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21st CenturyStadium Arcadium2005
AeroplaneOne Hot Minute1995
AfterlifeReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
American Ghost DanceFreaky Styley1985
Animal BarStadium Arcadium2005
Annie Wants A BabyI'm With You2011
Apache Rose PeacockBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Aquatic Mouth DanceUnlimited Love2022
Around The WorldCalifornication1999
Around the World (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Baby AppealThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
BackwoodsThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
BackwoodsWhat Hits!?1992
Bag Of GrinsReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Bastards Of LightUnlimited Love2022
BattleshipFreaky Styley1985
Behind The SunThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Behind The SunWhat Hits!?1992
BellaReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Black Cross (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Black SummerUnlimited Love2022
Blackeyed BlondeFreaky Styley1985
Blood Sugar Sex MagikBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Brandy (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Breaking The GirlBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Breaking The GirlGreatest Hits2003
Brendan's Death SongI'm With You2011
Buckle DownThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
By The WayBy The Way2002
By The WayGreatest Hits2003
By The Way (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
C'mon GirlStadium Arcadium2005
CabronBy The Way2002
CalifornicationGreatest Hits2003
Californication (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Can't StopBy The Way2002
Can't Stop (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Carry Me HomeReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Catholic School Girls RuleFreaky Styley1985
Catholic School Girls RuleWhat Hits!?1992
CharlieStadium Arcadium2005
Coffee ShopOne Hot Minute1995
CopperbellyReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Dance, Dance, DanceI'm With You2011
Dani CaliforniaStadium Arcadium2005
Dark NecessitiesThe Getaway2016
Death Of A MartianStadium Arcadium2005
Deep KickOne Hot Minute1995
Desecration SmileStadium Arcadium2005
DetroitThe Getaway2016
Did I Let You KnowI'm With You2011
Don't Forget MeBy The Way2002
Don't Forget Me (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
DosedBy The Way2002
Dreams Of A SamuraiThe Getaway2016
Drum Homage Medley: (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Easily (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
EddieReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Emit RemmusCalifornication1999
EncoreThe Getaway2016
Especially In MichiganStadium Arcadium2005
EthiopiaI'm With You2011
Even You, BrutusI'm With You2011
Factory Of FaithI'm With You2011
Fake As Fu@KReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Falling Into GraceOne Hot Minute1995
Feasting On The FlowersThe Getaway2016
Fight Like A BraveThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Fight Like A BraveWhat Hits!?1992
FireMother's Milk1989
FireWhat Hits!?1992
Flea's Trumpet Treated By John (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Fortune FadedGreatest Hits2003
Fortune Faded (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Freaky StyleyFreaky Styley1985
Funky CrimeThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Funky MonksBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Get On TopCalifornication1999
Get On Top (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Get Up And JumpThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
Get Up And JumpWhat Hits!?1992
Give It AwayBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Give It AwayGreatest Hits2003
Give It Away (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Go RobotThe Getaway2016
Good Time BoysMother's Milk1989
Good Times, Bad Times (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Goodbye AngelsThe Getaway2016
Goodbye HoorayI'm With You2011
Grand Pappy du PlentyThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
Green HeavenThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
HandfulReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Happiness Loves CompanyI'm With You2011
Hard To ConcentrateStadium Arcadium2005
Here Ever AfterUnlimited Love2022
HeyStadium Arcadium2005
Higher GroundMother's Milk1989
Higher GroundWhat Hits!?1992
Higher GroundGreatest Hits2003
Hollywood (Africa)Freaky Styley1985
Hollywood (Africa)What Hits!?1992
Hump De BumpStadium Arcadium2005
I Could Die For YouBy The Way2002
I Could Have LiedBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
I Feel Love (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
I Like DirtCalifornication1999
IfStadium Arcadium2005
If You Have To AskBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
If You Want Me To StayFreaky Styley1985
If You Want Me To StayWhat Hits!?1992
In The SnowReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Intro (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
It's Only NaturalUnlimited Love2022
Johnny, Kick A Hole In The SkyMother's Milk1989
Johnny, Kick A Hole in the SkyWhat Hits!?1992
Jungle ManFreaky Styley1985
Jungle ManWhat Hits!?1992
Knock Me DownMother's Milk1989
Knock Me DownWhat Hits!?1992
La La La La La La La LaReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Let 'Em CryUnlimited Love2022
Leverage Of Space (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Look AroundI'm With You2011
Love TrilogyThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Lovin' And Touchin'Freaky Styley1985
Magic JohnsonMother's Milk1989
Make You Feel BetterStadium Arcadium2005
Me And My FriendsThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Me And My FriendsWhat Hits!?1992
Meet Me At The CornerI'm With You2011
Mellowship Slinky In B MajorBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
MidnightBy The Way2002
Minor ThingBy The Way2002
Mommy Where's DaddyThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
Monarchy Of RosesI'm With You2011
My CigaretteReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
My FriendsOne Hot Minute1995
My FriendsGreatest Hits2003
My Lovely ManBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Naked In The RainBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
NevermindFreaky Styley1985
No Chump Love SuckerThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Nobody Weird Like MeMother's Milk1989
Not The OneUnlimited Love2022
On MercuryBy The Way2002
One Big MobOne Hot Minute1995
One Hot MuniteOne Hot Minute1995
One Way TrafficUnlimited Love2022
Organic Anti-Beat Box BandThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
OthersideGreatest Hits2003
Otherside (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Out in L.A.The Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
Parallel UniverseCalifornication1999
Parallel UniverseGreatest Hits2003
Parallel Universe (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Party On Your PussyThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
PeaOne Hot Minute1995
Peace And LoveReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Police HelicopterThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
Police StationI'm With You2011
Poster ChildUnlimited Love2022
Pretty Little DittyMother's Milk1989
Punk Rock ClassicMother's Milk1989
Purple StainCalifornication1999
Purple Stain (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Reach OutReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
ReadymadeStadium Arcadium2005
Right On TimeCalifornication1999
Right On Time (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Road Trippin'Californication1999
Road Trippin'Greatest Hits2003
Rock And Roll (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Rolling Sly Stone (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
RouletteReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Save The PopulationGreatest Hits2003
Scar TissueCalifornication1999
Scar TissueGreatest Hits2003
Scar Tissue (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Sex RapFreaky Styley1985
Sexy Mexican MaidMother's Milk1989
Shallow Be Thy GameOne Hot Minute1995
She Looks To MeStadium Arcadium2005
She's A LoverUnlimited Love2022
She's Only 18Stadium Arcadium2005
Shoot Me A SmileReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Show Me Your SoulWhat Hits!?1992
Sick LoveThe Getaway2016
Sir Psycho SexyBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Skinny Sweaty ManThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Slow CheetahStadium Arcadium2005
Snow (Hey Oh)Stadium Arcadium2005
So Much IStadium Arcadium2005
Soul To SqueezeGreatest Hits2003
Stadium ArcadiumStadium Arcadium2005
Stone Cold BushMother's Milk1989
Storm In A TeacupStadium Arcadium2005
Strip My MindStadium Arcadium2005
Subterranean Homesick BluesThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
Subway To VenusMother's Milk1989
Suck My KissBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Suck My KissGreatest Hits2003
Sunday Bloody Sunday (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
TangeloUnlimited Love2022
Taste The PainMother's Milk1989
Taste The PainWhat Hits!?1992
TearBy The Way2002
TearjerkerOne Hot Minute1995
Tell Me BabyStadium Arcadium2005
The Adventures Of Rain Dance MaggieI'm With You2011
The Brothers CupFreaky Styley1985
The Brothers CupWhat Hits!?1992
The DrummerReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
The GetawayThe Getaway2016
The Great ApesUnlimited Love2022
The Greeting SongBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
The Heavy WingUnlimited Love2022
The HunterThe Getaway2016
The Longest WaveThe Getaway2016
The Power Of EqualityBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
The Righteous And The WickedBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
The Zephyr SongBy The Way2002
The Zephyr Song (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
These Are The WaysUnlimited Love2022
They're Red HotBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Thirty Dirty BirdsFreaky Styley1985
This Is The PlaceBy The Way2002
This TiconderogaThe Getaway2016
This Velvet GloveCalifornication1999
Throw Away Your TelevisionBy The Way2002
Throw Away Your Television (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Tippa My TongueReturn Of The Dream Canteen2022
Torture MeStadium Arcadium2005
TranscendingOne Hot Minute1995
True Men Don't Kill CoyotesThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
True Men Don't Kill CoyotesWhat Hits!?1992
Turn It AgainStadium Arcadium2005
Under The BridgeBlood Sugar Sex Magik1991
Under The BridgeWhat Hits!?1992
Under The BridgeGreatest Hits2003
Under The Bridge (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Universally SpeakingBy The Way2002
Universally SpeakingGreatest Hits2003
Universally Speaking (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Venice QueenBy The Way2002
VeronicaUnlimited Love2022
WalkaboutOne Hot Minute1995
Walkin' On Down The RoadThe Uplift Mofo Party Plan1987
WarlocksStadium Arcadium2005
Warm TapeBy The Way2002
WarpedOne Hot Minute1995
We BelieveStadium Arcadium2005
We Turn RedThe Getaway2016
We Will Rock You (live)Live In Hyde Park2004
Wet SandStadium Arcadium2005
Whatchu Thinkin'Unlimited Love2022
White Braids And Pillow ChairUnlimited Love2022
Why Don't You Love MeThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984
Yertle The TurtleFreaky Styley1985
You Always Sing The SameThe Red Hot Chili Peppers1984

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