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9:28 a.m.Promised Land1994
A Dead Man's WordsAmerican Soldier2009
A Junkie's BluesOperation: Mindcrime II2006
A Junkie's Blues (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
A World WithoutQueensryche2013
All I WantHear In The Now Frontier1997
All The Promises (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
All There WasCondition Hüman2015
Almost Cut My HairTake Cover2007
An Intentional ConfrontationOperation: Mindcrime II2006
An Intentional Confrontation (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Anarchy-XOperation: Mindcrime1988
Anarchy-X (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Another Rainy Night (Without You)Empire1990
Anybody ListeningEmpire1990
Anytime - AnywhereHear In The Now Frontier1997
Around the WorldDedicated To Chaos2011
Arrow Of TimeCondition Hüman2015
At 30.000 Ft.American Soldier2009
At The EdgeDedicated To Chaos2011
Before The StormThe Warning1984
Behind The WallsDigital Noise Alliance2022
BentThe Verdict2019
Besides YouQ2K1999
Best I CanEmpire1990
Big NoizeDedicated To Chaos2011
Blood Of The LevantThe Verdict2019
Breaking The SilenceOperation: Mindcrime1988
Breaking The Silence (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
BridgePromised Land1994
BridgeGreatest Hits2000
Bullet The Blue Sky (live)Take Cover2007
BulletproofCondition Hüman2015
Burning ManQ2K1999
ChaptersDigital Noise Alliance2022
Chasing Blue SkyGreatest Hits2000
Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)Rage For Order1986
Child Of FireThe Warning1984
CirclesOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Circles (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
ColdFrequency Unknown2013
Condition HümanCondition Hüman2015
ConvictOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Convict (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Cuckoo's NestHear In The Now Frontier1997
DamagedPromised Land1994
DareFrequency Unknown2013
Dark ReverieThe Verdict2019
DeliveranceThe Warning1984
Della BrownEmpire1990
Desert DanceTribe2003
DisconnectedPromised Land1994
Doin' FineTribe2003
Don't Look BackQueensryche2013
DriveDedicated To Chaos2011
Electric RequiemOperation: Mindcrime1988
Electric Requiem (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
EmpireGreatest Hits2000
Empire (Re-Recorded)Frequency Unknown2013
En ForceThe Warning1984
EverythingFrequency Unknown2013
Eye9Condition Hüman2015
Eyes Of A StrangerOperation: Mindcrime1988
Eyes Of A StrangerGreatest Hits2000
Eyes Of A Stranger (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
FallenFrequency Unknown2013
Falling BehindTribe2003
Falling DownQ2K1999
Fear City Slide (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
For The Love Of MoneyTake Cover2007
For What It's WorthTake Cover2007
ForestDigital Noise Alliance2022
Freiheit OuvertüreOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Freiheit Ouverture (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Get A LifeHear In The Now Frontier1997
Get StartedDedicated To Chaos2011
Give It To YouFrequency Unknown2013
Gonna Get Close To YouRage For Order1986
Got It BadDedicated To Chaos2011
GuardianCondition Hüman2015
Hand On HeartEmpire1990
Heaven On Their MindsTake Cover2007
HellfireCondition Hüman2015
HeroHear In The Now Frontier1997
HigherDedicated To Chaos2011
Hit The BlackHear In The Now Frontier1997
Hold OnDigital Noise Alliance2022
Home AgainAmerican Soldier2009
HostageOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Hostage (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Hot Spot JunkieDedicated To Chaos2011
HourglassCondition Hüman2015
How Could IQ2K1999
Hundred Mile StareAmerican Soldier2009
I Am IPromised Land1994
I Am IGreatest Hits2000
I Don't Believe In LoveOperation: Mindcrime1988
I Don't Believe In LoveGreatest Hits2000
I Don't Believe In Love (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
I Don't Believe In Love (Re-Recorded)Frequency Unknown2013
I Dream In InfraredRage For Order1986
I Dream In InfraredGreatest Hits2000
I Remember NowOperation: Mindcrime1988
I Remember Now (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
I Take YouDedicated To Chaos2011
I Will RememberRage For Order1986
I'm AmericanOperation: Mindcrime II2006
I'm American (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
If I Could Change It AllOperation: Mindcrime II2006
If I Could Change It All (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
If I Were King ReinhörenAmerican Soldier2009
In ExtremisDigital Noise Alliance2022
In The Hands Of GodFrequency Unknown2013
In This LightQueensryche2013
Inner UnrestThe Verdict2019
InnuendoTake Cover2007
Inside OutThe Verdict2019
Jet City WomanEmpire1990
Jet City WomanGreatest Hits2000
Jet City Woman (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Jet City Woman (Re-Recorded)Frequency Unknown2013
Just UsCondition Hüman2015
Lady JanePromised Land1994
Launder The ConscienceThe Verdict2019
Life Without YouFrequency Unknown2013
Light-YearsThe Verdict2019
Liquid SkyQ2K1999
LondonRage For Order1986
Losing MyselfTribe2003
Lost In SorrowDigital Noise Alliance2022
Man DownAmerican Soldier2009
Man The MachineThe Verdict2019
Midnight LullabyQueensryche2013
Miles AwayHear In The Now Frontier1997
MurdererOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Murderer (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
My Empty RoomOperation: Mindcrime1988
My Empty Room (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
My Global MindPromised Land1994
Neon KnightsTake Cover2007
Neue RegelRage For Order1986
NM 156The Warning1984
No SanctuaryThe Warning1984
Nocturnal LightDigital Noise Alliance2022
OdisseaTake Cover2007
One And OnlyEmpire1990
One Foot In HellOperation: Mindcrime II2006
One Foot In Hell (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
One LifeQ2K1999
One More TimePromised Land1994
Open RoadQueensryche2013
Operation: MindcrimeOperation: Mindcrime1988
Operation: MIndcrime (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Out of MindPromised Land1994
Out Of The BlackDigital Noise Alliance2022
PortraitThe Verdict2019
Promised LandPromised Land1994
Propaganda FashionThe Verdict2019
Queen Of The ReichGreatest Hits2000
Re-Arrange YouOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Re-Arrange You (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
ReachHear In The Now Frontier1997
RealmsDigital Noise Alliance2022
Rebel YellDigital Noise Alliance2022
Red RainTake Cover2007
Remember MeAmerican Soldier2009
Retail TherapyDedicated To Chaos2011
Revolution CallingOperation: Mindcrime1988
Revolution Calling (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Rhythm Of HopeTribe2003
Right Side Of My MindQ2K1999
Roads To MadnessThe Warning1984
Running BackwardsFrequency Unknown2013
Sacred GroundQ2K1999
SavedHear In The Now Frontier1997
Screaming In DigitalRage For Order1986
Selfish LivesCondition Hüman2015
SicdethDigital Noise Alliance2022
Sign Of The TimesHear In The Now Frontier1997
Sign Of The TimesGreatest Hits2000
Signs Say GoOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Signs Say Go (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Silent LucidityEmpire1990
Silent LucidityGreatest Hits2000
Silent Lucidity (Re-Recorded)Frequency Unknown2013
SlaveFrequency Unknown2013
SliverAmerican Soldier2009
Some People FlyHear In The Now Frontier1997
Someone ElsePromised Land1994
sp00LHear In The Now Frontier1997
SpeakOperation: Mindcrime1988
Speak (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Speed of LightOperation: Mindcrime II2006
Speed Of Light (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Spreading The DiseaseOperation: Mindcrime1988
Spreading The Disease (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Suite Sister MaryOperation: Mindcrime1988
Suite Sister Mary (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Surgical StrikeRage For Order1986
Synchronicity IITake Cover2007
Take Hold Of The FlameThe Warning1984
Take Hold Of The FlameGreatest Hits2000
The AftermathCondition Hüman2015
The Art Of LifeTribe2003
The ChaseOperation: Mindcrime II2006
The Chase (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
The Great DivideTribe2003
The HandsOperation: Mindcrime II2006
The Hands (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
The KillerAmerican Soldier2009
The Killing WordsRage For Order1986
The Lady Wore BlackGreatest Hits2000
The LieDedicated To Chaos2011
The Middle Of HellAmerican Soldier2009
The MissionOperation: Mindcrime1988
The Mission (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
The Needle LiesOperation: Mindcrime1988
The Needle Lies (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
The Thin LineEmpire1990
The VoiceAmerican Soldier2009
The Voice InsideHear In The Now Frontier1997
The Weight Of The WorldFrequency Unknown2013
The WhisperRage For Order1986
TormentumDigital Noise Alliance2022
Toxic RemedyCondition Hüman2015
UnafraidAmerican Soldier2009
Waiting For 22Operation: Mindcrime1988
Waiting For 22 (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
Walk In The ShadowsRage For Order1986
Walk In The ShadowsGreatest Hits2000
Walk In The Shadows (live)Mindcrime At The Moore2007
WarningThe Warning1984
WarningGreatest Hits2000
Welcome To The MachineTake Cover2007
When The Rain ComesQ2K1999
Where Dreams Go To DieQueensryche2013
Wot Kinda ManQ2K1999
Wot We DoDedicated To Chaos2011
YouHear In The Now Frontier1997

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