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1+1+1 Is 3The Rainbow Children2001
100 MPHOriginals2019
1000 Light Years From HereWelcome 2 America2021
1000 X's And O'sHitnRun Phase One2015
1010 (Rin Tin Tin)Welcome 2 America2021
17 Days (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
1999The Very Best Of Prince2001
1999 (live)Live2022
2 Y. 2 D.HitnRun Phase Two2015
2Nite (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
319The Gold Experience1995
319 (X-Cerpt)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
77 Beverly ParkLotusflow3r2009
A Case Of You (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
A Million DaysMusicology2004
AdoreSign O' The Times1987
Affirmation I + IIArt Official Age2014
Affirmation IIIArt Official Age2014
Ain't About 2 Stop (+ Rita Ora)HitnRun Phase One2015
All The Critics Love U In New York19991982
All The Midnights In The WorldPlanet Earth2007
All This Love (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Alphabet St4ever2016
Alphabet St.Lovesexy1988
Alphabet St.The Very Best Of Prince2001
AmericaAround The World In A Day1985
And God Created WomanLove Symbol1992
Anna StesiaLovesexy1988
Annie ChristianControversy1981
Another Boy (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Around The World In A DayAround The World In A Day1985
ArroganceLove Symbol1992
Art Official CageArt Official Age2014
BabyFor You1978
Baby I'm A StarPurple Rain1984
Baby I'm A Star (live)Live2022
Baby KnowsRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Baby, You're A TripOriginals2019
BaltimoreHitnRun Phase Two2015
Beautiful, Loved And Blessed31212006
Betcha By Golly WowEmancipation1996
Better With Time (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Big CityHitnRun Phase Two2015
Billy Jack BitchThe Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Billy Jack BitchThe Gold Experience1995
Black MuseHitnRun Phase Two2015
Black Sweat31212006
Blue LightLove Symbol1992
Born 2 DieWelcome 2 America2021
BreakdownArt Official Age2014
Breakfast Can WaitArt Official Age2014
Call My NameMusicology2004
Can't Stop This Feeling I GotGraffiti Bridge1990
Chaos And DisorderChaos And Disorder1996
Chatounette ControleThe Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Check The RecordWelcome 2 America2021
Chelsea RodgersPlanet Earth2007
Chocolate Box (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Christopher Tracy's ParadeParade1986
Cinnamon GirlMusicology2004
CloudsArt Official Age2014
Cold Coffee & Cocaine (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
Colonized MindLotusflow3r2009
Computer BluePurple Rain1984
Computer Blue (live)Live2022
Condition Of The HeartAround The World In A Day1985
Courtin' TimeEmancipation1996
Crazy YouFor You1978
CreamDiamonds And Pearls1991
CreamThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Crimson And CloverLotusflow3r2009
Curious ChildEmancipation1996
Da, Da, DaEmancipation1996
Daddy PopDiamonds And Pearls1991
Damn ULove Symbol1992
Damned If I DoEmancipation1996
Dance 4 Me (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Dance OnLovesexy1988
Darling NikkiPurple Rain1984
Darling Nikki (live)Live2022
Dear MichelangeloOriginals2019
Dear Mr. ManMusicology2004
DeconstructionThe Rainbow Children2001
Delirious (live)Live2022
Diamonds And PearlsDiamonds And Pearls1991
Diamonds And PearlsThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Diamonds And Pearls4ever2016
Dig U Better DeadChaos And Disorder1996
Digital GardenThe Rainbow Children2001
Dinner With DeloresChaos And Disorder1996
Dirty MindDirty Mind1980
Do It All NightDirty Mind1980
Do Me, BabyControversy1981
Do Me, Baby (live)Live2022
Do U LieParade1986
DolphinThe Gold Experience1995
Dreamin' About UEmancipation1996
Electric ChairBatman1989
Elephants And FlowersGraffiti Bridge1990
Elixir (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
EndorphinmachineThe Gold Experience1995
Everlasting NowThe Rainbow Children2001
Everyday Is A Winding RoadRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Everytime (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
EverywhereThe Rainbow Children2001
Eye Hate U (Remix)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Eye Love U, But (Eye) Don't Trust U AnymoreRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Eye NoLovesexy1988
Face DownEmancipation1996
Fallinlove2niteHitnRun Phase One2015
Family NameThe Rainbow Children2001
Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel WonderfulLotusflow3r2009
For YouFor You1978
Forever In My LifeSign O' The Times1987
Free The Music (New Power Generation + Sonny T. + Mayte)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother - WifeEmancipation1996
From The LotusLotusflow3r2009
FunknrollArt Official Age2014
Future Baby MamaPlanet Earth2007
Get On The Boat31212006
Get Wild In The House (New Power Generation + Sonny T.)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Get Yo Groove OnEmancipation1996
Gett OffDiamonds And Pearls1991
Gett OffThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Gett Off4ever2016
Gigolos Get Lonely TooOriginals2019
Girls And BoysParade1986
Girls And Boys4ever2016
Glam SlamLovesexy1988
Glam Slam4ever2016
God (live)Live2022
GoldThe Gold Experience1995
Gold (X-Cerpt)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Gotta Broken Heart AgainDirty Mind1980
Gotta Stop (Messin' About)4ever2016
Graffiti BridgeGraffiti Bridge1990
Groovy PotentialHitnRun Phase Two2015
GuitarPlanet Earth2007
Had UChaos And Disorder1996
HardrockloverHitnRun Phase One2015
HeadDirty Mind1980
Here Eye Come (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Holly RockOriginals2019
Home (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Hot SummerWelcome 2 America2021
Hot ThingSign O' The Times1987
Hot Wit URave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
HousequakeSign O' The Times1987
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore (live)Live2022
I Can't Make U Love MeEmancipation1996
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your ManSign O' The Times1987
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man4ever2016
I Feel For YouPrince1979
I Hate UThe Gold Experience1995
I Like It ThereChaos And Disorder1996
I Rock Therefore I AmChaos And Disorder1996
I Wanna Be Your LoverPrince1979
I Wanna Be Your LoverThe Very Best Of Prince2001
I Wanna Be Your Lover4ever2016
I Wanna Melt With ULove Symbol1992
I WillChaos And Disorder1996
I Wish U HeavenLovesexy1988
I Wonder UParade1986
I Would Die 4 UPurple Rain1984
I Would Die 4 UThe Very Best Of Prince2001
I Would Die 4 U4ever2016
I Would Die 4 U (live)Live2022
I'm YoursFor You1978
If Eye Was The Man In Ur LifeMusicology2004
If I Was Your GirlfriendSign O' The Times1987
If I Was Your Girlfriend4ever2016
Illusion, Coma, Pimp And CircumstanceMusicology2004
Immersion (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
In LoveFor You1978
Incense And Candles31212006
InsatiableDiamonds And Pearls1991
International Lover19991982
International Lover (live)Live2022
International Lover (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
Into The LightChaos And Disorder1996
Irresistible Bitch (live)Live2022
ItSign O' The Times1987
It's Gonna Be A Beautiful NightSign O' The Times1987
It's Gonna Be LonelyPrince1979
Jack U OffControversy1981
Jam Of The YearEmancipation1996
Joint 2 JointEmancipation1996
Joy In RepetitionGraffiti Bridge1990
JugheadDiamonds And Pearls1991
JuneHitnRun Phase One2015
Jungle LoveOriginals2019
Just As Long As We're TogetherFor You1978
Kamasutra Overture #5 (New Power Generation Orchestra)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Kept Woman (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
KissThe Very Best Of Prince2001
La, La, La Means I Love UEmancipation1996
Lady Cab Driver19991982
Last DecemberThe Rainbow Children2001
Lemon CrushBatman1989
Let's Go CrazyPurple Rain1984
Let's Go CrazyThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Let's Go Crazy4ever2016
Let's Go Crazy (live)Live2022
Let's Have A BabyEmancipation1996
Let's Pretend We're Married19991982
Let's Pretend We're Married (live)Live2022
Let's WorkControversy1981
Let's Work4ever2016
Life 'O' The PartyMusicology2004
Life Can Be So NiceParade1986
Like A Mack (+ Curly Fryz)HitnRun Phase One2015
Lion Of JudahPlanet Earth2007
Little Red Corvette19991982
Little Red CorvetteThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Little Red Corvette4ever2016
Little Red Corvette (live)Live2022
Live 4 LoveDiamonds And Pearls1991
Look At Me, Look At UHitnRun Phase Two2015
Love 2 The 9'sLove Symbol1992
Love Like JazzLotusflow3r2009
Love MachineGraffiti Bridge1990
Love... Thy Will Be DoneOriginals2019
Man 'O' WarRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Manic MondayOriginals2019
Mary Don't You Weep (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
MellowThe Rainbow Children2001
Melody CoolGraffiti Bridge1990
Million Dollar Show (+ Judith Hill)HitnRun Phase One2015
Money Don't Matter 2 NightDiamonds And Pearls1991
Money Don't Matter 2 NightThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Moonbeam Levels4ever2016
Mr. GoodnightPlanet Earth2007
Mr. HappyEmancipation1996
Mr. Nelson (+ Lianna La Havas)HitnRun Phase One2015
Muse 2 The PharaohThe Rainbow Children2001
My ComputerEmancipation1996
My Love Is ForeverFor You1978
My Name Is PrinceLove Symbol1992
My Name Is Prince4ever2016
New PositionParade1986
New Power GenerationGraffiti Bridge1990
New Power Generation (Pt. II)Graffiti Bridge1990
New WorldEmancipation1996
No More Candy 4 U (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Noon RendezvousOriginals2019
Nothing Compares 2 U4ever2016
Nothing Compares 2 UOriginals2019
NowThe Gold Experience1995
NPG OperatorThe Gold Experience1995
NPG OperatorThe Gold Experience1995
NPG OperatorThe Gold Experience1995
NPG OperatorThe Gold Experience1995
NPG OperatorThe Gold Experience1995
NPG OperatorThe Gold Experience1995
Ol' Skool Company (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
On The CouchMusicology2004
One Day We Will All B FreeWelcome 2 America2021
One Kiss At A TimeEmancipation1996
One Of UsEmancipation1996
P ControlThe Gold Experience1995
Paisley ParkAround The World In A Day1985
Paisley Park4ever2016
PartyupDirty Mind1980
Planet EarthPlanet Earth2007
Play In The SunshineSign O' The Times1987
Pop LifeAround The World In A Day1985
Pop Life4ever2016
Possessed (live)Live2022
Pound And PoundGraffiti Bridge1990
PrettymanRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Private JoyControversy1981
Purple RainPurple Rain1984
Purple RainThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Purple Rain4ever2016
Purple Rain (live)Live2022
Purple Rain (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
PushDiamonds And Pearls1991
Pussy Control (Club Mix)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Pussy Control (Control Tempo)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Rainbow ChildrenThe Rainbow Children2001
Raspberry BeretAround The World In A Day1985
Raspberry BeretThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Raspberry Beret4ever2016
Rave Un 2 The Joy FantasticRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Release ItGraffiti Bridge1990
RevelationPlanet Earth2007
RevelationHitnRun Phase Two2015
Right Back Here In My ArmsEmancipation1996
Right The WrongChaos And Disorder1996
RocknRoll Love AffairHitnRun Phase Two2015
Ronnie, Talk To RussiaControversy1981
Rootie Kazootie (X-Cerpt) (+ Madhouse)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Running Game (Son Of A Slave Master)Welcome 2 America2021
Same Page, Different BookWelcome 2 America2021
ScrewdriverHitnRun Phase Two2015
SegueLove Symbol1992
SegueRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
SegueRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Segue (+ Rain Ivana)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Segue (2)Love Symbol1992
Sensual EverafterThe Rainbow Children2001
SevenLove Symbol1992
Sex In the SummerEmancipation1996
Sex ShooterOriginals2019
Sexy DancerPrince1979
Sexy M.F.4ever2016
Sexy MFLove Symbol1992
ShakeGraffiti Bridge1990
She Loves Me 4 MeThe Rainbow Children2001
ShhhThe Gold Experience1995
Shhh (X-Cerpt)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Shut This DownHitnRun Phase One2015
ShyThe Gold Experience1995
Shy (X-Cerpt)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Sign 'O' The TimesSign O' The Times1987
Sign 'O' The TimesThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Sign 'O' The Times4ever2016
Silly GameRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
SisterDirty Mind1980
Sleep AroundEmancipation1996
Slow LoveSign O' The Times1987
So BlueFor You1978
So Far, So PleasedRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Soft And WetFor You1978
Soft And Wet4ever2016
Somebody's SomebodyEmancipation1996
Something In The Water (Does Not...)19991982
Something U Already Know (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Sometimes It Snows In AprilParade1986
Somewhere Here On EarthPlanet Earth2007
Sonny T. (X-Cerpt) (+ Madhouse)The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold)1995
Soul SanctuaryEmancipation1996
Stand Up And B StrongWelcome 2 America2021
StareHitnRun Phase Two2015
Starfish And CoffeeSign O' The Times1987
Still WaitingPrince1979
Still Would Stand All The TimeGraffiti Bridge1990
Strange But TrueRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Strange RelationshipSign O' The Times1987
Strange Relationship (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
Strollin'Diamonds And Pearls1991
Sweet BabyLove Symbol1992
Take Me With UPurple Rain1984
Take Me With U4ever2016
Take Me With U (live)Live2022
TamborineAround The World In A Day1985
TangerineRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
Te Amo Corazon31212006
TemptationAround The World In A Day1985
The 1-800-New Funk AdRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
The Arms Of OrionBatman1989
The Ballad Of Dorothy ParkerSign O' The Times1987
The Beautiful OnesPurple Rain1984
The Beautiful Ones (live)Live2022
The ContinentalLove Symbol1992
The CrossSign O' The Times1987
The Dance31212006
The FlowLove Symbol1992
The FutureBatman1989
The Glamorous LifeOriginals2019
The Gold StandardArt Official Age2014
The Greatest Romance Ever SoldRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
The Holy RiverEmancipation1996
The Human BodyEmancipation1996
The LadderAround The World In A Day1985
The Latest FashionGraffiti Bridge1990
The Love We MakeEmancipation1996
The Marrying KindMusicology2004
The MaxLove Symbol1992
The Morning PapersLove Symbol1992
The Most Beautiful Girl In The WorldThe Gold Experience1995
The One U Wanna CPlanet Earth2007
The PlanEmancipation1996
The PlanEmancipation1996
The Question Of UGraffiti Bridge1990
The Sacrifice Of VictorLove Symbol1992
The Same DecemberChaos And Disorder1996
The Sun, The Moon And StarsRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
The Word31212006
There'll Never B) Another Like Me (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Thieves In The TempleGraffiti Bridge1990
Thieves In The TempleThe Very Best Of Prince2001
Thieves In The Temple4ever2016
This Could B UsHitnRun Phase One2015
This Could Be UsArt Official Age2014
Three Chains O' GoldLove Symbol1992
ThunderDiamonds And Pearls1991
Tick, Tick, BangGraffiti Bridge1990
TimeArt Official Age2014
U Got The LookSign O' The Times1987
U Got The LookThe Very Best Of Prince2001
U Got The Look4ever2016
U Know PrinceArt Official Age2014
U're Gonna C Me (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Under The Cherry MoonParade1986
UndisputedRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
UptownDirty Mind1980
Valentina (Bria Valente) (Bonus Track)Lotusflow3r2009
Venus De MiloParade1986
Vicki WaitingBatman1989
Walk Don't WalkDiamonds And Pearls1991
Wall Of BerlinLotusflow3r2009
Way Back HomeArt Official Age2014
We Can FunkGraffiti Bridge1990
We Gets UpEmancipation1996
We MarchThe Gold Experience1995
Wedding FeastThe Rainbow Children2001
Wednesday (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
Welcome 2 AmericaWelcome 2 America2021
What Do U Want Me 2 DoMusicology2004
What It Feels LikeArt Official Age2014
When 2 R In LoveLovesexy1988
When Doves CryPurple Rain1984
When Doves CryThe Very Best Of Prince2001
When Doves Cry4ever2016
When Doves Cry (live)Live2022
When She ComesHitnRun Phase Two2015
When She ComesWelcome 2 America2021
When We're Dancing Close And SlowPrince1979
When You Were MineDirty Mind1980
When You Were Mine4ever2016
Wherever U Go, Whatever U DoRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic1999
White MansionEmancipation1996
Why The Butterflies (Piano And A Microphone 1983 Version)Piano And A Microphone 19832018
Why You Wanna Treat Me So BadPrince1979
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad4ever2016
Willing And AbleDiamonds And Pearls1991
With YouPrince1979
Work, Pt. 1The Rainbow Children2001
Wouldn't You Love To Love MeOriginals2019
X's FaceHitnRun Phase One2015
XtraloveableHitnRun Phase Two2015
Yankee Doodle (live)Live2022
YesWelcome 2 America2021
You're My LoveOriginals2019
ZannaleeChaos And Disorder1996

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