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AgainMy Own Best Enemy2004
All AlongLimitless2020
All Over MeInside My Head2012
Almost EverythingDays In Avalon2000
Always On Your MindSundown2008
Always On Your MindInside My Head2012
And I Love HerSundown2008
Angel's LullabyGreatest Hits1997
AngeliaRepeat Offender1989
AngeliaGreatest Hits1997
AngeliaStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Angelia (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Angelia (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Another One DownLimitless2020
Another One DownStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Arrow Through My Heart (Demo)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
As If We'll Never Love AgainSongwriter2022
Baby BluesPaid Vacation1994
Beautiful GoodbyeBeautiful Goodbye2014
Believe In MeSongwriter2022
Better Life (live)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Better Or WorseEmotional Remains2008
Big Boy NowRush Street1991
Boy Next DoorDays In Avalon2000
Break My Heart TonightLimitless2020
Breaking My HeartSongwriter2022
BreathlessFlesh And Bone1997
Calling YouRush Street1991
Can't Lie To My HeartFlesh And Bone1997
Can't Stop CryingSundown2008
Chains Around My HeartRush Street1991
Children Of The NightRepeat Offender1989
Children Of The NightGreatest Hits1997
ColderMy Own Best Enemy2004
Come RunningEmotional Remains2008
Come RunningInside My Head2012
CrazyStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Dance With My FatherStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Days In AvalonDays In Avalon2000
Don't Mean NothingRichard Marx1987
Don't Mean NothingGreatest Hits1997
Don't Mean NothingStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Don't Mean Nothing (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Done To MeEmotional Remains2008
Done To MeInside My Head2012
Edge Of A Broken Heart (live)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Endless Summer NightsRichard Marx1987
Endless Summer NightsGreatest Hits1997
Endless Summer NightsStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Endless Summer Nights (Demo)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Endless Summer Nights (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Endless Summer Nights (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
EternityFlesh And Bone1997
EverybodyStories To Tell2010
Everything GoodMy Own Best Enemy2004
Everything I WantSundown2008
Everything I've GotSongwriter2022
Eyes On MeBeautiful Goodbye2014
Eyes On MeStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
FallingMy Own Best Enemy2004
First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceSundown2008
Flame In Your FireEmotional Remains2008
Fool's GameFlesh And Bone1997
Forgot To RememberBeautiful Goodbye2014
From The InsideEmotional Remains2008
Front Row SeatLimitless2020
GetawayBeautiful Goodbye2014
Goodbye HollywoodPaid Vacation1994
Had EnoughStories To Tell2010
Had EnoughInside My Head2012
Hands In Your PocketRush Street1991
Have A Little FaithSundown2008
Have A Little FaithBeautiful Goodbye2014
Have MercyRichard Marx1987
HazardRush Street1991
HazardGreatest Hits1997
HazardStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Hazard (Demo)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Hazard (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Hazard (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Heart On The LineRepeat Offender1989
Heaven Only KnowsRichard Marx1987
Heaven's WaitingPaid Vacation1994
Hold On to the NightsRichard Marx1987
Hold On To The NightsGreatest Hits1997
Hold On To The NightsStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Hold On To The Nights (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
I Get No SleepRush Street1991
If You Don't Want My LoveRepeat Offender1989
In This All AloneSundown2008
InsideBeautiful Goodbye2014
Just GoSongwriter2022
Keep Coming BackRush Street1991
Keep Coming BackGreatest Hits1997
Keep Coming BackStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Keep Coming Back (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Keep Coming Back (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Last Thing I WantedLimitless2020
Let GoLimitless2020
Like HeavenInside My Head2012
Like The World Is EndingBeautiful Goodbye2014
Lonely HeartRichard Marx1987
Love Affair That Lasts ForeverLimitless2020
Love UnemotionalRush Street1991
LovedInside My Head2012
Loved (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Loves Goes OnMy Own Best Enemy2004
MiracleFlesh And Bone1997
Misery Loves CompanySongwriter2022
More Than A MysteryDays In Avalon2000
Moscow CallingSongwriter2022
My ConfessionFlesh And Bone1997
My Love, My EnemySongwriter2022
Never AfterSongwriter2022
Never Take Me DancingStories To Tell2010
Not In LoveLimitless2020
Nothin' You Can Do About ItRepeat Offender1989
Nothing Left Behind UsPaid Vacation1994
Nothing Left To SayMy Own Best Enemy2004
Nothing To HidePaid Vacation1994
Now And ForeverPaid Vacation1994
Now And ForeverGreatest Hits1997
Now And Forever (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
On The InsideStories To Tell2010
On The InsideInside My Head2012
One Day LongerSongwriter2022
One ManPaid Vacation1994
One More TimeDays In Avalon2000
One More TryPaid Vacation1994
One More YesterdaySongwriter2022
One Thing LeftMy Own Best Enemy2004
One Thing Left (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Only A MemorySongwriter2022
Ordinary LoveSundown2008
Over My HeadEmotional Remains2008
Over My HeadInside My Head2012
Over My Head (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Part Of MeEmotional Remains2008
Part Of MeInside My Head2012
Playing With FireRush Street1991
Power Of You And MeDays In Avalon2000
Ready To FlyMy Own Best Enemy2004
Real WorldRepeat Offender1989
Remember ManhattanRichard Marx1987
Rhythm Of LifeRichard Marx1987
Right Here WaitingRepeat Offender1989
Right Here WaitingGreatest Hits1997
Right Here WaitingStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Right Here Waiting (Demo)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Right Here Waiting (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Right Here Waiting (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Same Heartbreak Different DaySongwriter2022
SatisfiedRepeat Offender1989
SatisfiedGreatest Hits1997
SatisfiedStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Satisfied (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Save MeEmotional Remains2008
ScarsInside My Head2012
Shame On YouSongwriter2022
ShineDays In Avalon2000
Should've Known BetterRichard Marx1987
Should've Known BetterGreatest Hits1997
Should've Known BetterStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Should've Known Better (Demo)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Should've Known Better (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
Should've Known Better (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Silent ScreamPaid Vacation1994
Someone SpecialDays In Avalon2000
Someone SpecialMy Own Best Enemy2004
Soul MotionPaid Vacation1994
Still In My HeartSongwriter2022
Straight From My HeartDays In Avalon2000
Streets Of PainRush Street1991
Strong Enough (+ Jana Kramer)Limitless2020
SuddenlyBeautiful Goodbye2014
SuperstarRush Street1991
SuspicionMy Own Best Enemy2004
Take Me DownStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Take This HeartRush Street1991
Take This HeartGreatest Hits1997
Take This Heart (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Take You BackEmotional Remains2008
That Was Lulu (Bonus Track)Repeat Offender1989
The Best Of MeStories To Tell2010
The Edge Of Forever (+ Chely Wright)Days In Avalon2000
The Flame Of LoveRichard Marx1987
The ImageFlesh And Bone1997
The Other SideMy Own Best Enemy2004
The Way She Loves MePaid Vacation1994
The Way She Loves MeGreatest Hits1997
This I Promise YouStories To Tell2010
This I Promise YouStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
This I Promise You (Version 2010)Stories To Tell2010
This OneLimitless2020
Through My VeinsEmotional Remains2008
Through My VeinsInside My Head2012
Through My VeinsStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
To My SensesSundown2008
To My SensesBeautiful Goodbye2014
To Where You AreStories To Tell2010
To Where You Are (live)Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
Too Early Too Be OverDays In Avalon2000
Too Late To Say GoodbyeRepeat Offender1989
Too Late To Say Goodbye (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
Touch Of HeavenFlesh And Bone1997
Touch Of HeavenGreatest Hits1997
Turn Off The NightBeautiful Goodbye2014
Until I Find You AgainFlesh And Bone1997
Until I Find You AgainGreatest Hits1997
Up All NightLimitless2020
Wait For The SunriseRepeat Offender1989
Waiting On Your LoveDays In Avalon2000
Way She Loves MeStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
We Are Not AloneSongwriter2022
We Had It AllSongwriter2022
What You WantPaid Vacation1994
What's The StoryFlesh And Bone1997
What's Wrong With ThatFlesh And Bone1997
Whatever We StartedBeautiful Goodbye2014
Whatever We StartedStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
When November FallsEmotional Remains2008
When You Loved MeStories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More2021
When You Loved Me (Version 2010)Inside My Head2012
When You're GoneMy Own Best Enemy2004
Wild HorsesSundown2008
Wild Life (Bonus Track)Repeat Offender1989
Wouldn't Let Me Love YouInside My Head2012
You Never Take Me DancingFlesh And Bone1997
Your WorldRush Street1991

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