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(Life May Be) A Big InsanityPaintings In Yellow1990
A Big Insanity18 Greatest Hits1992
A Big InsanityThe Very Best Of2016
All You ZombiesThe Art Of Love2007
All You ZombiesThe Very Best Of2016
Always On My MindBack To Life2009
Angels In My HeadStay In Touch2012
Around My Drums (Instrumental Version - Dub Of 'Around My Heart')So80s Presents Sandra2012
Around My HeartInto A Secret Land1988
Around My Heart18 Greatest Hits1992
Around My HeartThe Very Best Of2016
Around My Heart (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Around My Heart (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Around My Heart (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Behind Those WordsBack To Life2009
Between Me & The MoonStay In Touch2012
Casino RoyaleThe Art Of Love2007
Celebrate Your LifeInto A Secret Land1988
Celebrate Your Life (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Change Your MindThe Long Play1985
Children Of EnglandInto A Secret Land1988
Crazy JulietInto A Secret Land1988
Dear God... If You ExistThe Art Of Love2007
Don't Be Aggressive18 Greatest Hits1992
Don't Be AggressiveClose To Seven1992
Don't Be AggressiveMy Favourites1999
Don't Be AggressiveThe Very Best Of2016
Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World)Mirrors1986
Don't Cry (The Breakup Of The World) (*)Ten On One (The Singles)1987
Everlasting LoveTen On One (The Singles)1987
Everlasting Love18 Greatest Hits1992
Everlasting LoveThe Very Best Of2016
Everlasting Love (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Everlasting Love (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Everlasting Love (PWL 12'' Remix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Everlasting Love (PWL 7'' Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Everlasting Love (PWL Dub Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Fading ShadesMy Favourites1999
Fading Shades (Part I)Fading Shades1995
Fading Shades (Part II)Fading Shades1995
First LullabyFading Shades1995
First LullabyMy Favourites1999
FootprintsThe Wheel Of Time2002
ForeverThe Wheel Of Time2002
ForeverThe Very Best Of2016
Forgive MeThe Wheel Of Time2002
Free LoveThe Wheel Of Time2002
Heart Of WaxStay In Touch2012
Heartbeat (That's Emotion)The Long Play1985
Heatwave (Instrumental Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Heaven Can WaitInto A Secret Land1988
Heaven Can Wait18 Greatest Hits1992
Heaven Can WaitThe Very Best Of2016
Heaven Can Wait (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Heaven Can Wait (Dub Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Heaven Can Wait (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Heaven Can Wait (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Heaven Can Wait (US Remix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Heaven's Theme (Instrumental Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Hi Hi HiMirrors1986
Hi Hi HiTen On One (The Singles)1987
Hi Hi Hi18 Greatest Hits1992
Hi Hi HiThe Very Best Of2016
Hi Hi Hi (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Hi Hi Hi (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
HiroshimaPaintings In Yellow1990
Hiroshima18 Greatest Hits1992
HiroshimaThe Very Best Of2016
Hiroshima (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Hiroshima (Dub Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Hiroshima (Extended Club Mix)Paintings In Yellow1990
Hiroshima (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
I Close My EyesThe Wheel Of Time2002
I Need LoveClose To Seven1992
I Need Love ('95)Fading Shades1995
I Need Love ('95)My Favourites1999
I Want YouBack To Life2009
In A HeartbeatBack To Life2009
In The Heat Of The NightThe Long Play1985
In The Heat Of The NightTen On One (The Singles)1987
In The Heat Of The Night18 Greatest Hits1992
In The Heat Of The NightThe Very Best Of2016
In The Heat Of The Night (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
In The Heat Of The Night (Extended UK Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
In The Heat Of The Night (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
In The Heat Of The Night (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
In The Heat Of The Night (Tropical Future Remix 2016 By Masqraider)The Very Best Of2016
Infinite KissStay In Touch2012
Infinite KissThe Very Best Of2016
Innocent LoveMirrors1986
Innocent LoveTen On One (The Singles)1987
Innocent Love18 Greatest Hits1992
Innocent LoveThe Very Best Of2016
Innocent Love (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Innocent Love (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Innocent Theme (Instrumental Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Into Nobody's Land (Instrumental Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Invisible ShelterFading Shades1995
It Means Forever (Instrumental Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Japan ist weitThe Very Best Of2016
Johnny Wanna LivePaintings In Yellow1990
Johnny Wanna Live18 Greatest Hits1992
Johnny Wanna LiveMy Favourites1999
Johnny Wanna LiveThe Very Best Of2016
Just Like BreathingBack To Life2009
Just Like DiamondsInto A Secret Land1988
Just Like DiamondsThe Very Best Of2016
Kings & QueensStay In Touch2012
La Vista De LunaInto A Secret Land1988
La vista de lunaThe Very Best Of2016
Little GirlThe Long Play1985
Little GirlTen On One (The Singles)1987
Little Girl18 Greatest Hits1992
Little GirlThe Very Best Of2016
Little Girl (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
LoreenTen On One (The Singles)1987
Loreen18 Greatest Hits1992
LoreenThe Very Best Of2016
Love Is The PriceThe Art Of Love2007
Love Starts With A SmileStay In Touch2012
Love Turns To PainClose To Seven1992
Love Turns To PainMy Favourites1999
Lovelight In Your EyesPaintings In Yellow1990
Maria MagdalenaThe Long Play1985
Maria MagdalenaTen On One (The Singles)1987
Maria Magdalena18 Greatest Hits1992
Maria MagdalenaThe Very Best Of2016
Maria Magdalena (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Maria Magdalena (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Maria Magdalena (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Maybe TonightStay In Touch2012
Maybe TonightThe Very Best Of2016
Midnight ManMirrors1986
Midnight ManTen On One (The Singles)1987
Midnight Man18 Greatest Hits1992
Midnight ManThe Very Best Of2016
Midnight Man (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Mirror Of LoveMirrors1986
Mirrored In Your EyesClose To Seven1992
Mirrored In Your Eyes (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Moscow NightsStay In Touch2012
MotivationThe Wheel Of Time2002
Never BeforeBack To Life2009
Nights In White SatinFading Shades1995
Nights In White SatinMy Favourites1999
Nights In White SatinThe Very Best Of2016
No TabooClose To Seven1992
No TabooMy Favourites1999
NowThe Wheel Of Time2002
On The Tray (Seven Years)The Long Play1985
Once In A LifetimeBack To Life2009
Once Upon A TimeThe Art Of Love2007
One More NightPaintings In Yellow1990
One More Night18 Greatest Hits1992
One More NightMy Favourites1999
One More NightThe Very Best Of2016
One More Night (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Paintings In YellowPaintings In Yellow1990
Party Games (Instrumental Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Perfect TouchThe Wheel Of Time2002
Put Some 80ies In ItBack To Life2009
Put Your Arms Around MeThe Art Of Love2007
R U Feeling MeBack To Life2009
Sand HeartStay In Touch2012
Say LoveBack To Life2009
Seal It ForeverClose To Seven1992
Seal It ForeverMy Favourites1999
Secret LandInto A Secret Land1988
Secret Land18 Greatest Hits1992
Secret LandThe Very Best Of2016
Secret Land (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Secret Land (Dub Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Secret Land (M.I.D. DJ Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Secret Land (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Secret Land (Reverse Mix)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Secrets Of Love (+ DJ Bobo)The Very Best Of2016
SekundenThe Very Best Of2016
Shadow Of PowerThe Art Of Love2007
ShadowsClose To Seven1992
Silence Beside MeThe Art Of Love2007
Silent RunningThe Wheel Of Time2002
Sisters And BrothersThe Long Play1985
Son Of A Time MachineFading Shades1995
Stay In TouchStay In Touch2012
Stay In TouchThe Very Best Of2016
Steady MeClose To Seven1992
Steady MeMy Favourites1999
Stop For A MinuteTen On One (The Singles)1987
Stop For A Minute18 Greatest Hits1992
Stop For A MinuteThe Very Best Of2016
Stop For A Minute (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
Stop For A Minute (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
Such A ShameThe Wheel Of Time2002
Such A ShameThe Very Best Of2016
Sun In DisguiseStay In Touch2012
Tell Me MoreFading Shades1995
Tell Me More (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
Tete a teteBack To Life2009
The Art Of LoveThe Art Of Love2007
The Journey: Cold Out Here - I'm Alive - Paintings - Come Alive - The EndPaintings In Yellow1990
The Night Is Still Young (+ Thomas Anders)Back To Life2009
The Night Is Still Young (+ Thomas Anders)The Very Best Of2016
The Second DayMirrors1986
The Skin I'm InPaintings In Yellow1990
The Way I AmThe Art Of Love2007
The Wheel Of TimeThe Wheel Of Time2002
These MomentsBack To Life2009
Two Lovers TonightMirrors1986
Way To India (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
We'll Be TogetherInto A Secret Land1988
We'll Be Together18 Greatest Hits1992
We'll Be TogetherThe Very Best Of2016
We'll Be Together (2006 Remix)Reflections2006
We'll Be Together (Dub Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
We'll Be Together (Extended Version)So80s Presents Sandra2012
We'll Be Together (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
What D'Ya Think Of MeThe Art Of Love2007
What IfBack To Life2009
What Is It About MeThe Art Of Love2007
What's Left To SayThe Art Of Love2007
When The Rain Doesn't ComeClose To Seven1992
When The Rain Doesn't ComeMy Favourites1999
Who I AmBack To Life2009
Will You WhisperFading Shades1995
Won't Run AwayFading Shades1995
Won't Run Away (Remix 1999)My Favourites1999
You And IThe Long Play1985
You And IThe Very Best Of2016
You Are So BeautifulFading Shades1995
You'll Be MineMirrors1986
You'll Be MineThe Very Best Of2016
Your Way To IndiaClose To Seven1992

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