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A Moment Of ClarityRebel Extravaganza1999
A New EnemyNow, Diabolical2006
Ageless Northern SpiritSatyricon2013
Black Crow On A TombstoneThe Age Of Nero2008
Black LavaVolcano2002
Black Wings And Withering GloomDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
Blessed From Below (Melancholy Oppression Longing) (Bonus Track)Rebel Extravaganza1999
Blood Cracks Open The GroundDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
Burial RiteDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
CommandoThe Age Of Nero2008
Dark Medieval TimesDark Medieval Times1993
Deep Calleth Upon DeepDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
DeliriumNow, Diabolical2006
Den sisteThe Age Of Nero2008
Den Siste (live)Live At The Opera2015
Die By My HandThe Age Of Nero2008
Die By My Hand (live)Live At The Opera2015
DissonantDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
Dominions Of SatyriconThe Shadowthrone1994
Down South, Up NorthRebel Extravaganza1999
Du som hater gudNemesis Divina1996
End Of JourneyRebel Extravaganza1999
Existential Fear-Questions (Bonus Track)Volcano2002
FilthgrinderRebel Extravaganza1999
Forhekset (Bewitched)Nemesis Divina1996
Fuel For HatredVolcano2002
Havoc VultureRebel Extravaganza1999
Hvite krists dödThe Shadowthrone1994
I en svart kisteThe Shadowthrone1994
I.N.R.I. (Bonus Track)Rebel Extravaganza1999
Immortality PassionNemesis Divina1996
In The Mist By The HillsThe Shadowthrone1994
Into The Mighty ForestDark Medieval Times1993
K.I.N.G (live)Live At The Opera2015
K.I.N.G.Now, Diabolical2006
Last Man StandingThe Age Of Nero2008
Live Through Me (Bonus Track)Volcano2002
Mental MercuryVolcano2002
Midnight SerpentDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
Min hyllest til vinterlandDark Medieval Times1993
Mother NorthNemesis Divina1996
Mother North (live)Live At The Opera2015
My Skin Is ColdThe Age Of Nero2008
Nemesis DivinaNemesis Divina1996
Nemesis Divina (Clean Vision Mix) (Bonus Track)Rebel Extravaganza1999
Nicht verfügbarLive At The Opera2015
Nocturnal FlareSatyricon2013
Nocturnal Flare (live)Live At The Opera2015
Now, DiabolicalNow, Diabolical2006
Now, Diabolical (live)Live At The Opera2015
Our World, It Rumbles TonightSatyricon2013
Our World, It Rumbles Tonight (live)Live At The Opera2015
Phoenix (live)Live At The Opera2015
Prime Evil RenaissanceRebel Extravaganza1999
Repined Bastard NationVolcano2002
Repined Bastard Nation (live)Live At The Opera2015
Rhapsody In FilthRebel Extravaganza1999
Satyricon And MunchSatyricon And Munch2023
SkyggedansDark Medieval Times1993
Storm (Of The Destroyer) (Bonus Track)Now, Diabolical2006
Suffering The TyrantsVolcano2002
Supersonic JourneyRebel Extravaganza1999
TaakeslottetDark Medieval Times1993
That Darkness Shall Be EternalNow, Diabolical2006
The Dark Castle In The Deep ForestDark Medieval Times1993
The Dawn Of A New AgeNemesis Divina1996
The Ghost Of RomeDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
The Infinity Of Time And SpaceSatyricon2013
The Infinity Of Time And Space (live)Live At The Opera2015
The King Of The ShadowthroneThe Shadowthrone1994
The Pentagram BurnsNow, Diabolical2006
The Pentagram Burns (live)Live At The Opera2015
The Rite Of Our CrossNow, Diabolical2006
The Scorn TorrentRebel Extravaganza1999
The Sign Of The TridentThe Age Of Nero2008
The WolfpackThe Age Of Nero2008
Tied In Bronze ChainsRebel Extravaganza1999
To The MountainsNow, Diabolical2006
To The Mountains (live)Live At The Opera2015
To Your Brethren In The DarkDeep Calleth Upon Deep2017
Transcendental Requiem Of SlavesNemesis Divina1996
Tro Og KraftSatyricon2013
Tro og Kraft (live)Live At The Opera2015
Vikingland (Land Of Vikings)The Shadowthrone1994
Voice Of ShadowsSatyricon2013
Voice Of Shadows (live)Live At The Opera2015
Walk The Path Of SorrowDark Medieval Times1993
Walker Upon The WindSatyricon2013
With Ravenous HungerVolcano2002
Woods To EternityThe Shadowthrone1994

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