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1Run For Cover2003
40018Shreds Of Dignity2002
A Good Day To DieStraight To The Dome2012
Act Of GodAct Of God1999
AftermathFistful Of Hate2004
Against The GrainContents Under Pressure1996
Age Of DisgustVoice Of Rebellion2015
All Fall DownAct Of God1999
All For King GeorgeAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
All Or NoneRound 62000
All RiseNo End In Sight2008
All Systems FailThe Final Revolution2013
American DreamsFistful Of Hate2004
AWOLAbsolute Power2010
Bad BloodThe Truth Hurts1994
Bad BloodBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Bella MorteVoice Of Rebellion2015
Beyond The PaleAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Bitter PillStraight To The Dome2012
Blade Of The CursedVoice Of Rebellion2015
Blood RedPro-Pain1998
Bloodlust For WarStraight To The Dome2012
Box CityContents Under Pressure1996
BurnAct Of God1999
Can You Feel ItFistful Of Hate2004
Can't Stop The PainThe Final Revolution2013
Casualties Of WarShreds Of Dignity2002
Circle Of The TyrantsRun For Cover2003
Cognitive DissonanceVoice Of Rebellion2015
Company JerkAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Contents Under PressureContents Under Pressure1996
CrushContents Under Pressure1996
CrushBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Crushed To DustVoice Of Rebellion2015
Cut ThroatFistful Of Hate2004
Damaged (Part 2)Run For Cover2003
Days Of ShameProphets Of Doom2005
Death Goes OnFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Death On The Dance FloorFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Death On The Dance FloorBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Death Toll RisesProphets Of Doom2005
DeathwishThe Final Revolution2013
DenialThe Truth Hurts1994
DenialBest Of Pro-Pain1998
DesensitizeRound 62000
Destroy The EnemyAbsolute Power2010
Divided We StandAbsolute Power2010
Dnr (Do Not Resuscitate)Voice Of Rebellion2015
Don't Kill Yourself To LivePro-Pain1998
Don't Kill Yourself To LiveBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Down For The CauseShreds Of Dignity2002
Down In FlamesRound 62000
Down In The DumpsThe Truth Hurts1994
Draw BloodRound 62000
EmergeThe Final Revolution2013
EnragedVoice Of Rebellion2015
Every Good Boy Does FineFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
F**K ItRound 62000
F.O.A.D.Shreds Of Dignity2002
F.S.U.Act Of God1999
Fall From GraceThe Final Revolution2013
Fallen SonStraight To The Dome2012
Fed UpRound 62000
Fistful Of HateFistful Of Hate2004
Foul Taste Of FreedomFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Foul Taste Of FreedomBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Freedom RingsFistful Of Hate2004
Fuck This LifeVoice Of Rebellion2015
Get RealPro-Pain1998
Get RealBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Get Real (live) (Bonus Track)The Final Revolution2013
Getting OverProphets Of Doom2005
Go It AloneNo End In Sight2008
God Only KnowsFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
God Only KnowsBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
God's WillNo End In Sight2008
GodspeedFistful Of Hate2004
Gone Fishin'Shreds Of Dignity2002
Gone Rogue (I Apologize)Absolute Power2010
Gunya DownContents Under Pressure1996
Gunya DownBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
HaloNo End In Sight2008
Hate CoalitionAbsolute Power2010
Hate Marches OnProphets Of Doom2005
Heads Will RollAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Hell On EarthAbsolute Power2010
HellrideVoice Of Rebellion2015
HopelessAct Of God1999
Hour Of The TimeNo End In Sight2008
I RemainAct Of God1999
I RemainBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Impeach, Indict, ImprisonAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
ImplodeFistful Of Hate2004
In For The KillAct Of God1999
In For The KillBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
IraqnamAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
IraqnophobiaFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Iron FistRun For Cover2003
Johnny BlackFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Johnny BlackBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Johnny Black 2015 (Bonus Track)Voice Of Rebellion2015
JudgeStraight To The Dome2012
Just Sit ThereRun For Cover2003
Justice Must Be DoneShreds Of Dignity2002
Kill Or Be KilledShreds Of Dignity2002
Knife EdgeRun For Cover2003
Left For DeadFistful Of Hate2004
Lesson LearnedFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Let LiveRound 62000
Let Sleeping Dogs LieThe Truth Hurts1994
Let The Blood Run Through The StreetsNo End In Sight2008
LevelerAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Life's HardPro-Pain1998
Life's HardBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Life's Hard (live) (Bonus Track)The Final Revolution2013
Live Free (Or Die Trying)Age Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Lock N' LoadShreds Of Dignity2002
Lost HorizonsFistful Of Hate2004
Love - H8Pro-Pain1998
Love And WarAct Of God1999
Make Some NoiseRound 62000
Make War (Not Love)The Truth Hurts1994
Make War (Not Love)Best Of Pro-Pain1998
Make War (Not Love) (live) (Bonus Track)Voice Of Rebellion2015
Mark My WordsPro-Pain1998
Mass ExtinctionThe Final Revolution2013
Murder 101Foul Taste Of Freedom1992
Murder 101Best Of Pro-Pain1998
My Time Will ComePro-Pain1998
NeoconProphets Of Doom2005
Never AgainRun For Cover2003
No Fly ZoneVoice Of Rebellion2015
No Love LostPro-Pain1998
No Way OutShreds Of Dignity2002
No Way Out (Demo Version)Best Of Pro-Pain 22005
NothingRun For Cover2003
Nothing LeftStraight To The Dome2012
Odd Man OutContents Under Pressure1996
On ParadeAct Of God1999
On Shot One KillThe Final Revolution2013
One Man ArmyThe Truth Hurts1994
One Man ArmyBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
One World Ain't EnoughProphets Of Doom2005
Operation Blood For OilProphets Of Doom2005
Party In Paris (Bonus Track)The Final Revolution2013
PaybackStraight To The Dome2012
Phoenix RisingNo End In Sight2008
Picture ThisFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Pigs In CloverAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Political SuicideContents Under Pressure1996
Political SuicideBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Pound For PoundFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Pound For PoundBest Of Pro-Pain1998
PrideAct Of God1999
Problem Reaction SolutionThe Final Revolution2013
PsywarRound 62000
Pure HatredStraight To The Dome2012
Put The Lights OutThe Truth Hurts1994
Put The Lights OutBest Of Pro-Pain1998
RawheadFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
Refuse - ResistRun For Cover2003
Righteous AnnihilationVoice Of Rebellion2015
Rise Of The AntichristAbsolute Power2010
Road To NowhereAbsolute Power2010
Save FaceFistful Of Hate2004
ShineContents Under Pressure1996
ShineBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Shreads Of Dignity (Demo Version)Best Of Pro-Pain 22005
Shreds Of DignityShreds Of Dignity2002
Smokin GunPro-Pain1998
Smokin' GunBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Souls On FireVoice Of Rebellion2015
South Of HeavenRun For Cover2003
SouthboundThe Final Revolution2013
Stand My GroundAbsolute Power2010
Stand TallAct Of God1999
Stand TallBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
Stand Tall (live) (Bonus Track)Voice Of Rebellion2015
State Of MindContents Under Pressure1996
State Of MindBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Status QuoRound 62000
Straight To The DomeStraight To The Dome2012
SubstanceRound 62000
Sucks To Be YouStraight To The Dome2012
Switchblade KnifeThe Truth Hurts1994
Switchblade KnifeBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Take It Back (The Lost Track)Best Of Pro-Pain1998
Take It PersonalRound 62000
Take It Personal (Demo Version)Best Of Pro-Pain1998
Take It To The GraveVoice Of Rebellion2015
TerpetinRun For Cover2003
The Beast Is BackThe Truth Hurts1994
The Better Half Of ForeverFistful Of Hate2004
The CrowdRun For Cover2003
The Fight Goes OnNo End In Sight2008
The Final RevolutionThe Final Revolution2013
The Mercy KillingsContents Under Pressure1996
The New RealityAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
The PrisonerProphets Of Doom2005
The Shape Of Things To ComeShreds Of Dignity2002
The Stench Of PissFoul Taste Of Freedom1992
The Stench Of PissBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
The Truth HurtsThe Truth Hurts1994
The Truth HurtsBest Of Pro-Pain1998
Thou Shalt NotRound 62000
Three Minutes HateAge Of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade2007
Time Will TellAct Of God1999
Time Will TellBest Of Pro-Pain 22005
To Never ReturnNo End In Sight2008
TornProphets Of Doom2005
Un-AmericanProphets Of Doom2005
Under The GunThe Final Revolution2013
UnrestrainedAbsolute Power2010
Voice Of RebellionVoice Of Rebellion2015
Walk AwayShreds Of Dignity2002
Want SomeThe Final Revolution2013
WeedsRun For Cover2003
Where We StandNo End In Sight2008
Where We Stand (Ream Mix)No End In Sight2008
Your MistakeRun For Cover2003
ZugabeStraight To The Dome2012

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