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1974Rock N Roll2003
A Kiss Before I GoJacksonville City Nights2005
Afraid Not ScaredLove Is Hell2004
All You Had To Do Was Stay19892015
Always On My MindJacksonville City Nights2005
Am I SafeRyan Adams2014
Answering BellGold2001
Anybody Wanna Take Me HomeRock N Roll2003
Anybody Wanna Take Me HomeLove Is Hell2004
Anything I Say To You NowPrisoner2017
Argument (with David Rawlings concerning Morrissey)Heartbreaker2000
Ashes And FireAshes And Fire2011
AvalancheLove Is Hell2004
Bad Blood19892015
Bartering LinesHeartbreaker2000
Beautiful SortaCold Roses2005
Big ColorsBig Colors2021
Blank Space19892015
BlossomCold Roses2005
Blue Sky Blues292005
Born Into A LightCardinology2008
BoysRock N Roll2003
Breakdown Into The Resolve  III-IV2010
Broken AnywayPrisoner2017
Burning PhotographsRock N Roll2003
Call Me On Your Way Back HomeHeartbreaker2000
Carolina Rain292005
Chains Of LoveAshes And Fire2011
Cherry LaneCold Roses2005
Chin Up, Cheer UpDemolition2002
City Rain, City StreetsLove Is Hell2004
Cold RosesCold Roses2005
Come HomeAshes And Fire2011
Come Pick Me UpHeartbreaker2000
Come Pick Me Up (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Crossed Out NameCardinology2008
Cry On DemandDemolition2002
Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)Heartbreaker2000
Dance All NightCold Roses2005
Dear Candy  III-IV2010
Dear ChicagoDemolition2002
Dear JohnJacksonville City Nights2005
Death And Rats  III-IV2010
Dirty RainAshes And Fire2011
Do I WaitAshes And Fire2011
Do Miss AmericaRock N Roll2003
Do Not DisturbBig Colors2021
Do You Still Love MePrisoner2017
Don't Ask For The WaterHeartbreaker2000
Don't Fail Me NowJacksonville City Nights2005
Doylestown GirlBig Colors2021
Dreaming You BackwardsWednesdays2020
Dreaming You BackwardsBig Colors2021
Easy PlateauCold Roses2005
Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part292005
Enemy FireGold2001
English Girls ApproximatelyLove Is Hell2004
Everybody KnowsEasy Tiger2007
Feels Like FireRyan Adams2014
Fix ItCardinology2008
FriendsCold Roses2005
Fuck The RainBig Colors2021
GamesJacksonville City Nights2005
Gimme A SignDemolition2002
Gimme Something GoodRyan Adams2014
Gimme Something Good (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Go EasyCardinology2008
Gonna Make You Love MeGold2001
Goodnight RoseEasy Tiger2007
Goodnight, Hollywood BoulevardGold2001
Gracie  III-IV2010
HalloweenheadEasy Tiger2007
Happy Birthday  III-IV2010
Hard Way To FallJacksonville City Nights2005
Harder Now That It's OverGold2001
Haunted HousePrisoner2017
Hotel Chelsea NightsLove Is Hell2004
How Do You Keep Love AliveCold Roses2005
How Much Light (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
How You Get The Girl19892015
HypnotixedRock N Roll2003
I Just MightRyan Adams2014
I Know Places19892015
I Love You But I Don't Know What To SayAshes And Fire2011
I See MonstersLove Is Hell2004
I SurrenderBig Colors2021
I Taught Myself How To Grow OldEasy Tiger2007
I Wish You Would19892015
I'm Sorry And I Love YouWednesdays2020
I'm Sorry And I Love YouBig Colors2021
Icebreaker  III-IV2010
If I Am A StrangerCold Roses2005
In It For The PleasureBig Colors2021
In My Time Of NeedHeartbreaker2000
Invisible RiversideAshes And Fire2011
It's So Quiet, It's LoudBig Colors2021
Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)Demolition2002
Kill The Lights  III-IV2010
KimRyan Adams2014
Kim (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
KindnessAshes And Fire2011
Kisses Start Wars  III-IV2010
La Cienega Just SmiledGold2001
Let GoRyan Adams2014
Let It RideCold Roses2005
Let Us Down EasyCardinology2008
Life Is BeautifulCold Roses2005
Like YesterdayCardinology2008
Lost In TimeWednesdays2020
Love Is HellLove Is Hell2004
Lovely And Blue  III-IV2010
Lucky NowAshes And Fire2011
LuminolRock N Roll2003
Magnolia MountainCold Roses2005
ManchesterBig Colors2021
Meadowlake StreetCold Roses2005
Middle Of The LineBig Colors2021
MockingbirdCold Roses2005
My Blue ManhattanLove Is Hell2004
My Favorite Song  III-IV2010
My Heart Is BrokenJacksonville City Nights2005
My Winding WheelHeartbreaker2000
My Wrecking BallRyan Adams2014
My Wrecking Ball (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Natural GhostCardinology2008
New York, New YorkGold2001
New York, New York (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Night Birds292005
No  III-IV2010
Nobody GirlGold2001
Nobody Girl (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Note To Self: Don't DieRock N Roll2003
Now That You're GoneCold Roses2005
Numbers  III-IV2010
Off BroadwayEasy Tiger2007
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.Easy Tiger2007
Oh My Sweet CarolinaHeartbreaker2000
Oh My Sweet Carolina (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Out Of The Woods19892015
Outbound TrainPrisoner2017
P.S.  III-IV2010
PaJacksonville City Nights2005
Peaceful ValleyJacksonville City Nights2005
Pearls On A StringEasy Tiger2007
Please Do Not Let Me GoLove Is Hell2004
Poison And PainWednesdays2020
Political ScientistLove Is Hell2004
PowerBig Colors2021
Rip OffEasy Tiger2007
Rock N RollRock N Roll2003
RocksAshes And Fire2011
RosebudCold Roses2005
Save MeAshes And Fire2011
SeptemberJacksonville City Nights2005
Sewers At The Bottom Of The Wishing Well  III-IV2010
ShadowsRyan Adams2014
Shake It Off19892015
Shakedown On 9th StreetHeartbreaker2000
ShallowRock N Roll2003
She Wants To Play HeartsDemolition2002
She's Lost Total ControlRock N Roll2003
Shiver And ShakePrisoner2017
ShowtimeBig Colors2021
Silver BulletsJacksonville City Nights2005
Sink ShipsCardinology2008
So AliveRock N Roll2003
So, AnywaysWednesdays2020
Somehow SomedayGold2001
Star Wars  III-IV2010
Starlite Diner292005
Starting To HurtDemolition2002
Stay With MeRyan Adams2014
Stop Playing With My Heart  III-IV2010
Strawberry Wine292005
Summer RainBig Colors2021
Sweet IllusionsCold Roses2005
Sweet Lil Gal (23rd - 1st)Heartbreaker2000
Sylvia PlathGold2001
Sylvia Plath (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
Tears Of GoldEasy Tiger2007
Tennessee SucksDemolition2002
Thank You LouiseLove Is Hell2004
The Crystal Skull  III-IV2010
The Drugs Not WorkingRock N Roll2003
The EndJacksonville City Nights2005
The Hardest PartJacksonville City Nights2005
The Rescue BluesGold2001
The ShadowlandsLove Is Hell2004
The Sun Also SetsEasy Tiger2007
These GirlsEasy Tiger2007
This House Is Not For SaleLove Is Hell2004
This Is ItRock N Roll2003
This Is Where We Meet In My Mind (live)Ten Songs From 'Live At Carnegie Hall'2015
This Love19892015
Tina Todedo's Street Walkin' BluesGold2001
Tired Of Giving UpRyan Adams2014
To Be The OneHeartbreaker2000
To Be Without YouPrisoner2017
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)Heartbreaker2000
TonightCold Roses2005
Touch, Feel And LoseGold2001
TrainsJacksonville City Nights2005
TroubleRyan Adams2014
Twenty Nine292005
TwoEasy Tiger2007
Two HeartsEasy Tiger2007
Typecast  III-IV2010
Ultraviolet Light  III-IV2010
Users  III-IV2010
Walk In The DarkWednesdays2020
Wasteland  III-IV2010
We DisappearPrisoner2017
Welcome To New York19892015
What Am IBig Colors2021
When The Stars Go BlueGold2001
When Will You Come Back HomeCold Roses2005
When You Cross OverWednesdays2020
Who Is Going To Love Me Now, If Not YouWednesdays2020
Why Do They LeaveHeartbreaker2000
Wild FlowersGold2001
Wildest Dreams19892015
Wish You Were HereRock N Roll2003
Withering HeightsJacksonville City Nights2005
WonderwallLove Is Hell2004
World War 24Love Is Hell2004
You Will Always Be The SameDemolition2002

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