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A Devil CryingLove Outside The Window2005
A French CartoonsLove Outside The Window2005
A Simple SongLove Outside The Window2005
A Song for Your SoulLove Outside The Window2005
A Three Second BreathReality And Fantasy2011
Baby What's WrongHappy Mistake2013
BeautifulHappy Mistake2013
Behind The SunriseReality And Fantasy2011
Besame MuchoLove Outside The Window2005
Calda estate (Dove sei)Reality And Fantasy2011
CaravanReality And Fantasy2011
Crazy Rag BluesLove Outside The Window2005
Crying LaughingLove Outside The Window2005
Don't Call My NameHappy Mistake2013
Empty HomeReality And Fantasy2011
EscapeLove Outside The Window2005
Georgia On My MindLove Outside The Window2005
I'm TiredHappy Mistake2013
IcarusReality And Fantasy2011
Il mare (La mer)Happy Mistake2013
Improvvisazione su temi di amarcordHappy Mistake2013
Jameson's LamentLove Outside The Window2005
L'amie d'un Italien (Rainbows) (+ Camille)Happy Mistake2013
Lady 'O'Reality And Fantasy2011
LegbaHappy Mistake2013
Liberi o no (+ Bloody Beetroots)Happy Mistake2013
Love Goes Down SlowReality And Fantasy2011
Love Outside the WindowLove Outside The Window2005
Madness Of LoveReality And Fantasy2011
Mambo SoulHappy Mistake2013
Out Of My MindReality And Fantasy2011
PeaceLove Outside The Window2005
Questa o quella per me pari non sonoHappy Mistake2013
Reality And FantasyReality And Fantasy2011
Sai (Ci basta un sogno)Happy Mistake2013
Saro' saraiReality And Fantasy2011
Scandalize MeReality And Fantasy2011
Senza ritegnoHappy Mistake2013
Seventy Days Of LoveHappy Mistake2013
SummertimeLove Outside The Window2005
SvalutationHappy Mistake2013
Sweet Fucking BluesLove Outside The Window2005
Tanto ci sei (+ Bloody Beetroots)Happy Mistake2013
TuesdayReality And Fantasy2011
Un mare in LLuceHappy Mistake2013
Welcome To My Hell (+ Puppini Sisters)Happy Mistake2013

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