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2069 A. D.Chakra: Red1997
2069 A.D. (live)Live 971997
2nd StepDhyani1991
43rd FloorContinuum Ride2010
A CellInferno2002
A ClockworkFragment2018
A Few Years LaterEntities1992
A FragmentFragment2018
Abyss (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
Acid OceanBlack2013
Acid OceanSecond Anthology2016
Alien CrossingChakra: Red1997
Alpha OmegaAlpha Omega1995
Alpha Omega (Extended)First Anthology2011
An EndDream, Tiresias!2009
An End (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
And Everything ReflectsFragment2018
And The Sun Was BlueAkkretion2018
And The Sun Was Blue (Remix)Akkretion2018
AngelsCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Ascension (+ Sue) (Remix)Akkretion2018
Awakening (live)Live2003
BeholderContinuum Ride2010
Beholder (Puppet Master Mix)Second Anthology2016
Black SanctuaryBlack2013
Black To Red (Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Blind EyeLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Blind MiceElysium2024
Blood-Diamond (See Him Running)Blood2014
Blood-Game (For You)Blood2014
Blood-Line (Never)Blood2014
Blood-Line (Remix)Blood2014
Blood-Loss (Sometimes)Blood2014
Blood-Lust (Mental Island)Blood2014
Blood-Money (No More)Blood2014
Blood-Money (Remix)Blood2014
Blood-Moon (Romance)Blood2014
Blood-PressureSecond Anthology2016
Blood-Pressure (Just for My Pleasure)Blood2014
Blood-Shed (Dark River)Blood2014
Blood-StainedSecond Anthology2016
Blood-Stained (Give Me Your Body)Blood2014
Blood-Stained (Remix)Blood2014
Blood-Stream (Will I Be)Blood2014
Blood-ThirstSecond Anthology2016
BodiesThe Early Years (89-93)1996
BodiesFirst Anthology2011
Box Of SteelDhyani1991
Brain DeadLam-'Bras1992
BurningFirst Anthology2011
CarnivalEon: Eon1998
CarnivalFirst Anthology2011
Carnival (Covenant Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Carnival (Die Krupps Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Carnival (Junkie Xl Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
CarrionFirst Anthology2011
Caught In The AbattoirFirst Anthology2011
CelesteChakra: Red1997
Chains (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
Cold HeartAlpha Omega1995
ConjureThe Early Years (89-93)1996
ConjureFirst Anthology2011
Conjure (live)Live 971997
ConsequenceWonderland-One Million Faces2007
ContinuumContinuum Ride2010
Corps D'AmourThe Early Years (89-93)1996
Corps D'AmourFirst Anthology2011
Corps D'Amour (live)Live 971997
Crossfire (We Are Temporary Remix)Akkretion2018
Daimonion - You Hear Me In Your DreamsDaimonion2001
Dance In The AirKaskade2005
DarknessDream, Tiresias!2009
Dead CitiesContinuum Ride2010
December SadnessChakra: Red1997
Der AbsprungInferno2002
Der TanzElysium2024
Der Tanz RMXElysium2024
DespiseDream, Tiresias!2009
Die Schlange (live)Live2003
Die Schlange Vs. Dämon der Antwort (Re-recorded)Second Anthology2016
Drone AssemblyDaimonion2001
Drone StateDaimonion2001
Drums Of DeathBlack2013
En GardeFirst Anthology2011
En Garde (live)Live 971997
En Garde (live)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Enchanted Dots Of LightBlack2013
Endless InfinityContinuum Ride2010
EndzeitAlpha Omega1995
EndzeitFirst Anthology2011
Entering The Life Towards IlluminationLam-'Bras1992
EntityThe Early Years (89-93)1996
EntityFirst Anthology2011
Entity (live)Live2003
EonEon: Eon1998
ExileLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Existance (live)Live2003
ExistenceFirst Anthology2011
Existence (Extended Sphere Mix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Existence (Vnv Nation Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Existence (Zeromancer Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Existence V4.1Daimonion2001
FearCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
FeelDream, Tiresias!2009
FeelSecond Anthology2016
Final WordsElysium2024
Fire And IceDhyani1991
Fire And Ice (live)Live 971997
Fleischverstärker (Re-recorded)Second Anthology2016
Floating DolphinsLam-'Bras1992
Freeze In SilenceQuantum Mechanics2011
Full ContactContinuum Ride2010
Full Contact (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
Full Of LifeDream, Tiresias!2009
Furious NumbersLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Ghosts Of The PastContinuum Ride2010
Go FurtherLam-'Bras1992
Go FurtherThe Early Years (89-93)1996
God WroteChakra: Red1997
God WroteFirst Anthology2011
God Wrote (live)Live 971997
God Wrote (live)Live2003
Good Night DeathAkkretion2018
Good Night Death (Remix)Akkretion2018
Good, You Are DistantAkkretion2018
Gravitation ZeroCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Gravity WavesAkkretion2018
Green WorldAlpha Omega1995
Green WorldFirst Anthology2011
Hearts Got WingsFragment2018
Human CrossingChakra: Red1997
Human CrossingFirst Anthology2011
Human Crossing (live)Live 971997
HuntedEon: Eon1998
I Am (A Thought In Slowmotion)Inferno2002
I Am (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
I Live Your DreamEon: Eon1998
I Live Your Dream (Extended)First Anthology2011
I Live Your Dream (Gary Numan Remix Nr.4)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
I Live Your Dream (live)Live2003
I Live Your Dream - Axel Ermes RemixCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
I'll Find My Way HomeChakra: Red1997
If I CouldDream, Tiresias!2009
If I CouldSecond Anthology2016
In The Year 2525Dhyani1991
In Your HeartFragment2018
Inferno (live)Live2003
Inferno (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
InsomniaSecond Anthology2016
Instead Of An AngleKaskade2005
Into OrbitLook Up, I'm Down There2016
IoFirst Anthology2011
Io (live)Live 971997
Io (live)Live2003
Is It YouElysium2024
It's SpringKaskade2005
Jupiter - Or Somewhere Out ThereDaimonion2001
K.N.K.A (live)Live2003
K.N.K.A.First Anthology2011
K.N.K.A. (Climax Version)The Early Years (89-93)1996
K.N.K.A. (live)Live 971997
Karma MonsterEon: Eon1998
Lam-'BrasThe Early Years (89-93)1996
LamentQuantum Mechanics2011
LamentSecond Anthology2016
Last CallDaimonion2001
Last DreamsDream, Tiresias!2009
Lead And FeatherInferno2002
Learning To LiveElysium2024
Lie On GrassDhyani1991
Lie On GrassFirst Anthology2011
Life CommandCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Look Up, I'm Down ThereLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Lost Youth Of A PrisonerDhyani1991
Malicious DelightChakra: Red1997
Midnight Moon MiserySecond Anthology2016
Mine - Beast Of PreyDaimonion2001
Mute SpectatorsQuantum Mechanics2011
Mute SpectatorsSecond Anthology2016
Nasty HabitDream, Tiresias!2009
Ocean Of WhispersEntities1992
OdysseeCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Omega AlphaAlpha Omega1995
On This Small Blue PlanetFragment2018
One Million FacesWonderland-One Million Faces2007
One Million Faces (RMX)Dream, Tiresias!2009
Open With CautionLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Orange MoonEon: Eon1998
Our DestinyEon: Eon1998
OuvertureWonderland-One Million Faces2007
PanFirst Anthology2011
PandoraLook Up, I'm Down There2016
PassionDream, Tiresias!2009
PassionSecond Anthology2016
Peruse How Infinite You AreFragment2018
Precious New WorldThe Early Years (89-93)1996
PromisesDream, Tiresias!2009
Propaganda ChildLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Psychic TortureFirst Anthology2011
Quantum MechanicsQuantum Mechanics2011
Radical BusinessQuantum Mechanics2011
RainSecond Anthology2016
Realm CenterEon: Eon1998
RenascenceFirst Anthology2011
RequiemAlpha Omega1995
Requiem (live)Live 971997
RescueEon: Eon1998
ResearchWonderland-One Million Faces2007
ResistEon: Eon1998
ResumeWonderland-One Million Faces2007
Revolution NowAlpha Omega1995
Ruins Of IgnoranceFirst Anthology2011
Run For CoverQuantum Mechanics2011
RushChakra: Red1997
Schall und RauchKaskade2005
Self-KnowledgeThe Early Years (89-93)1996
Silent ScreamAlpha Omega1995
SinCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Sky EyeLook Up, I'm Down There2016
SolitudeCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Song Of The WindsEntities1992
Song Of The WindsThe Early Years (89-93)1996
Song Of The WindsFirst Anthology2011
SoulsThe Early Years (89-93)1996
SoulsFirst Anthology2011
Souls (live)Live 971997
Souls In IceInferno2002
SpliceQuantum Mechanics2011
SpliceSecond Anthology2016
Stacked VisionsContinuum Ride2010
Stacked VisionsSecond Anthology2016
Star ChildContinuum Ride2010
SteelroseEon: Eon1998
SteelroseFirst Anthology2011
Steelrose (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Steelrose (Front 242) (Patrick Codenys + Daniel B.)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Steelrose (Talla 2Xlc Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Storm FlowerBlack2013
Storm WorldLam-'Bras1992
Suicide Of The Guardian AngleDhyani1991
Summer WalkElysium2024
Sunset DevastationLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Supersonic SnakebiteContinuum Ride2010
Supersonic Snakebite (Iron Fist Mix)Second Anthology2016
Tale Of A Walk On The IceLam-'Bras1992
TeardropCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Temper Of PoseidonCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
TempestSecond Anthology2016
TemptationChakra: Red1997
Terra IncognitaIO1994
Terra IncognitaFirst Anthology2011
Terra Incognita (live)Live2003
The AbeyanceEntities1992
The AbeyanceThe Early Years (89-93)1996
The AnimalAlpha Omega1995
The CircusBlack2013
The CircusSecond Anthology2016
The CloneDaimonion2001
The CloneCollector: Firework And Colorchange2003
The CollisionAkkretion2018
The Deepest PlaceInferno2002
The Dividing LineContinuum Ride2010
The Dividing Line (Re-Recorded) (+ Sven Friedrich)Second Anthology2016
The DreamerEon: Eon1998
The Future Is NowKaskade2005
The Future Is Now (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
The GateIO1994
The GateFirst Anthology2011
The Great StormFragment2018
The Hint (live)Live 971997
The IslandThe Early Years (89-93)1996
The IslandFirst Anthology2011
The Island (live)Live 971997
The Liar '98Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
The LongingAlpha Omega1995
The LongingFirst Anthology2011
The New DayAkkretion2018
The PresentKaskade2005
The Queen Of Time And SpaceQuantum Mechanics2011
The Queen Of Time And SpaceSecond Anthology2016
The RefugeEntities1992
The SeekerIO1994
The SilverthreadIO1994
The Spoken MirrorInferno2002
The Spoken Mirror (live)Live2003
The Swamp Of SecrecyIO1994
The TideDream, Tiresias!2009
The TouchKaskade2005
The UniverseFragment2018
The ViewDaimonion2001
There Is Much MoreFragment2018
Thoughts And FearLam-'Bras1992
TimeChakra: Red1997
TimekillerFirst Anthology2011
Timekiller (And One-Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Timekiller (Axel Ermes-Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Timekiller (live)Live2003
Timekiller (Philip Boa-Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
Timekiller (Project Pitchfork-Remix)Collector: Firework And Colorchange2003
TitanesLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Tower Of LustChakra: Red1997
Transformation RMXElysium2024
Tree Of Life (Bonus Track)Akkretion2018
Trialog (live)Live2003
Unity RMXElysium2024
View From A Throne (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
VolcanoLook Up, I'm Down There2016
Way Of The WorldContinuum Ride2010
We Are One (Mirror Split Up Into Pieces)Daimonion2001
We Will DescendQuantum Mechanics2011
What Have We DoneSecond Anthology2016
WishEon: Eon1998
WonderlandWonderland-One Million Faces2007
You Rest In My HeartQuantum Mechanics2011
You Rest In My Heart (Re-Recorded)Second Anthology2016
Your Cut FeatherInferno2002
Your GodDream, Tiresias!2009
Your Tempting FantasyKaskade2005

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