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A Face In The CrowdThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
A Lucky GuyPirates1981
A Stranger's CarTraffic From Paradise1993
A Tree On AllenfordThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
A Tree On AllenfordDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight)Rickie Lee Jones1979
After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight) (Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
All The WayPieces Of Treasure2023
Altar BoyTraffic From Paradise1993
Altar BoyDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Altar Boy (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Atlas' MarkerFlying Cowboys1989
Atlas' Marker (Bruce Mix - Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Atlas' Marker (The Aviator) (Live)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Autumn Leaves (+ Rob Wasserman)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Autumn Leaves (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Away From The SkyFlying Cowboys1989
Bad CompanyKicks2019
Bayless StreetBalm In Gilead2009
Beat AngelsTraffic From Paradise1993
Beat AngelsDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
BitchenostrophyDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
BitchnostrophyThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
Blinded By The HuntThe Other Side of Desire2015
Bonfires In HellBalm In Gilead2009
Bye Bye BlackbirdPop Pop1991
Bye Bye BlackbirdDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Catch The WindThe Devil You Know2012
Christmas In New OrleansThe Other Side of Desire2015
Chuck E's In LoveDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Chuck E's In Love (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Chuck E.'s In LoveRickie Lee Jones1979
Chuck E.'s In Love (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Circle In The SandThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Cloud Of UnknowingGhostyhead1997
Comfort YouThe Devil You Know2012
Comin' Back To MePop Pop1991
CompanyRickie Lee Jones1979
CompanyDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
CoolsvilleRickie Lee Jones1979
CoolsvilleDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Coolsville (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Coolsville (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
CyclesIt's Like This2000
CyclesDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Danny's All-Star JointRickie Lee Jones1979
Dat DerePop Pop1991
Deep SpaceThe Magazine1984
Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingFlying Cowboys1989
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Donkey RideThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Easter ParadeDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Easy MoneyRickie Lee Jones1979
Easy Money (Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Elvis CadillacThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Eucalyptus TrailBalm In Gilead2009
Falling UpThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Feet On The GroundThe Other Side of Desire2015
Finale (A Spider In The Circus Of The Falling Star)The Other Side of Desire2015
FirewalkerDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Flying CowboysFlying Cowboys1989
Flying CowboysDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Flying Cowboys (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Flying Cowboys (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
For No OneIt's Like This2000
GethsemaneThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Ghetto Of My MindFlying Cowboys1989
Ghost TrainFlying Cowboys1989
Ghost TrainDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
GravityThe Magazine1984
HauntedThe Other Side of Desire2015
Here's That Rainy DayPieces Of Treasure2023
Hey BubDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Hi-Lili Hi-LoPop Pop1991
I Can't Get StartedIt's Like This2000
I Was ThereThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
I Wasn't HereThe Other Side of Desire2015
I Won't Grow UpPop Pop1991
I'll Be Seeing YouPop Pop1991
InfinityThe Other Side of Desire2015
It HurtsThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
It Must Be LoveThe Magazine1984
It Must Be LoveDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
It Must Be Love (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
It Takes You ThereThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
It's All In The GamePieces Of Treasure2023
J'ai connais pasThe Other Side of Desire2015
Jimmy ChoosThe Other Side of Desire2015
Jolie JolieTraffic From Paradise1993
Juke Box FuryThe Magazine1984
JulietteThe Other Side of Desire2015
Just In TimePieces Of Treasure2023
Just My BabyFlying Cowboys1989
Just My Baby (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Lamp Of The BodyThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Lap DogThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
Little MysteriesThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
Little Yellow TownGhostyhead1997
Living It UpPirates1981
Living It UpDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Living It Up (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Lo Lo Lo (The Ballad Of Juan Carlos And Tommy Smith)Balm In Gilead2009
Lonely PeopleKicks2019
Love Is Gonna Bring Us Back AliveFlying Cowboys1989
Love Is Gonna Bring Us Back Alive (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Love JunkyardPop Pop1991
Low Spark Of High Heeled BoysIt's Like This2000
Mack The KnifeKicks2019
MagazineThe Magazine1984
MagazineDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Magazine (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Makin' Whoopee (+ Dr. John)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
MasterpieceThe Devil You Know2012
Mink Coat At The Bus StopThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
My Fathers GunKicks2019
My Funny Valentine (Live)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
My One And Only LovePop Pop1991
Nature BoyPieces Of Treasure2023
Night TrainRickie Lee Jones1979
Nobody Knows My NameThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Old EnoughBalm In Gilead2009
On His Jeweled FloorBalm In Gilead2009
On Saturday Afternoons In 1963Rickie Lee Jones1979
On Saturday Afternoons In 1963Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
On The Street Where You LiveIt's Like This2000
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetPieces Of Treasure2023
One For My BabyPieces Of Treasure2023
One Hand, One HeartIt's Like This2000
Only Love Can Break Your HeartThe Devil You Know2012
Pink FlamingosTraffic From Paradise1993
Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)Pirates1981
Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Play With FireThe Devil You Know2012
Prelude To GravityThe Magazine1984
Quicksilver GirlKicks2019
Reason To BelieveThe Devil You Know2012
Rebel RebelTraffic From Paradise1993
Remember MeBalm In Gilead2009
Road KillGhostyhead1997
Road To EmmausThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Rodeo GirlFlying Cowboys1989
Rodeo Girl (Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Rodeo Girl (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Rondo For 3 Apartments On 34th Street (Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Rorschachs (Theme For The Pope)The Magazine1984
RunaroundThe Magazine1984
Running From MercyTraffic From Paradise1993
Sailor SongThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
Sailor SongDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
SatellitesFlying Cowboys1989
SatellitesDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Satellites (Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Satellites (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Scary Chinese MovieGhostyhead1997
Scary Chinese MovieDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Second ChanceThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
Second Time AroundPop Pop1991
Seems Like A Long TimeThe Devil You Know2012
September SongPieces Of Treasure2023
Seventh DayThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Show Biz KidsIt's Like This2000
SkeletonsDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Skeletons (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
SmileIt's Like This2000
Someone To Watch Over MeIt's Like This2000
Something Cool (Live)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The MostPop Pop1991
St. James InfirmaryThe Devil You Know2012
Stewart's CoatTraffic From Paradise1993
Stewart's CoatDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Stewart's Coat (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Sunny AfternoonGhostyhead1997
Sunshine SupermanDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Sympathy For The DevilThe Devil You Know2012
Tell Somebody (Repeal The Patriot Act)The Evening Of My Best Day2003
The AlbatrossTraffic From Paradise1993
The Ballad Of The Sad Young MenPop Pop1991
The Blues Are Waiting Till It Gets DarkBalm In Gilead2009
The End Of The WorldKicks2019
The Evening Of My Best DayThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
The Evening Of My Best Day (Live)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
The HorsesFlying Cowboys1989
The HorsesDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
The Horses (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
The Last Chance TexacoRickie Lee Jones1979
The Last Chance TexacoDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
The Last Chance Texaco (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
The Moon Is Made Of GoldBalm In Gilead2009
The Real EndThe Magazine1984
The ReturnsPirates1981
The Unsigned Painting - The Weird BeastThe Magazine1984
The WeightThe Devil You Know2012
There Will Never Be Another YouPieces Of Treasure2023
They Can't Take That Away From MePieces Of Treasure2023
TigersTraffic From Paradise1993
TigersDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Traces Of The Western SlopesPirates1981
Traces Of The Western SlopesDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Tried To Be A ManThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
Trouble ManIt's Like This2000
Ugly ManThe Evening Of My Best Day2003
Ugly ManDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Up A Lazy RiverIt's Like This2000
Up From The SkiesPop Pop1991
Up From The SkiesDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Valtz de mon pere (Lovers Waltz)The Other Side of Desire2015
Vessel Of LightGhostyhead1997
Vessel Of LightDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
We Belong TogetherPirates1981
We Belong TogetherDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
We Belong Together (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
We Belong Together (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Weasel And The White Boys CoolRickie Lee Jones1979
Weasel And The White Boys CoolDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Weasel And The White Boys Cool (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Weasel And The White Boys Cool (live)Live At Red Rocks2001
Where I Like It BestThe Sermon On Exposition Boulevard2007
WildgirlBalm In Gilead2009
Woody And Dutch On The Slow Train To PekingPirates1981
Woody And Dutch On The Slow Train To PekingDuchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves YouKicks2019
Young BloodRickie Lee Jones1979
Young Blood (Demo)Duchess Of Coolsville - An Anthology2005
Young Blood (live)Naked Songs - Live And Acoustic1995
Youngblood (live)Live At Red Rocks2001

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