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A Nameless GraveWings Of Rage2020
A New LandResurrection Day2021
A New Land (Acoustic Version)Spreading The Plague (EP)2022
A Perfect Day (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
A Pilgrim's PathPerfect Man1988
A Spider's WebBlack In Mind1995
AdorationSeasons Of The Black2017
After The EndWelcome To The Other Side2001
Alive But DeadBlack In Mind1995
Alive But DeadBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
All I WantUnity2002
All This TimeBlack In Mind1995
All We Know Is NotSeasons Of The Black2017
Animal InstinctPerfect Man1988
Another Kind Of MadnessThe Missing Link1993
Another Kind Of Madness (Studio Live Rehearsal)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Another Wasted DayBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Another Wasted Day (Bonus Track)XIII1998
Anybody HomeThe Soundchaser Archives2014
Arrogance and IgnoranceResurrection Day2021
Assorted By SatanSeasons Of The Black2017
Assorted By Satan (Alternative Version)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Baby, I'm Your NightmareTrapped!1992
Back In TimeGhosts1999
Back In TimeBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Back On TrackThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Be With Me Or Be GoneSpeak Of The Dead2006
BeautySpeak Of The Dead2006
Before The Storm (The Secret Affair)Execution Guaranteed1987
Beginning Of The EndGhosts1999
Between The LinesPerfect Man1988
Beyond The PaleThe Missing Link1993
Beyond The Wall Of SleepTrapped!1992
BlackSpeak Of The Dead2006
Black And White212012
Black In MindBlack In Mind1995
Black In MindBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Black RoomResurrection Day2021
Blackened KarmaSeasons Of The Black2017
Blame It On The TruthWings Of Rage2020
Bloodshed In ParadiseSeasons Of The Black2017
Brainsucker (Bonus Track)10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
BravadoThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Bring Me DownThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Can't Get OutReflections Of A Shadow1990
Carved In StoneCarved In Stone2008
Certain DaysThe Missing Link1993
Chase (Bonus Track)Black In Mind1995
Chasing The Twilight ZoneWings Of Rage2020
Chaste FleshReign Of Fear1986
Concrete Wall212012
ConfusionSpeak Of The Dead2006
ConnectedStrings To A Web2010
Dangerous Heritage10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Darkness Turns To LightThe Soundchaser Archives2014
Days Of DecemberXIII1998
Days Of DecemberBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Deadly ErrorExecution Guaranteed1987
Deaf, Dumb And BlindThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Death In The AfternoonPerfect Man1988
Death Is Alive (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Death Is On Its Way (Falling From Grace, Pt. 2)Soundchaser2003
Death Romantic212012
DeceiverReign Of Fear1986
Deep In The Blackest HoleEnd Of All Days1996
Deep In The Blackest HoleBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Deep In The NightWelcome To The Other Side2001
Defenders Of The Ancient LifeSoundchaser2003
DepressionSpeak Of The Dead2006
DesperationEnd Of All Days1996
Destination Day10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Dies IraeUnity2002
Dirty Wings (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Distant VoicesSecrets In A Weird World1989
Don't Fear The WinterPerfect Man1988
Don't Fear The Winter (Bonus Track)Welcome To The Other Side2001
Don't Let Me DownWings Of Rage2020
Down by LawExecution Guaranteed1987
Down To The BoneThe Soundchaser Archives2014
Down To The BoneSeasons Of The Black2017
Drop DeadCarved In Stone2008
DustReflections Of A Shadow1990
Echoes Of EvilReign Of Fear1986
Empty HollowStrings To A Web2010
Empty Hollow RepriseStrings To A Web2010
End Of All DaysEnd Of All Days1996
End Of Eternity (Bonus Track)Ghosts1999
Enough Is EnoughTrapped!1992
Enough Is Enough (Early Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Execution GuaranteedExecution Guaranteed1987
Extinction OverkillResurrection Day2021
Face Behind The MaskEnd Of All Days1996
Fading HoursEnd Of All Days1996
FaithReflections Of A Shadow1990
FarewellSeasons Of The Black2017
Fast As A SharkTrapped!1992
Faster Than HellSeasons Of The Black2017
Fatal GraceStrings To A Web2010
Feel My Pain212012
FirestormThe Missing Link1993
Flesh And BloodSoundchaser2003
Flowers That Fade In My HandReflections Of A Shadow1990
For Those Who Wish To DieWings Of Rage2020
ForeverBlack In Mind1995
Forever Dead212012
Forgive But Don't Forget (Bonus Track)Black In Mind1995
FortressEnd Of All Days1996
French BourréeThe Soundchaser Archives2014
French Bourree (Bonus Track)Soundchaser2003
From The Cradle To The GraveXIII1998
From The Cradle To The GraveBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
From The Cradle To The Grave (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
From The UnderworldThe Missing Link1993
Frozen FireEnd Of All Days1996
Fuga (Bonus Track)Soundchaser2003
Fugue NoThe Soundchaser Archives2014
Full MoonSpeak Of The Dead2006
Full Moon (International Version)The Soundchaser Archives2014
GaiaSeasons Of The Black2017
Gentle MurdersCarved In Stone2008
Gentle Murders (Studio Live Rehearsal)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Gib dich nie auf (Bonus Track)Carved In Stone2008
Grapes Of WrathExecution Guaranteed1987
Great Old OnesSoundchaser2003
Hand Of GloryReign Of Fear1986
HatredExecution Guaranteed1987
Heads Off (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
HellgirlStrings To A Web2010
Her Diary's Black PagesThe Missing Link1993
Here Comes The NightThe Soundchaser Archives2014
Higher Than The SkyEnd Of All Days1996
Higher Than The SkyBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Home (Bonus Track)Carved In Stone2008
House Wins212012
How We Treat Each Other (Bonus Track)End Of All Days1996
HTTS 2.0 (Higher Than The Sky)Wings Of Rage2020
Human MetalSoundchaser2003
Hunter And PreyStrings To A Web2010
I Can'r Control MyselfThe Missing Link1993
I'm CrucifiedWelcome To The Other Side2001
Immortal SinXIII1998
In A Nameless TimeBlack In Mind1995
In The Darkest HourPerfect Man1988
In Union (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
In Vain (I Won't Go Down)XIII1998
InnocentSpeak Of The Dead2006
Innocent GuiltyTrapped!1992
Into The FireThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Into The LightStrings To A Web2010
Intro (Opus 32 No. 3)Secrets In A Weird World1989
Introduction (A Bit More Of Green)Reflections Of A Shadow1990
Invisible HorizonsSecrets In A Weird World1989
Just AloneXIII1998
JustifySeasons Of The Black2017
Kill Your GodsSpeak Of The Dead2006
La Luna Reine (Full Moon) (Bonus Track)Speak Of The Dead2006
Last Goodbye (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Leave It All BehindWelcome To The Other Side2001
Let The Night BeginEnd Of All Days1996
Let Them Rest In PeaceWings Of Rage2020
Light Into The DarknessSecrets In A Weird World1989
Living My DreamUnity2002
Long Hard RoadCarved In Stone2008
Long Hard Road (Studio Live Rehearsal)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Lord Of The FliesCarved In Stone2008
Lord Of The Flies (Orchestra Version) (Bonus Track)Carved In Stone2008
Lost In The IceThe Missing Link1993
Lost In The VoidCarved In Stone2008
Lost In The Void (Studio Live Rehearsal)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Love After DeathGhosts1999
Love And Fear UniteGhosts1999
LunaticWelcome To The Other Side2001
MachineryReign Of Fear1986
Make My DaySecrets In A Weird World1989
Man in ChainsResurrection Day2021
Marching Heroes - The Wooden CrossTrapped!1992
Memento Vitae (Overture)Resurrection Day2021
Mental DecayExecution Guaranteed1987
Mind ControlResurrection Day2021
Monetary GodsResurrection Day2021
More Than A LifetimeGhosts1999
Mortituri Te SalutantSpeak Of The Dead2006
Mouth Of GreedCarved In Stone2008
My RageBlack In Mind1995
My WayThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Mystery TripThe Soundchaser Archives2014
NeuroticPerfect Man1988
Never Give Up (Bonus Track)Carved In Stone2008
NevermoreThe Missing Link1993
Nevermore (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
No FearSpeak Of The Dead2006
No LiesWelcome To The Other Side2001
No RegretsSpeak Of The Dead2006
No Sign Of Life10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Nobody KnowsReflections Of A Shadow1990
Not ForeverTrapped!1992
Ocean Full Of TearsThe Devil Strikes Again2016
One More TimeWelcome To The Other Side2001
One Step AheadCarved In Stone2008
Open FireThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Open My GraveCarved In Stone2008
Orgy of DestructionSoundchaser2003
Over And OverXIII1998
Paint It BlackXIII1998
Paint The Devil On The WallWelcome To The Other Side2001
Paranoid (Demo Version)The Missing Link1993
Perfect ManPerfect Man1988
Point Of No ReturnWelcome To The Other Side2001
Power And GreedTrapped!1992
Prayers Of Steel ('94)10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Prelude Of SoulsSpeak Of The Dead2006
Psycho Terror212012
PurifiedStrings To A Web2010
R.I.P.Welcome To The Other Side2001
Rage-Race 2011212012
Raw CaressThe Missing Link1993
Raw EnergyReign Of Fear1986
Reflections Of A ShadowReflections Of A Shadow1990
RefugeThe Missing Link1993
Refuge (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Reign Of FearReign Of Fear1986
RequiemWelcome To The Other Side2001
RequiemThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Resurrection DayResurrection Day2021
Riders On The MoonlightWelcome To The Other Side2001
Round TripPerfect Man1988
Saddle The WindReflections Of A Shadow1990
Saviour Of The DeadStrings To A Web2010
Scared to DeathReign Of Fear1986
Season Of The BlackSeasons Of The Black2017
Secrets In A Weird WorldSoundchaser2003
See You In Heaven Or HellSoundchaser2003
Sent By The DevilBlack In Mind1995
Septic BiteSeasons Of The Black2017
Serial Killer212012
Serpents In DisguiseSeasons Of The Black2017
Set This World On FireUnity2002
Seven Deadly SinsUnity2002
Shadow Out Of TimeBlack In Mind1995
Shadow Over Deadland (The Twilight Transition)Wings Of Rage2020
Shame On YouTrapped!1992
Shame On You (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
SheSecrets In A Weird World1989
She Killed And Smiled10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Shine A LightWings Of Rage2020
Sign Of HeavenXIII1998
Silent VictoryEnd Of All Days1996
Sinister ThinkingPerfect Man1988
Sister DemonWelcome To The Other Side2001
Six Feet Under GroundBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Six Feet Under Ground (Bonus Track)Ghosts1999
Slave To The GrindThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Solitary ManTrapped!1992
Soul SurvivorSpeak Of The Dead2006
Soundchaser (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Southcross UnionSeasons Of The Black2017
Speak Of The DeadSpeak Of The Dead2006
Spirits Of The NightThe Devil Strikes Again2016
Spiritual AwakeningGhosts1999
Spiritual AwakeningBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Spiritual Awakening (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
Spreading The PlagueSpreading The Plague (EP)2022
StartBlack In Mind1995
Straight To HellWelcome To The Other Side2001
Straight To HellBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
Straight To Hell (live)Spreading The Plague (EP)2022
StreetwolfExecution Guaranteed1987
Strings To A WebStrings To A Web2010
Submission10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
SuicideReign Of Fear1986
Supersonic HydromaticPerfect Man1988
Sword Made Of SteelSeasons Of The Black2017
Symbols Of Our FearPerfect Man1988
Take Me To WaterTrapped!1992
Take My Blood10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Talk To GrandpaSecrets In A Weird World1989
Talking To The DeadEnd Of All Days1996
That's Human BondageReflections Of A Shadow1990
The Age of ReasonResurrection Day2021
The Beggar's Last DineStrings To A Web2010
The Blow In A Row10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
The Body TalksTrapped!1992
The Crawling ChaosBlack In Mind1995
The Crawling ChaosBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
The Dark Side Of The SunThe Devil Strikes Again2016
The Devil Strikes AgainThe Devil Strikes Again2016
The Edge Of DarknessStrings To A Web2010
The Final CurtainThe Devil Strikes Again2016
The Icecold Hand Of DestinyBlack In Mind1995
The Inner SearchSecrets In A Weird World1989
The King Has Lost His CrownSpreading The Plague (EP)2022
The Mirror In Your EyesWelcome To The Other Side2001
The Mirror in Your EyesBest Of - All G.U.N. Years2001
The Missing LinkThe Missing Link1993
The Missing Link (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
The Pit And The PendulumThe Missing Link1993
The Pit And The Pendulum (Demo)The Soundchaser Archives2014
The Price Of WarBlack In Mind1995
The Price Of War 2.0Spreading The Plague (EP)2022
The Sleep (Bonus Track)End Of All Days1996
The Speed Of SoundThe Soundchaser Archives2014
The Trooper (Bonus Track)End Of All Days1996
The Unknown10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
Through AgesStrings To A Web2010
Tie The Rope (Bonus Track)Black In Mind1995
Time And PlacePerfect Man1988
Time Waits For NooneSecrets In A Weird World1989
Time Will TellSeasons Of The Black2017
Times Of DarknessThe Devil Strikes Again2016
To Live And To DieSpreading The Plague (EP)2022
Tom Sawyer (Bonus Track)XIII1998
TomorrowWings Of Rage2020
Tomorrow Never ComesStrings To A Web2010
Tomorrow's YesterdayGhosts1999
TraumaWelcome To The Other Side2001
Traveling Through TimeResurrection Day2021
TrueWings Of Rage2020
True Face In EveryoneReflections Of A Shadow1990
Truth Hits EverybodyThe Missing Link1993
Turn My World AroundSpeak Of The Dead2006
Turn The PageXIII1998
Twenty One212012
Under ControlEnd Of All Days1996
Until I DieBlack In Mind1995
Vanished In HazeGhosts1999
Vertigo10 Years In Rage - The Anniversary Album1994
VirginityResurrection Day2021
VisionsEnd Of All Days1996
Voice From The VaultEnd Of All Days1996
Vollmond (Bonus Track)Carved In Stone2008
Vollmond (Full Moon) (Bonus Track)Speak Of The Dead2006
Waiting For The MoonReflections Of A Shadow1990
Wake Me When I'm DeadThe Missing Link1993
Wake The Nightmares (Falling From Grace, Pt. 1)Soundchaser2003
Walk Among The DeadSeasons Of The Black2017
WarThe Devil Strikes Again2016
War Of WorldsSoundchaser2003
Wash My Sins AwayGhosts1999
WastelandPerfect Man1988
WaterfallsThe Soundchaser Archives2014
Welcome To The Other SideWelcome To The Other Side2001
When You're DeadExecution Guaranteed1987
Who DaresThe Missing Link1993
Wild SeedReflections Of A Shadow1990
Wings Of RageWings Of Rage2020
Without A TraceSecrets In A Weird World1989
Without YouCarved In Stone2008
World Of PainUnity2002
You Want It, You'll Get ItUnity2002

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