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500 Miles HighLight As A Feather1972
500 Miles HighReturns2009
After The Cosmic RainHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy1973
After the Cosmic RainThe Anthology2008
After The Cosmic Rain (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Al?s Solo (including: Children?s Song #3 - Passion Grace And Fire - Mediterranean Sundance - Cafe 1930 - Spain) (+ Chick Corea) (live)Returns2009
Beyond The Seventh GalaxyWhere Have I Known You Before1974
Beyond The Seventh GalaxyThe Anthology2008
Beyond The Seventh Galaxy (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Captain MarvelLight As A Feather1972
Captain Senor MouseHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy1973
Captain Senor MouseThe Anthology2008
Celebration SuiteThe Anthology2008
Celebration Suite Part INo Mystery1975
Celebration Suite Part IINo Mystery1975
Chick's Piano (live)Live1977
Chick?s Solo: Friendship (including Solar) (live)Returns2009
Children's SongLight As A Feather1972
Come Rain Or Come Shine (live)Live1977
Crystal SilenceReturn To Forever1972
DayrideNo Mystery1975
DayrideThe Anthology2008
Do You EverMusicmagic1977
Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (live)Returns2009
Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Part I + II)The Anthology2008
Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Part I + Part II)Romantic Warrior1976
Earth JuiceWhere Have I Known You Before1974
Excerpt From The First Movement Of Heavy MetalNo Mystery1975
Flight Of The NewbornNo Mystery1975
Hello AgainMusicmagic1977
Hymn Of The 7th GalaxyThe Anthology2008
Hymn Of The Seventh GalaxyHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy1973
Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy (live)Returns2009
InterplayNo Mystery1975
Jungle WaterfallNo Mystery1975
Lenny?s Solo: Lineage (live)Returns2009
Light As A FeatherLight As A Feather1972
Majestic DanceRomantic Warrior1976
Majestic DanceThe Anthology2008
Medieval OvertureRomantic Warrior1976
Medieval OvertureThe Anthology2008
Medieval Overture (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Musicmagic (live)Live1977
No MysteryNo Mystery1975
No MysteryThe Anthology2008
No Mystery (live)Returns2009
Opening Prayer (live)Returns2009
Renaissance (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Return To ForeverReturn To Forever1972
Romantic WarriorReturns2009
Romantic Warrior (live)Returns2009
Romantic Warrior (Reprise) (live)Returns2009
School Days (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Senor Mouse (live)The Mothership Returns2012
So Long Mickey MouseMusicmagic1977
So Long Mickey Mouse (live)Live1977
SofistifunkNo Mystery1975
SofistifunkThe Anthology2008
Sometime Ago - La FiestaReturn To Forever1972
Song To The Pharaoh KingsWhere Have I Known You Before1974
Song To The Pharaoh Kings (live)Returns2009
Song To The Pharoah KingsThe Anthology2008
SorceressRomantic Warrior1976
SorceressThe Anthology2008
Sorceress (live)Returns2009
Space CircusThe Anthology2008
Space Circus, Pts. 1 + 2Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy1973
SpainLight As A Feather1972
Spain (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Stanley?s Solo: El Bayo De Negro (live)Returns2009
The Endless NightMusicmagic1977
The Endless Night (Part I) (live)Live1977
The Endless Night (Part II) (live)Live1977
The Game MakerHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy1973
The Game MakerThe Anthology2008
The MagicianRomantic Warrior1976
The MagicianThe Anthology2008
The Moorish Warrior And Spanish Princess (live)Live1977
The MusicianMusicmagic1977
The Musician (live)Live1977
The Romantic WariorThe Anthology2008
The Romantic WarriorRomantic Warrior1976
The Romantic Warrior (live)The Mothership Returns2012
The Shadow Of LoWhere Have I Known You Before1974
The Shadow Of LoThe Anthology2008
The Shadow Of Lo - Sorceress (live)The Mothership Returns2012
Theme To The MothershipHymn Of The Seventh Galaxy1973
Theme To The MothershipThe Anthology2008
Vulcan WorldsWhere Have I Known You Before1974
Vulcan WorldsThe Anthology2008
Vulcan Worlds (live)Returns2009
What Game Shall We Play TodayReturn To Forever1972
Where Have I Danced With You BeforeWhere Have I Known You Before1974
Where Have I Known You BeforeWhere Have I Known You Before1974
Where Have I Loved You BeforeWhere Have I Known You Before1974
You're EverythingLight As A Feather1972

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