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20th Century ManDanger Zone 1980
24365Cosmic Universal Fashion 2008
3 In The MiddleTen 132000
A Little Bit MoreTen 132000
AffirmationSpace Between2019
All AmericanNine On A Ten Scale 1976
All We Need Is An IslandSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Amnesty Is GrantedMarching To Mars 1997
Baby's On FireStanding Hampton 1981
Baby's On FireUnboxed1994
Baby, It's YouStanding Hampton 1981
Back Into YouI Never Said Goodbye 1987
Bad On Fords An ChevroletsSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Bad ReputationDanger Zone 1980
Be StillCrazy Times2022
Best of Both Worlds (live)At Your Service2015
Both Sides NowMarching To Mars 1997
Bottom LineSpace Between2019
Boys' Night OutI Never Said Goodbye 1987
Burnin' Down The CityVOA 1984
Buying My Way Into HeavenUnboxed1994
Can't Get LooseStanding Hampton 1981
Can't HangSpace Between2019
Catch The WindSammy Hagar 1977
Child To ManStreet Machine 1979
Childhood's EndCrazy Times2022
ChinaNine On A Ten Scale 1976
ConfessionNine On A Ten Scale 1976
Cosmic Universal FashionCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Crack In The WorldMusical Chairs 1977
Crazy TimesCrazy Times2022
Cruisin' And Boozin'Sammy Hagar 1977
Danger ZoneDanger Zone 1980
Deeper Kinda LoveTen 132000
Deeper Kinda Love (live)Hallelujah2003
Devil Came To PhillySpace Between2019
Dick In The DirtVOA 1984
Don't Fight It (Feel It)Red Voodoo1999
Don't Make Me WaitVOA 1984
Don't Stop Me NowMusical Chairs 1977
Dreams (live)Hallelujah2003
Dreams (live)At Your Service2015
Dreams - CaboCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Eagles FlyI Never Said Goodbye 1987
Eagles FlyUnboxed1994
Eagles Fly (live)Hallelujah2003
Falling in LoveStreet Machine 1979
Father SunSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Father TimeCrazy Times2022
Feed Your HeadCrazy Times2022
Feels Like LoveStreet Machine 1979
Fight For Your Right To PartyCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Fillmore ShuffleSammy Hagar 1977
Finish What Ya Started (live)At Your Service2015
Flamingos FlyNine On A Ten Scale 1976
Free ManSpace Between2019
Free MoneySammy Hagar 1977
Full Circle Jam (Chump Change)Space Between2019
Funky Feng ShuiCrazy Times2022
Give To LiveI Never Said Goodbye 1987
Give To LiveUnboxed1994
Give To Live (live)Hallelujah2003
Going Down (Live In Studio-Take 1)Sammy Hagar + Friends2013
Good Times Bad Times (live)At Your Service2015
Growing PainsStreet Machine 1979
Growing UpThree Lock Box 1982
Halfway To MemphisNot 4 Sale2002
Halfway To MemphisLivin' It Up2006
HallelujahNot 4 Sale2002
Hands And KneesI Never Said Goodbye 1987
HeartbeatDanger Zone 1980
Heavy MetalStanding Hampton 1981
Heavy MetalUnboxed1994
Heavy Metal (live)Hallelujah2003
Heavy Metal (live)At Your Service2015
Hey BoysMusical Chairs 1977
Hey Hey (Without Greed)Space Between2019
High And Dry AgainRed Voodoo1999
High HopesUnboxed1994
HungrySammy Hagar 1977
I Can't Drive (live)At Your Service2015
I Can't Drive 55VOA 1984
I Can't Drive 55Unboxed1994
I Can't Drive 55 (live)Hallelujah2003
I Don't Need LoveThree Lock Box 1982
I Don't Need LoveUnboxed1994
I Love This BarLivin' It Up2006
I Wouldn't Change A ThingThree Lock Box 1982
I'll Fall Iin Love AgainStanding Hampton 1981
I'll Fall In Love AgainUnboxed1994
I'm On A RollCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
In The Night (Entering The Danger Zone)Danger Zone 1980
In The RoomThree Lock Box 1982
Inside Lookin' InStanding Hampton 1981
Intro: The Beginning Of The EndCrazy Times2022
It's Gonna Be All RightMusical Chairs 1977
Jason Drum Solo - Moby Dick (live)At Your Service2015
KamaMarching To Mars 1997
Karma WheelNot 4 Sale2002
Keep On Rockin'Nine On A Ten Scale 1976
Knockdown DragoutSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Lay Your Hand On MeRed Voodoo1999
Leaving The Warmth Of The WombMarching To Mars 1997
Let Me Take You ThereLivin' It Up2006
Let Sally DriveTen 132000
Little Star - EclipseSammy Hagar 1977
Little White LieMarching To Mars 1997
Little White Lie (live)Hallelujah2003
Little White Lie (live)At Your Service2015
Living On A CoastlineLivin' It Up2006
Loud (feat. Matt Sorum + Billy Duffy)Cosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Love Has Found MeSammy Hagar 1977
Love Or MoneyDanger Zone 1980
Make It AlrightNot 4 Sale2002
Marching To MarsMarching To Mars 1997
MargaritavilleSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Mas TequilaRed Voodoo1999
Mas Tequila (live)Hallelujah2003
MexicoLivin' It Up2006
Mikey Bass Solo (live)At Your Service2015
Miles From BoredomDanger Zone 1980
Mommy Says, Daddy SaysDanger Zone 1980
Never Give UpThree Lock Box 1982
Never Say DieStreet Machine 1979
No WorriesSpace Between2019
Not 4 SaleNot 4 Sale2002
Not Going DownSammy Hagar + Friends2013
On The Other HandMarching To Mars 1997
One SipLivin' It Up2006
PeepholeCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Personal JesusSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Piece Of My HeartStanding Hampton 1981
Plain JaneStreet Machine 1979
Poundcake (live)At Your Service2015
PrivacyI Never Said Goodbye 1987
ProtectionTen 132000
Psycho VertigoCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Pump It UpCrazy Times2022
Rainy Day Women #12 + 35Livin' It Up2006
Ramblin' Gamblin' ManSammy Hagar + Friends2013
RecklessMusical Chairs 1977
RedSammy Hagar 1977
Red VoodooRed Voodoo1999
Remember The HeroesThree Lock Box 1982
Remote LoveThree Lock Box 1982
Returning HomeI Never Said Goodbye 1987
Returning Of The WishRed Voodoo1999
Right Now (live)Hallelujah2003
Right Now (live)At Your Service2015
Right On RightRed Voodoo1999
Rise Of The AnimalThree Lock Box 1982
Rock and Roll (live)At Your Service2015
Rock Candy (live)Hallelujah2003
Rock Candy (live)At Your Service2015
Rock Is in My BloodVOA 1984
Rock'n' Roll RomeoNine On A Ten Scale 1976
Rock'n' Roll WeekendSammy Hagar 1977
Run For Your LifeDanger Zone 1980
SailinLivin' It Up2006
Salvation On Sand HillMarching To Mars 1997
Sam I AmLivin' It Up2006
Serious JujuTen 132000
ShagRed Voodoo1999
Shaka DoobieTen 132000
Shaka Doobie (live)Hallelujah2003
Silver LightsNine On A Ten Scale 1976
Slow DrainCrazy Times2022
SomedayLivin' It Up2006
Someone Out ThereMusical Chairs 1977
Stand UpNot 4 Sale2002
Standin' At The Same Old CrossroadsI Never Said Goodbye 1987
Straight From The Hip KidMusical Chairs 1977
Straight To The TopStreet Machine 1979
SurrenderStanding Hampton 1981
Sweet HitchhikerStanding Hampton 1981
Swept AwayVOA 1984
Switch On The LightCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Sympathy For The HumanRed Voodoo1999
Ten 13Ten 132000
The Big NailNot 4 Sale2002
The Big Square InchNot 4 Sale2002
The IcemanDanger Zone 1980
The LoveRed Voodoo1999
The MessageTen 132000
The PitsSammy Hagar 1977
The Real DealTen 132000
The RevivalRed Voodoo1999
The Way We LiveLivin' It Up2006
The Yogi's So High (I'm Stoned)Marching To Mars 1997
There's Only One Way To RockStanding Hampton 1981
There's Only One Way To RockUnboxed1994
There's Only One Way To Rock (live)Hallelujah2003
There's Only One Way To Rock (live)At Your Service2015
Things've ChangedNot 4 Sale2002
This Planet's Un Fire (Burn In Hell)Street Machine 1979
Three Lock BoxThree Lock Box 1982
Three Lock BoxUnboxed1994
Three Lock Box (live)Hallelujah2003
Top Of The World (live)Hallelujah2003
Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)Street Machine 1979
Tropic Of CapricornTen 132000
Trust Fund BabySpace Between2019
Try (Try To Fall In Love)Musical Chairs 1977
Turn Up The MusicMusical Chairs 1977
Two Sides Of LoveVOA 1984
Two Sides Of LoveUnboxed1994
Urban GuerillaNine On A Ten Scale 1976
Vic Guitar Solo (live)At Your Service2015
What They Gonna Say NowI Never Said Goodbye 1987
When It's Love (live)Hallelujah2003
When It's Love (live)At Your Service2015
When The Hammer FallsI Never Said Goodbye 1987
When The Levee Breaks (live)At Your Service2015
When The Sun Don't ShineCosmic Universal Fashion 2008
Who Has The RightMarching To Mars 1997
Whole Lotta Love (live)At Your Service2015
Whole Lotta ZepNot 4 Sale2002
Why Can't This Be Love (live)Hallelujah2003
Why Can't This Be Love (live)At Your Service2015
Wide Open SpaceSpace Between2019
Winding DownSammy Hagar + Friends2013
Would You Do It For FreeMarching To Mars 1997
Wounded In LoveStreet Machine 1979
You Get What You Pay ForCrazy Times2022
You Make Me CrazyMusical Chairs 1977
Young Girl BluesNine On A Ten Scale 1976
Your Love Is Driving Me CrazyThree Lock Box 1982

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