatersDark Matter Dimensions2009
The Draconian ArrivalThe Unseen Empire2011
The Eleventh SphereSymmetric In Design2005
The IconoclastDark Matter Dimensions2009
The IllusionistPitch Black Progress2006
The Kaleidoscopic GodPitch Black Progress2006
The Missing CoordinatesHolographic Universe2008
The Path Of Larst ResistancePitch Black Progress2006
The Shape Of Things To ComeThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
The Spiral TimeshiftThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014
The Three-Dimension ShadowHolographic Universe2008
Timewave ZeroHolographic Universe2008
TrapezoidHolographic Universe2008
Underneath The SurfaceSymmetric In Design2005
Veil Of IllusionsSymmetric In Design2005
XenotaphThe Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)2023

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