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7 Hallelujah (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
All Good Things (Come To An End) (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
All That MattersPride2014
Be Angeled (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Be The Best That I Can BeHy Brasil2020
Beautiful LifeNeon2018
Before You GoPrisma2015
Bow Before YouPride2014
Breaking Me (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
Can't Say NoPride2014
Can't Stand The SilenceCan't Stand The Silence2011
CaramelHy Brasil2020
Catch Me When I FallPride2014
Clear Water Trailer (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Colour Me InCan't Stand The Silence2011
Each Tear (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Echo MePrisma2015
End Of The ShowCan't Stand The Silence2011
Enough Is EnoughHy Brasil2020
Fisher SongPrisma2015
God Ugly WorldNeon2018
Heart Of An EnemyCan't Stand The Silence2011
Hey Hey HeyHy Brasil2020
Hold Me Now (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Hold Me While You Wait (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
Hole In My HeartCan't Stand The Silence2011
How I Used To BeCan't Stand The Silence2011
I AmCan't Stand The Silence2011
I'm All About YouPrisma2015
Is It LoveNeon2018
It's A Good LifePride2014
Just A MinuteHy Brasil2020
Kiss MeNeon2018
Let Go (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Let's Be Lovers TonightNeon2018
Liam (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Lions In CagesNeon2018
Love HurtsNeon2018
Men Don't CryHy Brasil2020
Messed UpHy Brasil2020
My ChildCan't Stand The Silence2011
Never Get Enough Of Your LoveHy Brasil2020
Never Giving UpNeon2018
Never Giving Up (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
Not Easy To LoveHy Brasil2020
Ocean Eyes (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
Oh My LovePride2014
Out On The Western PlainPrisma2015
Plain SailingPrisma2015
PrettyHy Brasil2020
Put Your Tools Down BoysPrisma2015
Rescue MeHy Brasil2020
Run (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
Run For The BorderPrisma2015
Running A Wrong Way (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Save A LifeCan't Stand The Silence2011
Set Me Free (Empty Rooms) (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
SMS (Just Want To Be Loved)Neon2018
Sorry DaysCan't Stand The Silence2011
Take Your Best ShotCan't Stand The Silence2011
Talk To Your BodyHy Brasil2020
Talk To Your Body (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
The AnswerNeon2018
The Night Goes OnPride2014
The OneHy Brasil2020
The Rain Came Falling From Her EyesPride2014
Turn Me AwayNeon2018
Wake Me Up (The Yellow Jacket Session)Hy Brasil2020
Walk With Me (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Way Going OnPrisma2015
We All Fall DownPride2014
Why (Bonus Track)Can't Stand The Silence2011
Wrapped UpHy Brasil2020

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