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1, 2, 1, 2Blackout!1999
2-Way MadnessMalpractice2001
4 SeasonsBlackout!1999
A Lil BitBlackout! 22009
A Million And 1 Buddah SpotsDare Iz A Darkside1994
A Special Joint (Intro)Blackout!1999
A-YoBlackout! 22009
Bak Inda BuildinRed Gone Wild2007
BasicallyDare Iz A Darkside1994
Beet DropDoc's Da Name 20001998
Big DogsBlackout!1999
Blow TreezRed Gone Wild2007
Blow Your MindWhut? Thee Album1992
Blow Your Mind (Remix)Whut? Thee Album1992
Bo2 (Intro)Blackout! 22009
Bobyahed2disDare Iz A Darkside1994
Boodah BreakDoc's Da Name 20001998
Boodah SessionDare Iz A Darkside1994
Brick City Mashin'!Doc's Da Name 20001998
Bricks TwoMalpractice2001
Can't WaitDare Iz A Darkside1994
Case ClosedMuddy Waters1996
Cereal KillerBlackout!1999
Chicken Head Convention (Skit)Muddy Waters1996
City LightsBlackout! 22009
Cloze Ya Doorz (Featuring Roz, Double O, Young Zee, D-Don, & Gov Mattic)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Cosmic SlopDare Iz A Darkside1994
Creepin'Muddy Waters1996
D.O.G.S.Doc's Da Name 20001998
Da Bulls**tMalpractice2001
Da BumpMuddy Waters1996
Da Da DahhhDoc's Da Name 20001998
Da FunkWhut? Thee Album1992
Da Goodness (Featuring Busta Rhymes)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Da JourneeDare Iz A Darkside1994
Da RockwilderBlackout!1999
Dangerus MceesBlackout! 22009
Dat B***hMalpractice2001
Dat's Dat ShitBlackout!1999
Diggy DocMalpractice2001
Dis Iz 4 All My SmokersBlackout! 22009
Dis Iz Brick CityRed Gone Wild2007
Do What Ya FeelMuddy Waters1996
Doggz IIMalpractice2001
Down South Funk (Featuring Erick Sermon + Keith Murray)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Dr. TrevisDare Iz A Darkside1994
Dr. Trevis (Signs Off)Dare Iz A Darkside1994
EncoreWhut? Thee Album1992
Enjoy Da RideMalpractice2001
Errbody ScreamBlackout! 22009
F**k Ur OpinionRed Gone Wild2007
Father's DayBlackout! 22009
FireRed Gone Wild2007
Fire Ina HoleBlackout!1999
Four Minutes To Lock DownBlackout! 22009
Freestyle FreestyleRed Gone Wild2007
Funky UnclesWhut? Thee Album1992
G.P.N. (Skit)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Get 'emRed Gone Wild2007
Get It LiveDoc's Da Name 20001998
Gilla House CheckRed Gone Wild2007
Gimmie OneRed Gone Wild2007
Green IslandDare Iz A Darkside1994
HardcoreWhut? Thee Album1992
Hey ZuluBlackout! 22009
Hold Dis Blaow!Red Gone Wild2007
How Bout DatBlackout! 22009
How High (Remix)Blackout!1999
How To Roll A BluntWhut? Thee Album1992
How U Like DatRed Gone Wild2007
I Don't KareDoc's Da Name 20001998
I Got A SecretDoc's Da Name 20001998
I Know SumptnBlackout! 22009
I'll Bee Dat!Doc's Da Name 20001998
I'm A BadWhut? Thee Album1992
I'M´m Dope Ni**ABlackout! 22009
IntroMuddy Waters1996
It's Like That (My Big Brother)Muddy Waters1996
IZ He 4 RealMuddy Waters1996
Jam 4 UWhut? Thee Album1992
Jerry Swinger StickupMalpractice2001
Jersey Yo!Doc's Da Name 20001998
Journey Throo Da DarksideDare Iz A Darkside1994
Judge JuniquaMalpractice2001
Keep On '99Doc's Da Name 20001998
Let Da Monkey OutDoc's Da Name 20001998
Let's Get DirtyMalpractice2001
Lick A ShotMalpractice2001
Lock Down (Skit)Blackout! 22009
Maaad CrewBlackout!1999
Merry JaneRed Gone Wild2007
Mi CasaBlackout!1999
Million Chicken March (2 Hot 4 TV) (Skit)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Mr. Ice Cream Man (Skit)Red Gone Wild2007
Mrs. InternationalBlackout! 22009
Mrs. International (Skit)Blackout! 22009
My Zone (Featuring Shooga Bear + Markie)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Neva Herd Dis B 4Blackout! 22009
News BreakWhut? Thee Album1992
No Mo Soopaman Luva (Skit)Red Gone Wild2007
NooroticDare Iz A Darkside1994
On FireMuddy Waters1996
Pain In Da Ass Stewardess (Skit)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Pick It UpMuddy Waters1996
Pimp NutzRed Gone Wild2007
Psycho DubWhut? Thee Album1992
Psyho WardWhut? Thee Album1992
Put It DownRed Gone Wild2007
Rated 'R'Whut? Thee Album1992
Real N****zMalpractice2001
Redman Meets Reggie NobleWhut? Thee Album1992
Rite NowRed Gone Wild2007
Rock Da SpotMuddy Waters1996
RockafellaDare Iz A Darkside1994
Rockafella (R.I.P.)Dare Iz A Darkside1994
Roller Coaster Malpractice IntroMalpractice2001
Run 4 CoverBlackout!1999
Scupaman LuvaWhut? Thee Album1992
Scupaman Luva InterviewWhut? Thee Album1992
Sessed One NightWhut? Thee Album1992
SkitMuddy Waters1996
SkitMuddy Waters1996
Slide And Rock OnDare Iz A Darkside1994
Smash Sumthin'Malpractice2001
Smoke BuddahMuddy Waters1996
So RuffWhut? Thee Album1992
Soopaman Lova IV (Featuring Dave Hollister)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Soopaman LuvaMalpractice2001
Soopaman Luva (Part II)Malpractice2001
Soopaman Luva 6Red Gone Wild2007
Sooperman Luva 11Dare Iz A Darkside1994
Soopman Luva 3 Interview (Skit) - Soopaman - Rollin' - Da Ill OutMuddy Waters1996
Soopman Luva 6 1/2Red Gone Wild2007
SuicideRed Gone Wild2007
Sumtn 4 UrrbodyRed Gone Wild2007
Tear It OffBlackout!1999
The QuestionmarkBlackout!1999
The Stick Up (Skit)Muddy Waters1996
Time 4 SumaksionWhut? Thee Album1992
Tonight's Da NightWhut? Thee Album1992
Tonight's Da NiteWhut? Thee Album1992
Tonight's Da NiteDare Iz A Darkside1994
Walk In GuttaRed Gone Wild2007
Watch Yo NuggetsWhut? Thee Album1992
We All Rite ChaBlackout!1999
We Got Da Satellite Van! (Skit)Doc's Da Name 20001998
We Run N.Y.Dare Iz A Darkside1994
Welcome (Interlude)Muddy Waters1996
Welcome 2 Da Bricks (Intro)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Well All Rite Cha (Featuring Method Man)Doc's Da Name 20001998
What U Lookin' 4Muddy Waters1996
WhatevaMuddy Waters1996
Where We At (Skit)Blackout!1999
Who Took Da Satellite Van (Skit)Doc's Da Name 20001998
Who Wants To F*** A MillionaireMalpractice2001
Whut I'Ma Do NowMalpractice2001
WinicumuhroundDare Iz A Darkside1994
Wrong 4 DatMalpractice2001
WuditlooklikeDare Iz A Darkside1994
WutchooGonnaDoRed Gone Wild2007
Yesh Yesh Ya'llMuddy Waters1996

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