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1981This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
Acid DropsThat What Is Not1992
AlbatrossMetal Box1979
AnnalisaFirst Issue1978
Another (Bonus Track)The Flowers Of Romance1981
AttackFirst Issue1978
Bad BabyMetal Box1979
Bad LifeThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
Banging The DoorThe Flowers Of Romance1981
Being Stupid AgainEnd Of World2023
Betty PageWhat The World Needs Now...2015
Big Blue SkyWhat The World Needs Now...2015
Brave New World91989
C'est la vieWhat The World Needs Now...2015
Car ChaseEnd Of World2023
CareeringMetal Box1979
CareeringThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
ChantMetal Box1979
CorporateWhat The World Needs Now...2015
CoveredThat What Is Not1992
CruelThat What Is Not1992
Death DiscoThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Deeper WaterThis Is PIL2012
Dirty Murky DelightEnd Of World2023
Disappointed (Extended Version)The Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Don't Ask MeThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Double TroubleWhat The World Needs Now...2015
Down On The ClownEnd Of World2023
EmperorThat What Is Not1992
End Of The WorldEnd Of World2023
Fat Chance Hotel - Save Me (Hidden Track)Happy?1987
Flowers Of RomanceThe Flowers Of Romance1981
Flowers Of RomanceThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Flowers Of Romance (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)The Flowers Of Romance1981
FodderstompfFirst Issue1978
FoolThis Is PIL2012
Four Enclosed WallsThe Flowers Of Romance1981
Francis MassacreThe Flowers Of Romance1981
Go BackThe Flowers Of Romance1981
GodThat What Is Not1992
Good ThingsThat What Is Not1992
GraveyardMetal Box1979
Hard TimesHappy?1987
Hawaii.End Of World2023
HomeThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Home Is Where the Heart Is (Bonus Track)The Flowers Of Romance1981
HumanThis Is PIL2012
Hymie's HimThe Flowers Of Romance1981
I Must Be DreamingThis Is PIL2012
I'm Not SatisfiedWhat The World Needs Now...2015
It Said ThatThis Is PIL2012
Know NowWhat The World Needs Now...2015
L F C FEnd Of World2023
Like That91989
Lollipop OperaThis Is PIL2012
Love HopeThat What Is Not1992
Low LifeFirst Issue1978
Luck's UpThat What Is Not1992
MemoriesMetal Box1979
MemoriesThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
No BirdsMetal Box1979
North West PassageEnd Of World2023
Open And RevolvingHappy?1987
Out Of The WoodsThis Is PIL2012
PengeEnd Of World2023
PhenagenThe Flowers Of Romance1981
PoptonesMetal Box1979
Pretty AwfulEnd Of World2023
Public ImageFirst Issue1978
Public ImageThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Radio 4Metal Box1979
Reggie SongThis Is PIL2012
Religion IFirst Issue1978
Religion IIFirst Issue1978
Rise (Remix)The Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Rules And RegulationsHappy?1987
Rules And RegulationsThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Same Old Story91989
Sand Castles In The Snow91989
Save MeHappy?1987
SeattleThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
ShoomWhat The World Needs Now...2015
SocialistMetal Box1979
SolitaireThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
Spice Of ChoiceWhat The World Needs Now...2015
StrangeEnd Of World2023
Swan LakeMetal Box1979
Terra-GateThis Is PIL2012
The BodyHappy?1987
The Body (Extended Version)The Greatest Hits, So Far1990
The Do ThatEnd Of World2023
The OneWhat The World Needs Now...2015
The Order Of DeathThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
The PardonThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
The Room I Am InThis Is PIL2012
The SuitMetal Box1979
ThemeFirst Issue1978
Think TankThat What Is Not1992
This Is Not A Love SongThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
This Is Not A Love SongThe Greatest Hits, So Far1990
This Is PILThis Is PIL2012
Tie Me To The Length Of ThatThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
Track 8The Flowers Of Romance1981
U.S.L.S. 191989
Under The HouseThe Flowers Of Romance1981
UnfairgroundThat What Is Not1992
WallsEnd Of World2023
Warrior (Remix)The Greatest Hits, So Far1990
Where Are YouThis Is What You Want... This Is What You Get1984
Whole Life TimeWhat The World Needs Now...2015

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