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Adrian S.O.S.Gates To Purgatory1984
Adventure GalleyThe Rivalry1998
Adventure HighwayResilient2013
Agents Of BlackThe Rivalry1998
Angel Of MercyRogues en vogue2005
Apocalyptic Horsemen20 Years In History2003
Bad To The BoneDeath Or Glory1989
Bad To The Bone20 Years In History2003
Ballad Of William Kid20 Years In History2003
Ballad Of William KiddThe Rivalry1998
Battle Of WaterlooDeath Or Glory1989
Beggars' NightUnder Jolly Roger1987
Beggars' Night (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)Pile Of Skulls1992
Billy The Kid (Bonus Track)Blazon Stone1991
Black BartRapid Foray2016
Black DemonGates To Purgatory1984
Black GoldRogues en vogue2005
Black Hand InnBlack Hand Inn1994
Black Hand Inn20 Years In History2003
Black ShadowShadowmaker2012
Black Skies, Red FlagRapid Foray2016
Black SoulMasquerade1995
Black Soul20 Years In History2003
Black Wings Of DeathPile Of Skulls1992
Blazon StoneBlazon Stone1991
Blazon Stone20 Years In History2003
Blood Moon RisingRapid Foray2016
Blood On BloodBlood On Blood2021
Bloody IslandResilient2013
Bloody Red RoseBlazon Stone1991
Blown To Kingdom ComePort Royal1988
Bones To Ashes (Bonus Track)Masquerade1995
Born Bad, Dying WorseRogues en vogue2005
Branded And ExiledBranded And Exiled1985
Branded And Exiled '0320 Years In History2003
By The Blood In Your HeartRapid Foray2016
Calico JackPort Royal1988
Cannonball Tongue (Bonus Track)Rogues en vogue2005
Chains And LeatherBranded And Exiled1985
Chains And LeatherDeath Or Glory1989
Chamber Of LiesPile Of Skulls1992
ConquistadoresPort Royal1988
Conquistadores20 Years In History2003
CrossfireThe Brotherhood2002
Crossing The BladesBlood On Blood2021
Crystal GoldResilient2013
Dancing On A MinefieldBlack Hand Inn1994
Dead Man's RoadRogues en vogue2005
Death Or GloryDeath Or Glory1989
Desert RoseResilient2013
DetonatorThe Brotherhood2002
Diabolic ForceGates To Purgatory1984
Diamonds And PearlsBlood On Blood2021
Diamonds Of The Black ChestUnder Jolly Roger1987
Down To The WireResilient2013
Dr. HorrorThe Brotherhood2002
DragonmenBlack Hand Inn1994
Draw The LineRogues en vogue2005
Evil SpiritBranded And Exiled1985
EvilutionDeath Or Glory1989
Faceless (Bonus Track)The Brotherhood2002
Fall Of DorkasVictory2000
Fight The Fire Of HateBlack Hand Inn1994
Fight The OppressionBranded And Exiled1985
Final GatesPort Royal1988
Fire And IceBlazon Stone1991
Fire And ThunderThe Rivalry1998
FirebreatherThe Rivalry1998
Firebreather20 Years In History2003
Fistful Of DynamitePile Of Skulls1992
Freewind RiderBlack Hand Inn1994
Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man)Black Hand Inn1994
Genghis KhanGates To Purgatory1984
Genghis Khan20 Years In History2003
Genocide (Bonus Track)Blazon Stone1991
Gods Of IronBranded And Exiled1985
Hanged, Drawn And Quartered (Bonus Track)Pile Of Skulls1992
Heads Or TailsBlazon Stone1991
HellestrifiedRapid Foray2016
Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)Death Or Glory1989
I Am Who I AmShadowmaker2012
Into The ArenaPort Royal1988
Into The BlackShadowmaker2012
Into The FireVictory2000
Into The WestRapid Foray2016
IntroPort Royal1988
Iron Heads (Bonus Track)Masquerade1995
Jennings' RevengePile Of Skulls1992
Kiss Of DeathThe Rivalry1998
Land Of IceUnder Jolly Roger1987
Last Of The MohicansRapid Foray2016
Lead Or GoldPile Of Skulls1992
Libertalia (Bonus Track)Rogues en vogue2005
Lions Of The SeaMasquerade1995
Lions Of The Sea20 Years In History2003
Little Big HornBlazon Stone1991
Little Big Horn20 Years In History2003
LonewolfBlazon Stone1991
Man On The MoonThe Rivalry1998
March Of The Final BattleThe Rivalry1998
March OnDeath Or Glory1989
Marching To DieBranded And Exiled1985
MaroonedDeath Or Glory1989
Me And The BoysShadowmaker2012
Men In BlackMasquerade1995
Merciless GameUnder Jolly Roger1987
MordorBranded And Exiled1985
Mordor '0320 Years In History2003
Mr. DeadheadBlack Hand Inn1994
MutinyPort Royal1988
One Night, One DayBlood On Blood2021
Over The RainbowBlazon Stone1991
Piece Of The ActionShadowmaker2012
Pile Of SkullsPile Of Skulls1992
Pirate SongThe Brotherhood2002
Poisoned BloodBlack Hand Inn1994
Port RoyalPort Royal1988
Port Royal20 Years In History2003
Powder And IronBlack Hand Inn1994
Powerride (Bonus Track)The Brotherhood2002
PreacherGates To Purgatory1984
Prisoner Of Our TimeGates To Purgatory1984
Prisoners Of Our Time20 Years In History2003
Prowling Werewolf20 Years In History2003
Raging FirePort Royal1988
Raise Your FistUnder Jolly Roger1987
Raise Your Fist20 Years In History2003
Rapid ForayRapid Foray2016
Raw RideUnder Jolly Roger1987
Realm Of ShadesBranded And Exiled1985
Rebel At HeartMasquerade1995
RenegadeDeath Or Glory1989
ResurrectionThe Rivalry1998
Return Of The DragonThe Rivalry1998
Return Of The GodsVictory2000
Riding On The TideShadowmaker2012
Riding The StormDeath Or Glory1989
Riding The Storm20 Years In History2003
Roaring ThunderPile Of Skulls1992
Rogues en vogueRogues en vogue2005
Rolling WheelsBlazon Stone1991
Run RiotResilient2013
Running BloodDeath Or Glory1989
Sailing FireShadowmaker2012
Satan (Bonus Track)Gates To Purgatory1984
Say Your PrayersBlood On Blood2021
Siberian WinterThe Brotherhood2002
Silent KillerVictory2000
Sinister EyesPile Of Skulls1992
Skeleton DanceRogues en vogue2005
Skull And BonesRogues en vogue2005
SlaveryBlazon Stone1991
Soldiers Of FortuneResilient2013
Soldiers Of HellGates To Purgatory1984
Soleil RoyalMasquerade1995
Soul VampiresRogues en vogue2005
SoullessBlack Hand Inn1994
SoulstrippersThe Brotherhood2002
Stick To Your GunsRapid Foray2016
StörtebekerDeath Or Glory1989
Straight To HellBlazon Stone1991
Tear Down The WallsDeath Or Glory1989
The BrotherhoodThe Brotherhood2002
The Brotherhood20 Years In History2003
The Contract - The Crypts Of HadesMasquerade1995
The CurseBlack Hand Inn1994
The Depth Of The Sea Nautilus (Instrumental)Rapid Foray2016
The DriftResilient2013
The Final WaltzVictory2000
The GhostThe Brotherhood2002
The GuardianVictory2000
The HussarVictory2000
The Iron Times (1618-1648)Blood On Blood2021
The Phantom Of Black Hand HillBlack Hand Inn1994
The PoisonThe Rivalry1998
The Privateeer20 Years In History2003
The PrivateerBlack Hand Inn1994
The RivalryThe Rivalry1998
The ShellbackBlood On Blood2021
The WarRogues en vogue2005
Tortuga BayDeath Or Glory1989
Treasure IslandPile Of Skulls1992
Treasure Island20 Years In History2003
Tsar20 Years In History2003
UaschitschunPort Royal1988
Uaschitschun '92 (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)Pile Of Skulls1992
UnationThe Brotherhood2002
Under Jolly RogerUnder Jolly Roger1987
Under Jolly Roger20 Years In History2003
Victim Of States PowerGates To Purgatory1984
Victory20 Years In History2003
Walpurgis Night (Bonus Track)Gates To Purgatory1984
War And PeaceThe Rivalry1998
War In The GutterUnder Jolly Roger1987
WarchildPort Royal1988
WarmongersRapid Foray2016
Welcome To HellThe Brotherhood2002
Welcome To Hell20 Years In History2003
Wheel Of DoomMasquerade1995
When Time Runs OutVictory2000
WhirlwindPile Of Skulls1992
Whirlwind20 Years In History2003
White BuffaloPile Of Skulls1992
White MasqueBlazon Stone1991
Wild And FreeBlood On Blood2021
Wild AnimalDeath Or Glory1989
Wild, Wild NightsBlood On Blood2021
Win Or Be Drowned (Bonu Tracks)Pile Of Skulls1992
Winged And FeatheredRogues en vogue2005
Wings Of FireBlood On Blood2021

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