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A Lonely ManHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
A Night To RememberNeed 2 C You2012
After TeaDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Ain't It A ShameGin Mill1974
Ain't She Sweet (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
All You NeedNeed 2 C You2012
AngelHot Wheels1988
Another Saturday NightRemember Finale Ligure1967
Baby BabySay Yeah!2007
Baby That Is Rock 'n' RollDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Baby That Is Rock And Roll (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Back On My Feet AgainSay Yeah!2007
Be Good To MeHot Wheels1988
Betty JeanStar-Club Show 11964
Betty JeanDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Blind DatePainted Warrior1990
Bo DiddleyDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Born To Be FreeNew Wonderland1992
Broken Heart For SaleSay Yeah!2007
Bye bye Johnny (Be Good)Die deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Bye bye Johnny (Be Good)Die deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Bye Bye Johnny (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Bye, Bye BabyDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
CallboyRemember Finale Ligure1967
Can't Let You GoNeed 2 C You2012
Candy To MeHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Cany To MeDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
CauliflowerDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Come On And SingHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Come On And SingDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Come On And Sing (Version '88)Hot Wheels1988
Countryman's BluesGin Mill1974
Cryin', Waitin', Hopin'Die deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Cryin', Waitin', Hopin' (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
DanceHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Devil's On The Loose (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Do Wah Diddy DiddyStar-Club Show 11964
Do Wah Diddy DiddyDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Doctor CaseyHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Doinz AlrightSay Yeah!2007
Don't Run AwayRemember Finale Ligure1967
DreamDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Dream Baby (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Eleanor Rigby (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Even It UpSay Yeah!2007
Everybody Loves A LoverDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Far, Far AwayStar-Club Show 11964
Fought The LordDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Free AgainNeed 2 C You2012
Friday NightNeed 2 C You2012
Game Of LovePainted Warrior1990
Geh' zu ihmDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
GeraldineDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Get Away (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Girl Get Back Your FireNew Wonderland1992
Girls In UniformNew Wonderland1992
Give Me MoreGin Mill1974
Go To HimDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Go To Him (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Go Your Own WayNew Wonderland1992
GuyThe Witch1971
Heart Of StoneSay Yeah!2007
Heart On A StringSay Yeah!2007
HeartbreakerPainted Warrior1990
Heaven And HellPainted Warrior1990
HelloDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Hello (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Hey ManNeed 2 C You2012
Hey SallyDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Hippy Hippy Shake (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Hold MeHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Hold On I'm ComingRemember Finale Ligure1967
Holding On To YouNeed 2 C You2012
Hootchie Cookie Man (Hoochie Coochie Man)Star-Club Show 11964
Hot BananaGin Mill1974
Hot Summer NightsPainted Warrior1990
Hot WheelsHot Wheels1988
I Do GoodNeed 2 C You2012
I Drove All NightNew Wonderland1992
I Know You Don't Know (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
I Should Have Known BetterStar-Club Show 11964
I Wanna FlySay Yeah!2007
I WillThe Witch1971
I Will Always Stay Your FriendRemember Finale Ligure1967
I Will Always Stay Your FriendDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
I'll Always Stay Your FriendNeed 2 C You2012
I'll Catch HerDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
I'm Coming HomeHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
I'm Gonna Do ItStar-Club Show 11964
Ice On FireDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
If You Don't Come BackHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
It Is LoveRemember Finale Ligure1967
It Is LoveDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
It's MonkeytimeDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
It's My FaultHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Johnny-Johnny (Take Me Home)Hot Wheels1988
Just Like I Treat YouStar-Club Show 11964
Keep On RunningPainted Warrior1990
Keep Your Hands Off My SisterDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Kingdom Of LoveHot Wheels1988
La La LaDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Lady AngelineDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Lady LoveDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Las VegasHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Las VegasDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Laß die Leute doch redenDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Lean Jean 17Hurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Lean Jean 17Die deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Let's Act TogetherHot Wheels1988
Like A RiverNew Wonderland1992
Little Miss WunderbarHot Wheels1988
Little QueenieHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Long Live Rock'n' RollPainted Warrior1990
Love Of My LifeHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Love Of My LifeDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
ManThe Witch1971
Mashed PotatoesDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Mashed Potatoes (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Maybe TonightNeed 2 C You2012
Maybe Tonight (German Version) (+ Ireen Sheer)Need 2 C You2012
Memphis, TennesseeDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Mister MoonlightStar-Club Show 11964
MonaSay Yeah!2007
Money Making Machine (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Mr...Die deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Mustang BluesSay Yeah!2007
My Gal Is Red HotDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Need 2 C YouNeed 2 C You2012
New Suzie QPainted Warrior1990
New WonderlandNew Wonderland1992
Night Of The CenturyNew Wonderland1992
No More EaglesNew Wonderland1992
No NoHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Nurse ElisahRemember Finale Ligure1967
Old McDonaldDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
One Love Two HeartsPainted Warrior1990
One Night In ParisPainted Warrior1990
Our Way Of ThinkingRemember Finale Ligure1967
Painted WarriorPainted Warrior1990
Playing With Fire (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Power Of VisionPainted Warrior1990
PS I Love You (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Que SeraHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
RainbowGin Mill1974
RaindropDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Remember FinaleRemember Finale Ligure1967
RescueThe Witch1971
Rockin' PneumoniaHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Rugy's GirlRemember Finale Ligure1967
Russian Roulette And American PokerHot Wheels1988
Say AlrightHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Say AlrightDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Sea Of LoveNew Wonderland1992
Sense Of LifeDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Sha-La-La-La-LeeDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
Shame Shame ShameStar-Club Show 11964
Shame, Shame, ShameDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
She's The OneHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
ShotgunRemember Finale Ligure1967
ShoutStar-Club Show 11964
Sidewalk QueenGin Mill1974
Slow MotionSay Yeah!2007
Someone Who Is Just Like YouStar-Club Show 11964
Someone Who Is Just Like YouDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Something Else (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Souki SoukiRemember Finale Ligure1967
Soul Saving ArmySay Yeah!2007
Spanish HarlemDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Stay CoolNew Wonderland1992
Sticks And StonesDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Sticks And Stones (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Sugar BeeGin Mill1974
Sunbeam At The SkyDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Suzie Q (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
Sweet DreamsRemember Finale Ligure1967
Sweet Little SixteenDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Swinging On A StarHurra, die Rattles kommen (Soundtrack)1965
Talking 'Bout YouNeed 2 C You2012
Tell Me What Can I DoDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Thank YouDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
The MaskThe Witch1971
The StompDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
The Stomp (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
The StorySay Yeah!2007
The WitchThe Witch1971
The WitchDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
The Witch (Single Version) (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
The Witch (Version '88)Hot Wheels1988
There Goes My Heart AgainDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Too Much Monkey BusinessStar-Club Show 11964
Try To ForgetGin Mill1974
Twist And ShoutDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
Twist And Shout (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Undercover Agent Of The Rock'n' RollNew Wonderland1992
VirginThe Witch1971
We've Got To Go NowRemember Finale Ligure1967
Welcome HomeHot Wheels1988
What A NightHot Wheels1988
What Do I Care (Bonus Track)The Witch1971
What Do You Want With My BabyDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000
What It TakesNeed 2 C You2012
Where Is The FriendThe Witch1971
Wherever You AreSay Yeah!2007
White Shark In A WhirlpoolNew Wonderland1992
Will She Be Good To MeSay Yeah!2007
Worm Eaten WoodThe Witch1971
Yellow Cab ManDie deutschen Singles A+B (1965-1969), Vol.22000
You Better StopStar-Club Show 11964
You Can't Have Sunshine Every DayThe Witch1971
You Know It BetterGin Mill1974
You've Got So Many FacesGin Mill1974
Zip-A-Dee-Doo Dah (live)Twist im Star-Club Hamburg1964
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-DahDie deutschen Singles A+B (1963-1965), Vol.12000

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