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100% Or NothingChaosmosis2016
2013More Light2013
A Scanner DarklyEvil Heat2002
AcceleratorDirty Hits2003
AftermathSonic Flower Groove1987
Autobahn 66Evil Heat2002
Autobahn 66Dirty Hits2003
Autumn In ParadiseChaosmosis2016
Beautiful FutureBeautiful Future2008
Beautiful SummerBeautiful Future2008
Big Jet PlaneGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Blood MoneyXTRMNTR2000
Burning WheelVanishing Point1997
Burning WheelDirty Hits2003
Call On MeGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Can't Go BackBeautiful Future2008
Carnival Of FoolsChaosmosis2016
CityEvil Heat2002
Come TogetherScreamadelica1991
Come TogetherDirty Hits2003
Come Together (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)Demodelica2021
Country GirlRiot City Blues2006
Cry Myself BlindGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Cry Myself BlindDirty Hits2003
CulturecideMore Light2013
Damaged (Hackney Studio Demo)Demodelica2021
Deep Hit Of Morning SunEvil Heat2002
Deep Hit Of Morning SunDirty Hits2003
Demon AgainChaosmosis2016
DetroitEvil Heat2002
Dolls (Come On Baby Let's Have A Good Time)Riot City Blues2006
Don't Fight It, Feel ItScreamadelica1991
Don't Fight It, Feel It (Emi Publishing Studio Mix)Demodelica2021
Don't Fight It, Feel It (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)Demodelica2021
Don't Fight It, Feel It (Isle Of Dogs Hypnotone Mix)Demodelica2021
Elimination BluesMore Light2013
FreeGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Funky JamGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Gentle TuesdaySonic Flower Groove1987
Get DuffyVanishing Point1997
Gimme Gimme Teenage HeadPrimal Scream1989
Give Out But Don't Give UpGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Golden RopeChaosmosis2016
Goodbye JohnnyMore Light2013
Hell's Comin' DownRiot City Blues2006
Higher Than The SunScreamadelica1991
Higher Than The SunDirty Hits2003
Higher Than The Sun (A Dub SymphonyScreamadelica1991
Higher Than The Sun (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)Demodelica2021
Higher Than The Sun (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)Demodelica2021
Hit VoidMore Light2013
I Can ChangeChaosmosis2016
I Love To Hurt (You Love To Be Hurt)Beautiful Future2008
I'll Be There For YouGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
I'm Comin' DownScreamadelica1991
I'm Coming Down (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)Demodelica2021
I'm Coming Down (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)Demodelica2021
I'm Five Years Ahead Of My TimeXTRMNTR2000
I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever HavePrimal Scream1989
If They Move, Kill EmVanishing Point1997
ImperialSonic Flower Groove1987
Inner FlightScreamadelica1991
Inner Flight (Hackney Studio Vocal Mix)Demodelica2021
Inner Flight (Henry Accapella Jam Studio)Demodelica2021
Inner Flight (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)Demodelica2021
Insect RoyaltyXTRMNTR2000
Invisible CityMore Light2013
It's Alright, It's OKMore Light2013
Ivy Ivy IvyPrimal Scream1989
JailbirdGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
JailbirdDirty Hits2003
Jesus Can't Save MePrimal Scream1989
Keep Your DreamsXTRMNTR2000
Kill All HippiesXTRMNTR2000
Kill All HippiesDirty Hits2003
Kill The KingPrimal Scream1989
KowalskiVanishing Point1997
KowalskiDirty Hits2003
LeavesSonic Flower Groove1987
Little DeathRiot City Blues2006
LoadedDirty Hits2003
Lone Star GirlPrimal Scream1989
Long LifeVanishing Point1997
Long LifeDirty Hits2003
Love YouSonic Flower Groove1987
May The Sun Shine Bright For YouSonic Flower Groove1987
MBV ArkestraXTRMNTR2000
MedicationVanishing Point1997
Miss LuciferEvil Heat2002
Miss LuciferDirty Hits2003
MotörheadVanishing Point1997
Movin' On UpScreamadelica1991
Movin' On UpDirty Hits2003
Movin' On Up (Hackney Studio Demo)Demodelica2021
Necro Kex BluesBeautiful Future2008
Nitty GrittyRiot City Blues2006
Out Of The VoidVanishing Point1997
Over And OverBeautiful Future2008
Private WarsChaosmosis2016
RelativityMore Light2013
RiseEvil Heat2002
River Of PainMore Light2013
RocksGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
RocksDirty Hits2003
Sand And BlueGive Out But Don't Give Up1994
Screamadelica (Eden Studios Demo)Demodelica2021
She PowerPrimal Scream1989
Shine Like StarsScreamadelica1991
Shine Like Stars (Eden Studios Demo)Demodelica2021
Shine Like Stars (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)Demodelica2021
Shoot Speed - Kill LightDirty Hits2003
Shoot Speed Kill LightXTRMNTR2000
SidemanMore Light2013
Silent SpringSonic Flower Groove1987
Skull XEvil Heat2002
Slip Inside This HouseScreamadelica1991
Some Velvet MorningEvil Heat2002
Some Velvet Morning (New Version) (feat. Kate Moss)Dirty Hits2003
Sometimes I Feel So LonelyRiot City Blues2006
Sonic Sister LoveSonic Flower Groove1987
Space Blues Number 2Evil Heat2002
StarVanishing Point1997
Struttin'Give Out But Don't Give Up1994
StukaVanishing Point1997
Suicide BombBeautiful Future2008
Suicide Sally And Johnny GuitarRiot City Blues2006
Swastika EyesXTRMNTR2000
Swastika EyesDirty Hits2003
Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix)XTRMNTR2000
Sweet Pretty ThingPrimal Scream1989
Tenement KidMore Light2013
The 99th FloorRiot City Blues2006
The Glory Of LoveBeautiful Future2008
The Glory Of LoveBeautiful Future2008
The Lord Is My ShotgunEvil Heat2002
TrainspottingVanishing Point1997
Treasure TripSonic Flower Groove1987
Trippin' On Your LoveChaosmosis2016
Turn Each Other Inside OutMore Light2013
UptownBeautiful Future2008
Walking With The BeastMore Light2013
We Go Down Slowly RisingSonic Flower Groove1987
We're Gonna BoogieRiot City Blues2006
When The Blackout Meets The FalloutChaosmosis2016
When The Bomb DropsRiot City Blues2006
Where The Light Gets InChaosmosis2016
You're Just Dead Skin To MePrimal Scream1989
You're Just Too Dark To CarePrimal Scream1989
Zombie ManBeautiful Future2008

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