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A Man In Your HeadPassage1996
A Man In Your Head (live)Passage - Live2024
Above As BelowEra One2006
After The SepultureBlood Ritual1992
After The Sepulture (Bonus Track)Ceremony Of Opposites1994
After The Sepulture (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Against All EnemiesHegemony2017
AllianceSolar Soul2007
Angel Of WrathHegemony2017
Angel's DecayPassage1996
Angel's Decay (live)Passage - Live2024
AntigodLux Mundi2011
ArchtectSolar Soul2007
As The SunReign Of Light2004
AveSolar Soul2007
Baphomet's ThroneCeremony Of Opposites1994
Bestial DevotionBlood Ritual1992
BeyondEra One2006
Beyond The NothingnessBlood Ritual1992
Beyond The Nothingness (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Black HoleAbove2009
Black SupremacyHegemony2017
Black TripCeremony Of Opposites1994
Blood RitualBlood Ritual1992
Blood Ritual (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Born Under SaturnPassage1996
Born Under Saturn (live)Passage - Live2024
Celebration Of The FourthCeremony Of Opposites1994
Ceremony Of Opposites (Bonus Track)Passage1996
Ceremony Of OppsitesCeremony Of Opposites1994
Chosen RacePassage1996
Chosen Race (live)Passage - Live2024
ConnexionEra One2006
CrownCeremony Of Opposites1994
Dark SideAbove2009
Diamond DropsEra One2006
Dictate Of TransparencyHegemony2017
Door Of Celestial PeaceReign Of Light2004
Earth CountryAbove2009
EpilogueBlood Ritual1992
Era OneEra One2006
Exodus (Bonus Track)Passage1996
FlagellationCeremony Of Opposites1994
Flying HighEra One2006
For A Thousand YearsLux Mundi2011
From Malkuth To Kether (Bonus Track)Passage1996
FurtherReign Of Light2004
God's SnakeAbove2009
HeliopolisReign Of Light2004
Helter SkelterHegemony2017
High AboveReign Of Light2004
HomeEra One2006
I Love The Dead (Bonus Track)Ceremony Of Opposites1994
In Gold We TrustLux Mundi2011
In The DeepLux Mundi2011
In ThereAbove2009
Inch'AllahReign Of Light2004
Infra GalaxiaEternal1999
Inside StairsEra One2006
Into The PentagramWorship Him1991
Into The Pentagram (Bonus Track)Ceremony Of Opposites1994
Jupiterian VibePassage1996
Jupiterian Vibe (live)Passage - Live2024
Knowledge Of The Ancient KingdomWorship Him1991
Kol-L-NoorEra One2006
Land Of The LivingHegemony2017
Last BenedictionWorship Him1991
Let My People BeLux Mundi2011
Liquid Soul DimensionPassage1996
Liquid Soul Dimension (live)Passage - Live2024
LuxferreLux Mundi2011
Macabre OperettaBlood Ritual1992
Manitou (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Mask Of The Red DeathCeremony Of Opposites1994
Messenger Of The LightWorship Him1991
MoongateReign Of Light2004
Moonskin (live)Passage - Live2024
Morbid MetalWorship Him1991
Morbid Metal (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Mother NightLux Mundi2011
Murder Or SuicideHegemony2017
My SaviourPassage1996
My Saviour (live)Passage - Live2024
Nautilus And ZepplinEternal1999
Night RideEra One2006
Of WarLux Mundi2011
OlympusSolar Soul2007
On EarthReign Of Light2004
On The RiseSolar Soul2007
On The Top Of It AllAbove2009
One With EverythingEra One2006
Oriental DawnReign Of Light2004
OvercomeEra One2006
Pagan TranceLux Mundi2011
Passage (live)Passage - Live2024
Poison InfiltrationBlood Ritual1992
Promised LandSolar Soul2007
Quasar WavesSolar Soul2007
Radiant StarEternal1999
Rain (live)Passage - Live2024
Reading MindEra One2006
Rebellion (Bonus Track)Ceremony Of Opposites1994
Red PlanetHegemony2017
Red UnctionEra One2006
Reign Of LightReign Of Light2004
Rite Of CthulhuWorship Him1991
Rite Of Cthulu (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Rite Of RenewalHegemony2017
Shining KingdomPassage1996
Shining Kingdom (live)Passage - Live2024
Silent WordsEra One2006
SlavogracySolar Soul2007
Sleep Of DeathWorship Him1991
Solar SoulSolar Soul2007
Son Of Earth (Bonus Track)Passage1996
Son Of The EarthCeremony Of Opposites1994
Sonce The CreationBlood Ritual1992
Soul InvictusLux Mundi2011
Sound Of GalaxiesEra One2006
Static Journey (Bonus Track)Ceremony Of Opposites1994
Storm Of FireHegemony2017
Supra KarmaEternal1999
Suspended TimeSolar Soul2007
TelepathReign Of Light2004
The Black FaceWorship Him1991
The CrossEternal1999
The DarkWorship Him1991
The Ones Who Came BeforePassage1996
The Ones Who Came Before (live)Passage - Live2024
The Shadow Of The SwordLux Mundi2011
The Truth Is Marching OnLux Mundi2011
This WorldHegemony2017
Till We Meet AgainCeremony Of Opposites1994
To Our MartyrsCeremony Of Opposites1994
Total Conserration (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Total DevotionBlood Ritual1992
Tribes Of Cain (Bonus Track)Passage1996
Under One FlagAbove2009
Universal SoulEra One2006
Until The ChaosBlood Ritual1992
Until The Chaos (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Valkyries' New RideSolar Soul2007
Virtual WarAbove2009
VoyageEra One2006
Wealth And FortuneEra One2006
Western SoundSolar Soul2007
Winter Solstice (Bonus Track)Passage1996
With The Gleam Of The TorchesBlood Ritual1992
Worship HimWorship Him1991
Worship Him (live) (Bonus Track)Worship Him1991
Year ZeroEternal1999

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