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Awake SoonBlue Parade1998
Bank AccountsNight Bugs2002
Before Your TimeBlue Parade1998
Blue ParadeBlue Parade1998
Bonnie's SongBlue Parade1998
Book Smart, Street StupidNight Bugs2002
CaliforniaDay One2004
Dark RoomNight Bugs2002
Day OneDay One2004
Drastic MeasuresNight Bugs2002
DuncanNight Bugs2002
EliotBlue Parade1998
EliotNight Bugs2002
EuphoriaThe Baroness2008
Get HomeThe Baroness2008
Goodnight TroubleThe Baroness2008
HabitBlue Parade1998
HighBlue Parade1998
Hopeful HeartsThe Baroness2008
I Want To Be Brave (Madeleine) (Hidden Track)Blue Parade1998
Looking For SomeoneThe Baroness2008
Lucky MeDay One2004
MaryDay One2004
Me, I'm A ThiefNight Bugs2002
My InvitationBlue Parade1998
My InvitationNight Bugs2002
Narcolepsy WeedBlue Parade1998
No Place At AllThe Baroness2008
Notes From The UndergroundThe Baroness2008
Out In The ParkDay One2004
PilgrimDay One2004
Playing Cards With JudasBlue Parade1998
Please Be Good To MeThe Baroness2008
ShadowlandThe Baroness2008
So Many MilesThe Baroness2008
Somebody's Arms (Hidden Track)Day One2004
Sound Of WaterThe Baroness2008
St. FrancisNight Bugs2002
Sweet OnesNight Bugs2002
The ScoreDay One2004
Twin MoonBlue Parade1998
VertigoDay One2004
Wake UpDay One2004
WeightNight Bugs2002
When Another MidnightDay One2004
WillowThe Baroness2008
Your Wish Is My WishDay One2004

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