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18th JulyThe Story2016
A Dh'Innse Na FirinnIn Search Of Angels1999
A Dh'Innse Na Firinn (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
A ReiteachProterra2003
Abhainn An T-Sluaigh - The Crowded RiverBig Wheel1991
Air A' ChuanHeartland1985
Air an traighPlay Gaelic1978
AlbaThe Cutter And The Clan1987
Alba (live)Party On The Moor2014
Alba (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
All The MilesProterra2003
All Things Must ChangeIn Search Of Angels1999
Always The WinnerBig Wheel1991
Amazing ThingsAmazing Things1993
An Ataireachd ArdHeartland1985
An Cuibhle Mor - The Big WheelBig Wheel1991
An dealachadhEverything You See2007
An rosPlay Gaelic1978
An sabhal aig neillThe Stamping Ground2001
An Sabhal Aig Neill (live)Party On The Moor2014
An Sabhal Aig Neill (live)Best Of Rarities2018
An toll dubhRecovery1981
An Toll DubhProterra2003
An Toll Dubh (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
An Ubhal As AirdeThe Cutter And The Clan1987
An Ubhal As Airde (+ Donnie Munro) (live)Party On The Moor2014
An-Diugh Ghabh Mi CuairtThe Story2016
And The Accordions PlayedEverything You See2007
And The Accordions Played (live)Best Of Rarities2018
And We'll Sing (live)Party On The Moor2014
Angels From The AshesProterra2003
Ard (High)Amazing Things1993
AtomsEverything You See2007
Big SkyIn Search Of Angels1999
Big Sky (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Big Sky (live)Party On The Moor2014
Big Songs Of Hope And CheerThe Stamping Ground2001
Book Of Golden StoriesThe Stamping Ground2001
Book Of Golden Stories (live)Party On The Moor2014
Book Of Golden Stories (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Breaking The ChainsRecovery1981
CanadaAmazing Things1993
Canada (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Canada (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Cearcal a chuainThe Highland Connection1979
Cearcal A' Chuain (live) (+ Donnie Munro + Glasgow Islay Gaelic Choir)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Cearcal A'Chuain (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Ceol an dannsaPlay Gaelic1978
Chi mi'n geamhradhPlay Gaelic1978
Cho Buidhe Is A Bha I RiabhIn Search Of Angels1999
City Of LightsSearchlight1989
City Of Lights (live)Party On The Moor2014
Clash Of The AshEverything You See2007
Clash Of The Ash (live)Party On The Moor2014
Clash Of The Ash (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Clash Of The Ash (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Cnoc Na FailleHeartland1985
Cnoc Na Feille (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Criogal cridhePlay Gaelic1978
Cum 'ur n'airePlay Gaelic1978
Da Mhile BliadhnaIn Search Of Angels1999
Dance Called AmericaHeartland1985
Dance Called America (live)Party On The Moor2014
Day In A BoatMara1995
Days Of DaysProterra2003
De ni mi and puirtPlay Gaelic1978
Dream FieldsAmazing Things1993
Drum Section (live)Party On The Moor2014
Dusig mo runPlay Gaelic1978
Dust (+ Duncan Chisholm) (live)Party On The Moor2014
Edge Of The WorldBig Wheel1991
Edge Of The World (+ Donnie Munro) (live)Party On The Moor2014
Edge Of The World (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Edge Of The World (live)Best Of Rarities2018
ElegyThe Story2016
Empty GlensProterra2003
Empty Glens (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Everlasting GunHeartland1985
Every Beating HeartThe Story2016
Every RiverSearchlight1989
Every River (live)Party On The Moor2014
Every River (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Every River (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Faileas Air An Airidh (+ Julie Fowlis) (live)Party On The Moor2014
Faileas Air An AirighProterra2003
Fichead bliadhna - Na luing air seoladhThe Highland Connection1979
Flower Of The WestBig Wheel1991
Flower Of The West (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Foghar nan eileanThe Highland Connection1979
Forever Eyes Of BlueAmazing Things1993
From The NorthProterra2003
Fuaim a bhlairRecovery1981
Gabriel's SwordProterra2003
Gamhna geallaThe Highland Connection1979
Going HomeThe Highland Connection1979
Going Home (+ Duncan Chisholm) (live)Party On The Moor2014
Going Home (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Heading To AcadiaProterra2003
HeadlightsBig Wheel1991
Healer In Your HeartBig Wheel1991
HearthammerBig Wheel1991
Hearts Of Olden GloryThe Cutter And The Clan1987
Hearts Of Olden Glory (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Hearts Of Olden Glory (live)Party On The Moor2014
Hearts Of Olden Glory (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Hearts Of Olden Glory (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
I'll Keep Coming HomeBig Wheel1991
Ic iain 'ic sheumaisRecovery1981
In ScandinaviaEverything You See2007
In Search Of AngelsIn Search Of Angels1999
In Search Of Angels (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Intro (Recovery - The Brolum) (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Life IsIn Search Of Angels1999
Loch LomondThe Highland Connection1979
Loch Lomond (live)Party On The Moor2014
Loch Lomond (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
MairiThe Highland Connection1979
May Morning (live)Party On The Moor2014
MaymorningIn Search Of Angels1999
Maymorning (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Maymorning (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Meadhan oidhche air an acairseidMara1995
Morning TideThe Highland Connection1979
Move A MountainAmazing Things1993
Na h-uain a's t-earrachThe Highland Connection1979
Nach neonach neisd a tha ePlay Gaelic1978
News From HeavenSearchlight1989
Nothing But The SunMara1995
O Cho MealtHeartland1985
On The EdgeAmazing Things1993
On The Edge (live)Party On The Moor2014
On The Edge (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
OnarThe Story2016
Onar (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Onar (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
One ThingThe Stamping Ground2001
One Thing (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Only The BraveSearchlight1989
Only The Brave (live)Party On The Moor2014
OranThe Stamping Ground2001
Oran ailein - Leaving StrathcononThe Stamping Ground2001
Our Earth Was Once GreenThe Cutter And The Clan1987
Pog Aon Oidche EarraichAmazing Things1993
Pog Aon Oidche Earraich (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Precious YearsSearchlight1989
Precious Years - Every River (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Pride Of The SummerThe Cutter And The Clan1987
Pride Of The Summer (+ Inverness Royal British Legion Pipe Band) (live)Party On The Moor2014
Pride Of The Summer (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Pride Of The Summer (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Protect And SurviveThe Cutter And The Clan1987
Protect And Survive (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Protect And Survive (live)Party On The Moor2014
Protect And Survive (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Proterra (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Ribhinn DonnIn Search Of Angels1999
Rise And FallThe Story2016
Rise And Fall - Elegy (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Road And The RiverMara1995
Road And The River (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Road TripEverything You See2007
Road Trip (live)Party On The Moor2014
Road Trip (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Rocket To The MoonThe Cutter And The Clan1987
Rocket To The Moon (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Rocket To The Moon (live)Party On The Moor2014
Rocket To The Moon (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Rubh nan cudaigeanRecovery1981
Rubh Nan Cudaigean - The Middle (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Running To The LightThe Stamping Ground2001
S to mo meannan - Nightfall on MarscoRecovery1981
Saints Of The Soil (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Sguaban arbhairPlay Gaelic1978
Siol GhoraidhSearchlight1989
Siol Ghoraidh (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Siol Ghorraidh (live)Party On The Moor2014
Skye (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
Skye (live)Party On The Moor2014
Skye (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Something's Got To GiveEverything You See2007
SomewhereThe Story2016
Somewhere (live) (+ Julie Fowlis)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
Somewhere (Re-Recording 2018)Best Of Rarities2018
SonaEverything You See2007
Song Of The EarthAmazing Things1993
Sraidean Na Roinn-Eorpa (Streets Of Europe)Amazing Things1993
SunndachPlay Gaelic1978
Tear Down These WallsSearchlight1989
Thairis air a GhleannMara1995
That Final MileSearchlight1989
The CutterThe Cutter And The Clan1987
The Cutter (+ Donnie Munro) (live)Party On The Moor2014
The Dancing FloorMara1995
The Dancing Floor (live)Best Of Rarities2018
The Drum Section (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
The Engine Room (live)Party On The Moor2014
The Engine Room (live)Best Of Rarities2018
The Greatest FlameAmazing Things1993
The Greatest Flame (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
The MessageIn Search Of Angels1999
The Message (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
The Mighty Atlantic - Mara ThemeMara1995
The Ocean RoadEverything You See2007
The Ocean Road (live)Best Of Rarities2018
The Old BoysRecovery1981
The Old BoysProterra2003
The Only RoseThe Cutter And The Clan1987
The Only Rose (live)Live At Celtic Connections2000
The Place Where The Rivers RunThe Story2016
The Place Where The Rivers Run (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
The ShipThe Stamping Ground2001
The Ship (live)Best Of Rarities2018
The Ship (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
The Stamping GroundThe Stamping Ground2001
The Stamping Ground (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
The StoryThe Story2016
The Story (live)Best Of Rarities2018
The Story (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
The Summer WalkersThe Stamping Ground2001
The Summer Walkers (live)Party On The Moor2014
The Twenty-Five PounderThe Highland Connection1979
The WeddingMara1995
The Years We SharedThe Story2016
The Years We Shared (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
There's A NeedProterra2003
Things That AreMara1995
Things That Are (live)Best Of Rarities2018
This Beautiful PainBig Wheel1991
This Darkest WinterHeartland1985
This DayEverything You See2007
This Is Not A Love SongIn Search Of Angels1999
Tillidh miPlay Gaelic1978
Tir A MhurainSearchlight1989
Tir an airmRecovery1981
TravellersIn Search Of Angels1999
Travellers - In Scandinavia (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Tuireadh Laln RuaidhHeartland1985
Wall Of China - One Man In The Engine RoomThe Stamping Ground2001
What TimeThe Highland Connection1979
What Time (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019
When The BeautyThe Story2016
WonderfulAmazing Things1993
Wonderful (live)Best Of Rarities2018
Worker For The WindThe Cutter And The Clan1987
World AppealSearchlight1989
Year Of The FloodEverything You See2007
Year Of The Flood (live)The Last Dance - Farewell Concert2019

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